Thursday, November 15, 2012

Rothmann to guest on my KOMY show; Ronn Owens Update; Thursday Round-Up

John Rothmann is a master political analyst and a Middle East expert. A presidential historian too with a great deal of insight and thousands of stored volumes of historical artifacts in his SF home.

He was on the old KGO, doing the overnight show for 16 years before being shown the door in the almost-year-old bloodbath. Rothmann is a now a political commentator for NewsTalk 910.

I'm delighted to announce that Rothmann will be a guest on my upcoming radio show a week from Sunday, (Nov. 25, from 9-9: 30 PM on KOMY); of course, we'll talk the election, but with the situation in the Middle East growing more tense by the day, we will also discuss that powder keg.

*Ronn Owens had successful surgery, according to his wife, Jan Black, who posted on Owen's Facebook page that he was doing OK and that he hopes to return home this week.

I'm hoping Owens makes a speedy recovery. I'm also hearing from insiders who tell me his immediate return to KGO is doubtful, due to his ailment. Complicating matters is Owens contract termination at the end of the year.

Owens told Ben Fong-Torres a few weeks ago that he'll be "working somewhere" after the new year. This latest medical malady could affect that scenario.


  1. Get plenty of rest Ronn.

  2. I wish Ronn a speedy and complete recovery.
    He was always good to me and very generous with his time when I was on KGO. He is the one who figured out "I'm a lawyah".
    I learned a great deal from him and will always be grateful.
    Len Tillem

  3. John Rothman the only pro Israel liberal this side of the Mississippi. he's constantly under seige from the liberal Bay Area freaks.

  4. So Ronn Owens isn't Pro-Israel or he isn't a liberal?

    1. He's usually socially liberal, conservative otherwise and a (chicken)hawk when it comes to middle east wars.

  5. Good luck, Ronn.

    Owens is a strong liberal who never meets a tax proposal he doesn't like. He's advocated raising the gas tax, with fuzzy logic, DMV fees, taxes on the so-called wealthy, and others.

    However, suggest to him that Obama could trim his White House budget by 5% or 10% like a true leader, and he calls that "only symbolic".

    Owens voted for Jimmy Carter. He did cast one GOP vote, for Ronald Reagan (term 2).

    He voted for Obama's first term b/c "I am tired of Bush, its time for a change, and it would be nice to vote for our first Black President, which I thought would never happen."

    Now that Bush and change are gone, and race shouldn't be an issue, Owens has other fuzzy logic for supporting an over-his-head President who makes Carter look OK. His logic here seems like People Magazine.

    Yes, Owens is strong on the military and very pro Israel.

  6. I am wishing Ronn Owens a speedy and full recovery. I know what he's going through with back surgery, I had a back fusion at the L5/S1 and they are NO fun! So I completely understand and sympathize with what he is going through and wish him and Jan only the very best! The most helpful advice is... Don't over do it!...No matter how much better you may feel at the time...Trust me on that. I have been a big fan for many years, except THAT fateful morning and politics, news and all the rest can wait until Ronn returns...hopefully! Again, all my best. Lara from Santa Rosa