Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cumulus Dickey is having a really bad day

Maybe, Dickey boy, one of the station "format changes" was a certain one here locally? I believe it has a K, a G, and an O in it?

This is so damn funny.

I have an idea, Dickey boy: Just leverage out everything and give all your bean counters a year's worth of SweetJack coupons.


  1. A Hater wouldn't find this "so damn funny".
    Your sense of schadenfreude makes you smaller than you already appear.

  2. guy has how much money? i'll take his bad day.

  3. Hey Rich, I'm curious if you heard your buddy Damon Bruce today? He said "cancer is here for population control, finding a cure for cancer would be the worst thing that could happen to the world!" That's almost verbatim. Absolutely disgusting.

  4. I do not know how the radio biz works but a market manager can change the format with out approval of top brass? It seems to me a lack of oversight of management is to blame if that is the case.