Monday, October 1, 2012

Pizzati/Bungeroth/Cumulus Quick Bullet Points; Another Bloodbath?

Gary Pizzati

*Gary Pizzati, the new SF Market Mgr. for Cumulus has been told to chop...there seems to be a consensus that Bungey didn't chop enough. You gotta be kidding. No, I'm not. (Just when you think things couldn't get any worse over at 55 Hawthorne, they do.)


*I don't know the new guy. I hear he does a lot of talking and that's about all. An empty suit with a title, says a few in the know. Then again, directly from Atlanta, does this portend for some new round of layoffs? Word around the building is yes, just where and how much isn't known yet. I have heard "bloodbath" a lot and that's not coming from some schlum.

*KGO Situation: The ratings are due out later in the week and I've heard the news won't be good, and I'm not talking about the format. (I want to see the cume.)

*Will Bungey still have to be deposed in the Ralph Barbieri case? I'm not a lawyer, but I would have to say, yes. I put in an e-mail over to Angela Alioto, Barbieri's lawyer. Does this have any bearing on Ralph's case? Again, I'm no expert, but I don't think so. Couldn't hurt. Keep in mind though Bungey wasn't fired over the Razor dismissal.

*What about Ronn Owens. Could Pizzati's hiring accelerate Owen's status? Yes and no. Owen's contract expires December 31. He's either retiring,(unless Cumulus wants to buy out his remaining months) or willing to work a helluva lot cheaper here or somewhere else. (The latest Owens rumor: going to the Internet?--Think retirement).

*Account Execs: They're in the doldrums. What else would you expect?

*KNBR: They still got the 49ers and the Giants. On the other hand, maybe too many "producers". Advantage, Pizzati.

*The union. Eventually, the mother of all train wrecks is about to commence. Someone better bring lots of water. And later on, maybe some vodka at the Gold Club. And it won't be Ketel One.

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  1. Pizzati even looks like a douche!

    1. Christine Craft could take him. Or Pat Thurston. Maybe he can be Karel's better half (or quarter, if Karel hasn't lost that weight he wanted to lose).

  2. Another out of market wannabe. This city is going to eat Pizzaboy alive. If Bunger couldn't hack it... What makes Pizzaboy think he can hack it. He'll be in the unemployment line in 6 months... Or worse... Back in the small market he belongs.

  3. I wonder if Pecon has a few more "The Great Lee Hammer" left in him? Radnich gave that up the day Ralph turned his keys in under escort.

  4. Regarding the numbers coming out, I have a question.

    I listen to Ronn Owens. If I'm not mistaken it seems like there are far fewer callers put on the air, and topics are changed more often.
    Is this because there far fewer callers or what?

    I haven't tried to call in lately so I don't know if its difficult or super easy to get on.

  5. Yep,that smile does have muy young Cheneyism in it. Pizzati still has time to change..oh,right.

  6. Re: Bungroth deposition in Barbieri case...

    Rich, you're right, you are no lawyer, stop pretending you are. Your comments on the case are ridiculous.

  7. Lotsa luck to everyone at KGO. They deserve better but that's the radio biz these days. It's always been an insecure profession, but now with only about five companies owning about 90 percent of all American radio stations, what can you expect?

    More cut backs, less quality, not enough public service, shrinking ratings, plummeting advertising revenue, in short, a disaster for the public and the profession.

    Like many of these mega-companies, Cumulus overpaid for their properties and had to shed salaries to keep the bean counters and the stockholders happy. Most of them don't live anywhere near the bay area and they could care less about any of the listeners out here on the west coast.

    Unfortunately, that's what America has been all about for a long time, but it's been specially acute since the 1990s.

    In case you haven't noticed, The good old U. S. of A is living in a new 'Guilded Age,' ( in case you haven't heard of that term, read about American history from 1865-1900 and you'll understand!)

    It ain't gonna change anytime soon, even with all of the noise being created by the occupy folks, the '99 percent' and a liberal Democrat in the White House.

    America, you got what you asked for and this is just a small part of it! Get used to it because this is how American business operates, and will continue to operate into the near future. It's called free enterprise and it subscribes by the Darwinian Law of the 'survival of the fittest.'

    No wonder we have lost our greatness as a country!

