Thursday, August 9, 2012

Inside the Cumulus Strategy and Game Plan; Tomorrow's Headline Tonight; 415 Media Exclusive


We will tell you some things that might surprise you.

We'll delve into what the Cumulus game plan is; what they think, how they operate, ultimately what they, (and it goes way up the food chain past even the Dickey brothers) and the source where they got their money, aim for and under certain conditions on their business model, however flimsy and amateurish.

We have numerous sources and they're all 100% reliable. Truth be told, we have been sitting on a lot of information but we couldn't get any confirmation, but now we're able to at least bring to you a partial rundown; the major gist of what these people and their minions have in store. We can already see the obvious. But that the obvious to you and others is not the obvious to them, all of them.

Coming soon: The inside story on Cumulus and how it relates to San Francisco and beyond, here at 415 Media. The only site that will tell the tale you've been waiting for--your patience will be rewarded.

*Rich Lieberman 415 Media Exclusive



  1. I am looking forward to you report Rich. I've been reading you since your stint at sfgate and must compliment you for your your excellent work. The product you've been producing in recent months has been great. Like many others, I am also addicted to your blog. It is one of the few ”musts” to do during my day, like coffee and sex. I'll make a donation early next week! Keep it up baby

  2. Check out Radio Ink's column today. Ratings are down. We all know why they are down at KGO. Shows just how arrogant and clueless Cumulus is and doesn't bode well for any of the purge survivors, especially Owens.

  3. If local media did their research, which they don't, and because they ignore this issue, the truth is that Cumulus has rid itself of many LIBERAL hosts THROUGHOUT the United States, from the Eastern Seaboard to the West Coast, from the north to the south. Just Google 'em.

    Let's see if Rich finally put two and two together and figured out the link to Bain and/or other Romney sources of money that financed Cumulus.

    About time, I say.

    Signed a conservative with a conscience who disavows today's modern conservatism lead by the loathsome (as another poster put it) likes of Melanie Morgan and Brian Sussman. Nonthinking, immature, gutter posers to an intellectual tradition that they've taken to the sewer.

  4. How about an actual story instead of self-promotional hype!

  5. Any relation between Lew Dickey and President-elect Mitt Romney???

    1. That's actually an interesting comment. Secretary of Commerce Lew Dickey? Maybe Secretary of Labor? (Wouldn't that be a hoot, in a back-handed, give-workers-the-finger way?) Could this be part of a long game being played by Romney, his Bain colleagues and the Dickeys?

  6. Cumulus revenues dropped 3% for the latest quarter. And the Atlanta-based broadcaster is blaming 10 of its radio stations, mainly news talkers in large markets, for the decline. Especially DC's WMAL, 105.9 FM/630 AM, so reports Cumulus CEO Lew Dickey says that the under-performers will be getting increasing management attention and resources. WMAL's ratings have slumped slightly - now ranging from 16th to 18th place in the overall age 12+ numbers - since Cumulus took over WMAL's former owner Citadel in the fall of 2011, when the station added its FM relay to high ratings expections. The company, which also owns hot adult contemporary WRQX, Mix 107.3, saw cash revenues drop 2.3% and trade revenues fall 25.7%, for an average decline of 3.1%. To make matters worse for Cumulus's DC cluster, WRQX is in a brusing battle for young female demos with Clear Channel's Hot 99.5 and CBS's 94.7 Fresh FM.....

    from DCRTV

  7. Anyone else notice more Raider talk on KNBR....I am thinking/wondering if it's part of the CBS Radio (Live 105) and Cumulus connection now with Sweetjack/iHeartRadio....CBS Sports Radio connection. Could we see Raiders games soon be shared between Live 105 and one of the Cumulus AM properties???

  8. Are there really cameras at KGO watching every move? If so, creepy and Big Brother-ish.

    Other stories I'd like to see Rich cover:

    Bernie Ward update
    Current Interview w/Bernie's Domme - Sex Fairy?
    Dean Edell - retired, but now back. Why?
    New blog / Internet gal on KGO - so "cool" and "hip" (ugh); I hope she's part time
    KGO - a liberal station with ZIPPO diversity for 20-odd years. (I know, they had a black guy at night, and a black reporter in Oakland. How banal and hypocritical.)
    KGO-KABC-Owens - why did Michael Jackson dislike Ronn? Really, from his own mouth. He is *highly* respected.
    Where is long-gone Chris Clark?
    Duane Garrett - any update to his sad story?
    KNBR - why was Barry let go? Living out of state? Too much Rick-the-P?
    Bay Area Anchors Facelifts gone to far - just WHY???
    Gene Burns - any update as to his health?

  9. @11:43 Bernie is in federal prison where's there's no parole. His SF home was sold at auction last year because his OBGYN wife couldn't keep up the payments.

    Dean Edell's "retirement" was to get out of his clear channel contract.

    I think you forgot about Rosie Allen & a few others at KGO. It's radio you can't see color.

    Chris Clark posted here shortly after the firings.

    Gene Burns has a blog at 910am.

  10. Bernie did not lose his family home. His wife is not an OB/GYN. She's a highly regarded pediatrician.

    Facebook post recently from Chris Clarke...His beloved Billie just died. They had patrolled the beach together forever.

    Dr. Edell has always continued his medical minutes,I believe.