Tuesday, September 25, 2012

KNX LA simulcasting KCBS due to Bomb scare; UPDATE 2: All Clear


From my friend, Don Barrett of LARadio.com:

KNX is simulcasting KCBS-San Francisco because all employees have been evacuated from their Miracle Mile building due to bomb scare

UPDATE: 10: 01 AM PDT:

KNX's Pete Demetriou is reporting that hundreds of workers in the CBS building have evacuated the Miracle Mile headquarters and are standing a half block to a block away. "The suspicious package is in the mailroom, which is in the core of the building, right near the central elevator shafts. They will have to go inside the building to get a look at what is causing the problem."

Scott Ramsay sent an email about a half hour ago: "Bomb Squad just passed me North bound on La Cienega at Centinela."

*Developing story...

UPDATE 2: All Clear in LA

The KNX GM is waving to all employees gathered around the Miracle Mile building on Wilshire Blvd to return and come on back.

Bomb scare was a ticking clock.


  1. Eh, it's LA. Radnich is right on this one when he says nobody cares.

  2. The questionable item was a promotional mailer from BET Network. Oops!