    1. Actually, you are incorrect in your statement about free enterprise. America does not have free enterprise in the libertarian sense (not to be confused with America's mind-numbingly vapid Libertarian party). Capitalism in America is partially a state-supported capitalism. Without the direct intervention of the government, and the supposedly private Federal Reserve, the American economy would be worse off than that which existed when the Soviet Union collapsed. State support includes the printing of money, supported by the name and good faith of the U.S. government. To use the Republicans'analogy, "if it were a business, it would be bankrupt." Well, we are. Your so-called "free-enterprise" system is not; it is a system in which the more money you have, the more you can game it (re: tax shelters, government subsidies), and the smaller you are as a business, the more likely your tax burden (by percent) is probably greater than that of many large corporations. A free enterprise system, in the libertarian sense (not to be confused with America's vapid Libertarian party), would not favor large corporations, would not provide bailouts to huge corporations and banks, etc. As for your other points, I am in full agreement.

  8. All this comes across as Lew and brother "little man" John are clueless on how to operate a major market cluster. First they bring in that dinosaur Bunglesquirt who by no fault of his own, "killed" 3 heritage radio stations (KFOG, KGO, The Bone), micromanaged the staffwho that there was unbelievable amounts of turnover (from on air, sales, promotions, etc.) and now they send in doucheboy from Atlanta to fix this mess. Hey Dick-y brothers, Pull your heads out of your ass and hire a market manager from THE MARKET!!!!!!! Having an empty suit whose glory days were spent in SMALL market Mobile Alabama come in and run San Francisco? How do you explain that dunbass move to the shareholders? I thought Lew went to Stanford. Did he learn anything there? I think the board needs to get rid of these Dickie brothers. They obviously don't have a handle on how a major market cluster is run. I think a letter that includes all the negative posts on this blog should find it's way to a board meeting real soon. Maybe copies of all the lawsuits as well. This is what is wrong with this country. Nimrods like Lew & Jonny ruining the fabric of America and its airwaves with greed and moronic decisions. I'm sure there's a special place in hell reserved for the Dickeys of the world.

  9. *The Union - no such thing that has any teeth except at KGO.

  10. Dear Mr. Pizzati -

    May I help now that you have been handed the newly sharpened axe? Let me make it easier for you:

    Karel - please. Remove him quickly. Dead air would get better ratings.

    Maureen Langon. Send her packing back to New York. Dead air would get better ratings. (See above)

    Pat Thurston - Send her an email about doing better preparation and to not say "um" so much. Then, can her within 90 days.

    Jared Hart - Send his happy ass back to KCMO or some producer's position. Let him be someone else's problem. Put him out first, and have Karel hold the door open for him so the door doesn't hit him on the ass on the way out. They can both hold hands and walk down Hawthorne together.

    Paul Hosely - I know News Director. Paul Hosely is no KGO News Director. Get rid of him and tell him to take his news cycle with him.

    Bill Bungeroth - If you really have balls, fire him. Now.

    Ronn Owens - End the suspense and just get him out of there. Lighten the load and do the inevitable.

    Crime Time - Get rid of the show and the woman behind it. She sucks like the lipstick she wears on TV. Let her profile on someone else's blowtorch.

    Monty Montemayor - What Karel is to the word "Sucks" -- this guy is to the word "Douchebag". Horrible and not ready for any prime time, weekends, etc. Send him packing back to Chicago to do sports there. Not talk radio.

    That asswipe chef on Saturday afternoon. No other comment needed.

    Christine Craft - Send an email. Tell her to be the lib she is but not so much the cutesy "I'm going to sound hip" elder stateswoman she really is. Almost 70 year old women need not push the envelope to sound like 40 year olds. Ever.

    Jennifer Lee Jones - The giggles drive me nuts. Not funny and a borderline anchorette at best.

    Peter Finch - No clue as to what he's "reading". A news reader, not a news person. Very weak in that personna.

    Bloomberg Radio - I mean, Gary -- come on. So bad that they give east coast time for three hours, they run NBC Sports Radio and the thing is a rag to listen to from 11 pm till 4 am. There are better syndications out there. Cumulus owns many of them. Or, go to dead air. Maybe we could pick up WGY-810 in Schenectady that way. Maybe the first listener to do so could win a prize!

    Sorry, but the three hour "God Talk" guy is a bore. Even God has limits.

    Now ... as for KNBR. Oh, never mind.

