Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Former KPIX Political Ace, Hank Plante: It's Obama


Just got off the phone with former KPIX ace political reporter, Hank Plante, who is predicting an Obama victory.

Here's his take:

Obama will win it. Virtually all the polls are in his favor, as they have been through most of the year. Besides, the most likable candidate usually wins, and that's clearly Obama.

On the other side, Romney's supporters aren't passionate about him. They're only united in their distain for Obama, and that's not enough to build a political tide.

I'll also be interested in seeing the effect of Obama's coattails here in California. Obama is so far ahead in California that many Republicans may stay home and not bother to vote. That could be a significant benefit to Democrats in some hotly-contested Congressional races like the Jerry McNerney race (D-Stockton) and the Dan Lungren race (R-Sacramento) in NorCal.

On the other hand, what do I know? I predicted Al Gore would win in 2000. (Oh wait, he did.)


  1. I, a real liberal just get tired of my reps like Obama always being the passive candidate-high-road types. If your going to rep us blue collar libs,make a fist at least and say "Every one of those bankers who looted this country under Bush is voting for Romney"
    Open eyes-and blacken them(figurative of course) if you have too.

  2. oh know he didn't.......