Thursday, August 9, 2012

Top 10 Highest Paid Anchors in America

From MediaBistro.

Matt Lauer (Today): $21.5 million
Bill O’Reilly (The O’Reilly Factor): $15 million
Brian Williams (NBC Nightly News): $13 million My First Big Break
Diane Sawyer (ABC World News): $12 million
Anderson Cooper (Anderson Cooper 360 and Anderson Live): $11 million
Shepard Smith (The Fox Report) $8 million My First Big Break
Robin Roberts (Good Morning America) $6 million
Joe Scarborough (Morning Joe) $6 million
Scott Pelley (CBS Evening News) $4 million
Nancy Grace (Nancy Grace) $3 million

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  1. It may not be worth millions, but today Ted Robinson got props for bothering to pronounce Chinese names correctly:

  2. Lauer and Robin Roberts and Nancy Grace aren't anchors. Joe Scarborough is a O'Rielly clone. And he gets more Bill like every year. Must be a weak personality thing deep down.
    Diane Sawyer is like Leslie Stahl..still sexy at 70. Sunday, Stahl had a high riding skirt,walked that sashay walk she does.

  3. How much does Chris Matthews make?

  4. Speaking of anchors..Ann Curry is nuts. She wildly over acheived despite some serous mental surprise she took her job loss in drama queen breakdown fashion. I dont know how she got where she did.

    1. What are these "mental issues" you speak of?

    2. Just for example,Tiki Barber was on air and talking about TODAY show hosts,..the others just laughed and went with it. He didn't mention Ann..just Meredith and the rest. So Ann asked what do you think of me -with a forced smile? Tiki told her "Your intense"..She exploded! INTENSE?! ME INTENSE?!..and she sort of pounded her fists into the couch. A whoa! moment.
      And she would laugh at times..that weird laugh..when the others didn't. Inappropriately people with issues do. When she would do that..and knew she was alone..she has that habit at looking down at her shoes..ON TV!
      And I could go one that she did a strange standup about her mom..and it was a direct rip off of Margaret Cho's blatant it was embarrassing.
      And that strange way she would read the news..over people were hearing a bedtime story.

      You did see that 30 Rock episode that has Tina Fey say to a co worker who had told her she was frazzled and sounding crazy. "How crazy?!" Tina says.."Normal crazy, or Ann Curry crazy?!!"
      Is that enough?

  5. Are they really worth it for just reading a tellaprompter. No wonder the country is broke.

    1. A, the whole "teleprompter" canard..

      These folks have to be well read on many topics when interviewing all types of people. Yes they have support staff, but if you are a dolt, it doesn't matter how much research you have, or if you have cue cards or a teleprompter.

      You have to know how to engage and communicate with folks viewing your program, and the guests you conduct interviews and discussions with.

      Also, if folks are tuning in to see...say..Matt Lauer...his presence is worth what NBC rakes in in advertising.

      Rush Limbaugh makes tons of money not because he is so knowledgeable, but because he draws in and retains a huge audience...and some find him funny or compelling..but even those who find him repellant, tune in.

      So salaries often are part of if said talent has appeal and will folks watch, even if the perception (right or wrong) is they lack talent, or "only" read prearranged scripts.

  6. What about George Stephanopoulos?

    I agree with 2:02 - Ted Robinson is great!

  7. Matt Lauer is over paid.

  8. Who are the highest paid media personalities in the 415 Area?

  9. LMAO @ Matt Lauer. His "talent" will for ever remain a mystery to me.

  10. Lauer's making that much because NBC had no other possibilities. Seacrest? Please. I still think that number is high, because he's proven that it is the women anchors who determine whether people watch the show or not.
    I still can't believe that number is accurate. Maybe part of it is a production deal, serving as a quasi-producer on Today as well as other projects.

  11. To: 2:43pm, Chris Matthews and the rest of the clowns at MSNBC get min.wage. Why would you pay these fools any more?

  12. Simple question: Why are people so interested in learning how much money somebody else is making? Who gives a flying fig? First of all, it's no one's business, and secondly, as someone once said: "If it's not my money, it's the last thing I'm interested in talking about!"

    1. Yet, you clicked on the article and took the time to comment.

  13. Not your money?? You sound like the other idiots that say the same thing about athletes, actors, etc..

    Is IS your money dumbass. Ever wonder why your satellite/cable bill goes up?? Its because networks charge higher fees to the providers, who pass that expense on to you, the consumer.

    When ESPN pays millions for rights fees to MNF, MLB, or any other high profile sport, they charge the providers more per viewer. The provider passes that expense on to you.

    Movie theater prices have never been higher. Guess why dumbass?? Because movies are costing more, both with salaries and production costs.

    Music costs more, so do concerts. Guess why?? Because these greedy fucks can.

    So the next time you say...'Its not my money".......just realize that it absolutely YOUR money.

  14. Dear 5:30pm. You've obviously not been raised properly, else you wouldn't be so rude and use words like 'dumbass' in your post.
    That's just plain juvenile. It not only lowlights your inability to use the language to properly express yourself, but it puts you at a level of someone who didn't take advantage of a higher education.

    But then, since you're posting without giving a name, I guess that's okay! I feel sorry for you! Your mama and papa obviously didn't teach you many manners! And it ISN'T MY MONEY...SO I'M NOT INTERESTED...OKAY! Who gives a gosh darn what Chris Mathews or Keith Olberman is making anyway...IT'S NONE OF MY OR YOUR BUSINESS!

    You got it CLUELESS!?

    1. And you obviously have not been raised "properly" about moral injustice and the disparity between the excessively overpaid, over-hyped TV personalities. That is just plain juvenile ignorance, that doesn't need a higher education.

      But then, your mama and papa obviously didn't teach you the value of a dollar. And, IT IS YOUR MONEY... YOU SHOULD BE INTERESTED...OKAY?

      Now, do you get it, if not, you must fall into the 1% that is CLUELESS!

  15. Use profanity or not... bottom line is they are all OVERPAID and all the advertisers push those costs onto the consumer. Let's get real here... who is really worth 25 million per annum? Most people would be absolutely estatic to retire on 1 or 2 million for the rest of their lives, but 25 million?!!! That is just for this year alone, not counting all the other years, other endorsements, gets to travel the world total first class, stays in the nicest places, who is really worth that? He doesn't save lives, cure illnesses, does hard labor for our modern conveniences... when does this all end 25, 50 or 100 million? Answer that...