    1. Excellent list. I must agree with you about the God talk host Brent Walters. Such a bore! The guy reads bible related material on air for most of the show. He turns into a rude biblical Dr. Bill Wattenberg whenever a caller disagrees with him. Bernie's show was much better because he would at least tie the mumbo jumbo bible stuff into contemporary issues. Note to Brent: nobody gives a damn about obscure bible passages in the original Aramaic.

    2. Never listen to god talk, use to listen to Bernie's because it had some revelence. Above list pretty good. Shows how far the station has fallen, Christine and Pat Thurston is now my favorites, they use to come after Gene, John, Ronn and Gil, in about that order, after that is was pretty much a tide. If they had brought in Stacy Taylor and Peter B Collins, instead of some of the other boring hosts (Maureen, Candace) perhaps their ratings would improve, certainly I would listen more, and I suspect so would many other former fans of the old KGO.

    3. Things I've always known, geezerette or not: Hipness has nothing to do with age Ask a guy who is my age,Bill Clinton.

    4. Christine,

      Bill Clinton is, in fact, in many lib minds "very hip". He talks to everyone, including his partisanship.

      You, on the other hand, are not and, yet, you try to sound so. Just be yourself and not some 40-something trying-to-be again. As the good senator once said to the unhip-as-you Dan Quayle, "I knew Jack Kennedy, Jack Kennedy was my friend. You are no Jack Kennedy."

      And you are not Bill Clinton. You aren't 40-something and you preach to a choir. Clinton speaks to even those who can't stand him. He's sharp, he's on issue, on topic and on message.

      Plus, he could get an intern blowjob at 55. Not bad.

      18-years plus at a demographically unattractive and challenged 50kw blowtorch like KGO is not being in Bill Clinton's league whatsoever.

      Just be you.

    5. I'm Bill and Hillary Clinton's age. I believe, your original point was that those of us in that age group have no value. I offer the Clintons as examples of a contrary view.
      I think Bill Clinton's push on NAFTA and dereg of the broadcast industry were horrid decisions, some aspects of both were the underpinnings of our current collapse. I'm no adoring clintonista, but they are both still very vital and smart.
      I've never tried to hide my age.Perhaps you didn't know,but I wrote a book in the eighties, entitled,"Too Old, Too Ugly,Not Deferential to Men". It was about a landmark federal case which involved the broadcasting business.So, if anything,now I'm even older. Certainly law school and the years at a terrific law firm added some grey on the crafty temples. That's how it works.
      For the bulk of the time I've had the privilege of playing the KGO wurlitzer, it has been the number one juggernaut in the country. As you know, the entire industry is changing.
      No one should be embarrassed of their age and experience. No one should be ashamed of being on an iconic station like KGO.
      Hipster in your own mind, you sound rather like an unfulfilled teenage boy when you spout your little bit about oval office sodomy. Shock! people are sexual? I guess that's just you,being you.

    6. Great list. I'd like to alter two:

      Hey, lion or tiger dude: Get rid of Craft. She's a bore. Predictable. Sick of her hate for evangelical Christians (no, I'm not an evangelical, and I'm not even a Christian; I just don'g like bigots).

      Hey, tattooed radio guy, I actually like Pat Thurston, but she either needs to be more prepared or not admit she doesn't know so much.

      Thank you, lion or tiger guy with a regimented life. The fascists of Europe who also shared your economic Darwinian views would have loved you. If we ever can go back in time, You'll fit right in with the Europe of the 20s, 30s and nearly half of the 40s.

      Oh, p.s. You don't make your employees salute you, do you? Just asking.

    7. Christine ... you sound more and more like that idiot "Arnold" ... you know, your buddy the "Boobin-grabber. If it's ok with you, it's ok for everybody except those you don't like -- like Schwarzennegger. A blow-job from an intern is not sodomy. It's a blowjob ... with a slightly husky, blue dressed, intern with no brains but an ego as big as Clinton's.

      Let's see the little minx was letting the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES in "the people's house" to get her, um, "privvies" to literally "smoke" from his smoking cigar? And "People are sexual?" And married to a most visible First Lady in the White House? In a "media world" today? Now more "immediate" than when you were in Kansas City or Santa Barbara and being "Defferencial"?

      No one cares about "What was" Christine in an event that didn't do much for you in the end.

      That's old news. You need to be more "in the now moment," not stuck in the distant past. You may be be "a lady" as you said a couple of weeks ago, but you're not some feisty broad, either.

      Stick with acting your age ... with elegance and more than "schtick" -- because you're the brightest of the best now at the mighty Wurlitzer. However, you're not a regular and you sound like you're trying to be what you're not.

