Wednesday, November 14, 2012

About the Show; Questions about 'Lieberman Live'; Premiere Nov 24 and 25

You seem excited about this show. Excited? Yeah, and eager too. I'm finally able to do my stuff and an entertaining show that will be great to listen to. I want it to be a show that will make people stop and care. A show that will be original with some thought-provoking content. Can't wait.

What's it going to be about? You know, that's the funniest thing, I don't know. We'll explore a lot of subjects, I know that. And I'll probably mix a lot of my opinion in and we'll take a few calls. I'm going to try to stay away from politics and sports because everybody does that now. I'm sick of the election. It's over. And I don't think sports is that important anymore, sure as hell not at 8 on a Saturday night.

You know, a lot of people are jokingly saying that someone should start a blog and rip into you as much as you rip into others. Fine, bring it on. I'm OK with that even if it weren't a joke because I'm so confident about this project so I don't worry about the naysayers or people that will rip me. As long as it's about the show. I have no control about the people who hate me. That's their deal. Look, I knew what I was getting into when I pitched this and I'm talented enough to know that I can deliver. When you know what you're doing, then you don't care about the naysayers.

You're boasting. Damn right I am! I've done a lot of radio in my life. But this is, for the first time, my show. And I'm going to make it where people will make it a point to listen and be around. We're going to do things that nobody else does. And I'm going to be live, no sound effects, no gimmicks, I don't need artificial enhancements, it'll be ME. I'll be the brand and people are gonna lap it up.

Rich, you're on a small station though. Yeah, so what? Most people have smart phones and lap tops and mobile devices and they'll able to listen to the show that way. So that's not a concern really. If people truly want to listen they'll figure out a way to get my show. All they really need is a computer and that's good with me.

You had a chance to do a show in the day time, prime time and you chose Saturday and Sunday night. Why? Because I like the aspect of radio on a night at that time. I want it to be a sort of Saturday night party atmosphere. Little bit Dr. Demento and some serious topics here and there. If it gets to the point where I want to expand, then yeah, it'll make sense to move it to Monday-Friday. Right now, the show I want to do works better on the weekend nights. I'm comfortable.

You write about media. Will that be the core subject matter? Like I said, I don't know the full spectrum of the show just yet because I like the idea of spontaneity, but as long as you brought that up, yes, media will be heavy in the dialogue. I like watching Reliable Sources on CNN with Howard Kurtz so on certain shows, we may have a guest or two talking about media matters. We'll see.

You don't seem too nervous. No, I'm not nervous. Anxious, hell yeah. I know I'm good enough to handle this project and I'm gonna be fine on the air. Those that have listened to me filling in for other hosts know my style and love it. Even those that hate me will listen because I'm going to strike a chord, believe me.

What about 415 Media? Glad you asked because that's the great thing about this show. We'll bring in my audience, my people, and they'll be able to take part, to some degree. My blog has grown off the chart where we're gaining traction, we, for the first time, have sponsors and genuine interest, so as I bring this to a radio platform, it's only gonna get bigger. I'm excited--we have sponsors too. And hopefully, we'll expand this to TV some day.

*"Lieberman Live" premieres Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 24 and 25 on KOMY, Santa Cruz, Monterey, SF, TheWorld from 8-11 PM PST.


  1. You're on at the same time as Karel. How will I choose?

  2. I also hope one can download your show as a podcast or download an mp3 file. Only because I would listen to the whole show later because I don't want to miss any 3 hours. I would also like to share it to family and friends who are upset that KGO went bust.

    Any chance the company can do that? Or is it in the works? It definitely is appointment radio. Plus I also work those hours too and I'm sure others have similiar situations too.

    How do you think the people of Monterey and Santa Cruz take you? I stream you when you fill in for KSCO. But I haven't seen a podcast of those shows.

    A podcast or downloadable mp3 would be awesome.


  3. Nice censorship of the comments. No one will ever take you seriously until you can take criticism

    If you dish it you should take it

    1. You should start your own blog. I'm beginning to be curious as to what Rich is censoring...

  4. Agreed, Rich is refusing to publish any slightly negative comments about his new undertaking, which is really funny since he constantly ridicules people in the business who kowtow to their employers.

    1. This is Rich's blog and it's up to him if he wants to censor crappy comments about him. 10:13, how do you know that the comments are "slightly negative"?
      I always much prefer Rich's blog when he is relaying information and not being nasty and critical. Perhaps his show will be humbling and make him more sensitive to how it feels to be a more public figure who is vulnerable to angry, hostile comments.
      I do wish him well and will try to check it out. Great call on having Rothman on.

  5. Jeezus. Delusional much?

  6. Rich, I'm a huge fan! Huge!!! I hope you change who you are because of a radio gig.