Thursday, August 30, 2012

Romney's Speech at the RNC--Your Reaction; We're Live at 415 Media

OK, so for my two cents...

Good, not great speech. Appealing to his base, Mr. Romney can take comfort in probably appeasing the GOP ultra-right wing which he needs to win. Especially in states like Virginia, Nevada and Ohio. Florida too.

Unfortunately for Romney, the Clint Eastwood fiasco might reverberate negatives and overshadow his performance in Tampa. We'll see, but clearly, the Eastwood chair bizarro didn't go over well outside the hall.

I give Romney a solid B. Nothing great, but good enough.

Substance: Not so good. A few decent pointers.

Style: B+: Well-spoken, good technique and nice power-suit look. The red tie was impressive.

Your thoughts: Try to be objective.

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  1. we need jobs, jobs, jobs

    putin is evil, i wanna start the cold war all over again

    dont really care about global warming, cuz my magic undies will save me...and even if they dont, i got a planet and a bunch of lilly white virgin goddesses waiting for me up there...somewhere

    not gonna tell ya that the reason i was a popular guv was cuz of the big dig and my health care plan

    not gonna tell ya that my daddy pulled strings to get me to where im at today

    not gonna tell you that i got rich at the expense of the common man

    i wouldve respected him more if he had given the gecko speech

  2. I once heard a story about an old Zen Monk who, when he was told that the world was going to hell in a hand basket would say "We'll see."

    Promising to create millions of jobs and bring back the American Dream is nice rhetoric. Connecting with their "log cabin" past (my father worked as a...) is a nice touch too.

    Eventually the promises have to be realized. Does Governor Romney really understand that playing political games at the state level as a governor is a completely different - and more malicious - game inside the beltway of DC where political gamesmanship is more important than solving problems reasonably.

    How many jobs created in his first year? We'll see!

  3. Mitt Romney convinced no one who is straddling the fence, that he'll make a better candidate than Obama. His whole simplistic, goody too shoes speech may have gotten a bunch of fat, white, middle Americans excited, but it didn't ignite sparks anywhere else.

    He did have the one good line about: "President Obama has promised that he will help lower the temperature of our oceans, but I promise that I'll take care of your family."

    But I think Rich was being a little generous in giving him a 'B' grade for the speech. Romney is not a bad public speaker, but he just seems like a phony to me. He's a guy who basically rode the shirt tails of his dad to get started, and then made his fortune at the expense of the middle class of this country.

    I also don't think America is ready for a Mormon. The Mormons are very nice people, but they're also part of one of the biggest religious cults in the world. Have you ever ready about Joseph Smith (the original founder of the Mormon Church) and what a nut-case this guy was? I wouldn't want the most powerful man on the planet, and certainly wouldn't want our president to be someone who believes in the nonsense that Joseph Smith espoused!

    1. "Romney is not a bad public speaker, but he just seems like a phony to me."

      The current occupant had no accomplishments of note, but that was good enough to elect him and base a Nobel Peace Prize on. After 3-1/2 years still no accomplishments. Talk about a phony.

  4. Meanwhile in Lousisiana, New Orleans is under 10 feet of water.
    80% of New Orleans is without power.
    State and local officals are asking for federal assistance.
    Where is Obama?

    1. he declared it a disaster area

      no not under 10 feet of water...bourbon street alive and kicking

      is there a single thing you wingnut fucks wont lie about?

      dont care what clint says...everyone in america is great...except the wingnut fucks

  5. Best line of the night.
    Governor of New Mexico Susanna Martinez uttered the following:
    Damn we are Republicans!
    It is about time latinos in America were not afraid to embrace conservatism.
    Although the Democratic party and in particular the angry mob at Univision will tell you otherwise.
    Speak for yourselves. Do not let others define you.

  6. I think Romney is a decent guy. I also think he would be hamstrung as a President because he would govern from the middle, which is why he wanted the rule change to make it harder for a primary challenge from his own party if he wins.
    This would have been a great convention for the 1988.
    And I don't think they would have had to change many of the speeches either.

  7. Yeah, let's demonize Mitt. Through hard work and risk taking, he made Bain Capital a major success. Boo hiss, under the Obama Gestapo. The problem with Mitt is that he won't whore his past achievents and generosity with the media. He helps people in need because he feels for them, not for a media event. What a refreshing change. Let's destroy him, since "we" want the media whores that want the Führer to be re-elected. This country is heading for third world status, and only Mitt can save us from this sad end game.

    1. Whoops 11:42 PM - Mormon's don't help "people" in need. Mormon's help Mormon's. Lest we forget, the Mormon Church is about about Big Business with a Capital B!!! You pay to play with that bunch. Yes, nice people.

  8. Pretty ho-hum speech in my view. Lacking in humor and passion except at the end when he seemed to have a sudden infusion of energy. Face it, Mitt has trouble connecting in a way that seems authentic and sincere. One wonders if there is any there there.

    As for his helping people in need. Yes, but only people in his own church. Seems a pretty limited sphere.

  9. People want careers, not "jobs."

    A job is what a 21st century businessman offers you.

    A career involves much more mutual respect and often a good union contract.

  10. To anonymous at 7:58.

    Fuck the unions! They've long outlived their usefullness. They've nearly bankrupted California and this county. Damn them.

    1. No need for checks and balances. Corporations are benign entities with your best interests at heart. Unions are keeping our preteens away from those 16 hour a day manufacturing jobs they deserve. Ben Dover,

  11. He was born in a small, 20 room log mansion on the edge of Dearborn, Michigan...

  12. And yet Unions only comprise a little over 11 pct of the workforce in this country. I wonder what the excuse will be next when Unions are at 5 pct.

  13. He rose to the occasion, but freaked me out toward the end with his war mongering talk.

  14. Willard Mitt Romney will beat Barack Hussein Obama in November!!!

    1. Willard, like is namesake, it a rat. I doubt he will win.

  15. Willard added nothing. I do not see a positive or negative at the convention or by any of the speeches. Once big infomerical. No substance. Will he win? I think Obama might lose because of the economy but this will not necessarily be a Romney win.

  16. What's with the Mittster's weird sing-songy delivery when he's speaking??? I've heard that clip of him accepting the nomination many times and he sounds like he's reading a story to children rather than proclaiming his candidacy--not a very forceful speaker.

  17. Mitt will win all 50 states this November! It will be a Mitt Romney landslide! Barack will have to hide in the closet for losing the election so badly!!!