      Age is relevant in what you do. Sound the part gracefully. I am, incidentally, not a teenage boy and very well requited, thank you. I'd say "grow up" Christine, but you've long been there -- done that. Now all you have is to sound relevant so, how about it?

    8. it's going to come as a big blow to you, pun intended. Use your google..look up the definition of sodomy, and learn something. You assume that Bill and Monica only pleasured him, not her. Is that a reflection of your own sex life?
      The Clintons btw, went on "60 Minutes" in 1992,right before the election. They told the country that if Bill's sexual exploits were an issue, that people shouldn't vote for them. Did you think Hillary was some weepy little wife who hadn't come to terms with her hubby's status as a brilliant horndog? think again.
      As for my Kansas City adventure, it opened many doors for men and women in broadcasting. For example, a woman who is also my age,now anchors the ABC nightly network news. Before my litigation, there were no American women over 40 anchoring any network-affiliated newscasts, anywhere in the country. I draw immense satisfaction from that, as well as fond memories of lecturing at colleges and universities all over this country and others. Being on the Letterman show was a gas too. If I had it all to do over, I would. You can't fight every battle in life, but some you have to.
      As for the relevance of my topics when I fill-in on the radio, you apparently don't think a push to get this country leading a new war in the Middle East is relevant. I do. Gracefully that.

    9. Christine,

      Sorry, but you're no Diane Sawyer, either, in ability or talent. You earn kudos for what you did and the pain you went through for it. The fact is, you lost. And you're at best an end-of-the-bench fill-in that deserves more respect.

      Unfortunately, you've not earned that at KGO other than being "bat boy" for them to fill in. If you were better in their eyes, you'd be there much more regularily, even if it mean replacing the hideous Karel.

      And as for being an attorney. You should be proud of your accomplishments. However, you're a specialized attorney, not Gloria Allred.

      The point was your relevance to the medium, not because of your topics. Hearing your inane rants about your house maybe blowing up because of your hatred for PG&E doesn't neccesitate such drama from you or anyone. Your opinion counts, but so do other people's and you have a difficulty aspiring to that too many times. Your relevance is to all who listen to you, and you listening to them. You don't do that so well most of the time.

      You are clever, often witty, and well-informed, but you suffer from extreme tunnelvision. The world is not made up of only ultra-liberals. That's preaching to the choir. You should work on listening and not trying to be Diane Sawyer. No one cares about your age or your defferences to men anymore.

      Grow a pair and open your eyes to all around you, not just spouting off wasting 50kw and maybe you'll get more work. It's a changing world. Be a part of it.

      You must have a proclivity about sodomy. Interesting.

      I didn't learn the definition from book learning like you. I heard it from Karel. That means it must be truthiness, right?

      As for the Clinton clan, makes no difference. It was the 1996 interview on "60 Minutes" that was more telling about how Clinton abused that People's House ... not 1992, incidentally.

      "I did not have sexual relations with that woman." So, you condone liars in the White House, if you're on their side? You need to write another book.

    10. so you looked up sodomy, poor dear. Look up the legal definition of "sexual relations" for another surprise. Sexual relations, as a legal term,means sexual intercourse,not oral sex.
      As far as my "ultra-liberalism", I'm a gun owning,pro-military,anti illegal immigration "ultra-liberal".
      Your assumption that I went through "Pain" is incorrect. We had a blast litigating my case, precisely because I chose NOT to be a victim. I've been asked many times how I had the "courage" to fight the big corporation. Long before I did tv news, I was a competitive surfer, and when you've seen real sharks, the corporate ones just don't scare you as much.
      You also miss the point about Diane Sawyer. I don't want to be Diane Sawyer.I've never had an identity crisis.I'm just glad that my litigation made it lots easier for Diane and lots of other women to actually have real broadcast careers. So, by the way, are they.
      I've always seen my little "back-bench" fill-in job as one of the rare females on KGO, as frosting on the cake. When the rest of your professional life is advocating in court for injured workers and the disabled, having a media voice is a nice balance.
      BTW, I'm a big Gloria Allred fan. Her firm which does employment and civil rights law is one of the finest in the country. She too, understands and appreciates having that media voice.
      And yes, I think I am writing another book.

    11. and one more thing. I once shared something quite intimate with Diane Sawyer. Yes, she worked down the hall at West 57th street,the CBS network broadcast studios. This was long before my stint as a tv anchor in Kansas City. I was a CBS network sports reporter for the CBS Sports Spectacular. Our hair guy used the same xtra-large hot rollers to primp us for the respective shows. Funny, now that I think of it.

    12. FYI - Gloria Allred doesn't even have the cajones to do her own trials in court ... according to a successful LA attorney who's fought against her. She sits in the gallery and meets with her hand-picked attorneys who do her bidding before the judge.

      She's nothing more than a media whore.

      And Diane Sawyer had the good sense to marry Mike Nichols, too.

      Don't let that liberalism get you down, Christine. Oh, and KGO is loaded with female talent both in news and in talk. Much more than you, slugger.

      The past is the past. Move on.

      Pat, Candace, Moronic Maureen, Jones-Lee, Belcher, McCallister, etc etc etc.

      You hardly qualify as a backup these days. That's a shame, actually. And you didn't like being a blond for the CBS Sports Spectacular 35 years ago. The ratings proved it.

      I wonder why.

    13. gloria Allred has tried many, many cases and has usually won. She could have you for lunch, and still be hungry.
      For most of the years I've been on KGO, there have been plenty of women on the news side,but not on the talk side. When KGO first approached me, Shann Nix had just been hired as a woman talk host, virtually unheard of on KGO.
      I don't know this "Belcher" character you refer to. Perhaps you mean Chris Brecher, also a lawyer, and a very serious newswoman.
      The CBS Sports Spectacular was a very popular program, so I don't know how you divine bad ratings.One of my tape editors at KPIX sent a tape to CBS of some of my sportscasts in San Francisco. I was hired and worked there, flying to NYC once a week and then on to a location all over the world and then home. Since I was conceived at the Waldorf Astoria, it was fun to be home again. That was in the Tisch era at CBS where all the talent was treated royally.
      Do you think Diane Sawyer owes her success to Mike Nichols, a talented director who has nothing to do with the news business. Really?
      Like Gloria allred, Diane Sawyer could have you for lunch, and not even burp.
      It must really gall you to hear me on KGO.Good day

  11. Ratings came out Monday. KGO down to 2.4 from 2.5 6+.

  12. Isn't Pizzati just interim manager? This isn't a permanent position for him.

  13. Question: How do you REALLY feel about what CUMULUS has done to Bay Area radio? Are you upset yet?

  14. *KNBR: They still got the 49ers and the Giants. On the other hand, maybe too many "producers".

    Now that would be a welcomed relief. If any radio station has too many producers and with a teenager's sense of humor, well that could only be KNBR. Your juvenile leader.

    Pauli Mac, how's that sound board of your's working?

  15. For an interesting profile on Mr. Pizzati, Google "Augusta Chronicle Gary Pizzati."

  16. allaccess is reporting pizz is NOT the new market manager. so much for sources

  17. Joel Denver & All Access doesn't work for Cumulus SF. Pizatti is Market Manager TFN.

  18. Pizzati is the Dickeys number one henchman. Hes trusted and he fires. He does not know anything about driving revenue or god forbid programming. Not a thing. He is a sabre toothed axe man - nothing more nothing less.

    He will stick around, take notes, fire a few people and move on to the next mess - and theres a bunch in Cumulus. He wont stay because staying means he is next to be fired. A guy like this NEVER wants to assume a role, keep moving, keep firing. The Dickeys love this guy - - i remember he hung up on a conference call with GMs some 8 years ago that i was on - - he was promoted the next day. The dickeys love the asshole in him - - but thats about it.

    NOTE: Dont butter up to henchman they hate that shit…and will shoot you for being weak or appear like you are trying to be fake friendly. Steer clear of the guy - - stay out of his aim. Stay out of his way.

    1. Time to go out and buy some Doc Martens, folks! Learn that goose-step, too. The economic and social Darwinians love that. They don't like weakness, but they'll melt if they see you mimicking their idols.

  19. I know this man VERY well. He has no heart, he doesn't care about anything except for himself, money and his position. (notice I didn't put his family in that list) His ego is WAY larger than it should be and he prides himself on firing people. Do not make the mistake that you are "safe" around him. If you were about to get hit by a bus, he would check his hair before he would save you. If it were me (and it has been in the past) start looking for a new job NOW! It doens't matter if you've been there 20 years or 20 days...nobody is safe. He lies, he cheats, he manipulates. And, he will make your life a living hell.