Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Random Thoughts on an Otherwise Mundane Media Wednesday; 415 Media

*I probably wouldn't get along with Tom Tolbert; (which is fine), but I like listening to him on the radio, minus the red bull lungs. (Think ex-baseball jock).

*Before you slam someone--good, bad, or indifferent, be sure to read what they wrote in its entirety.

*Dear Ronn Owens: Just because I slammed you because I thought you sold out your friends, your business, your listeners, et al, doesn't mean that you still don't do a damn good interview. Too bad you couldn't apply that to past professional deeds and misdeeds.

*KGO Radio people know that I'm on your side, (at least most of you); it's the corporate vermin that I have issues with and that it's OK to ride me. We are allies. Some of us.

*Then there's KNBR: a radio homeland without a people.

*It's not so much Ben Fong-Torres decided to jump ship and play it safe, (like the Chronicle prefers), it's just that he plays it safe while continually writing the press-release material. All well and good, if that's how you want to go out, BFT.

*Speaking of the Chronicle, the doomsday people in the industry are again saying it's only a matter of time before more cutting of the rank and file at 5th and Mission.

*Karel: It's OK for you to call me a drunk--I've heard worse. At least do it to my face. On second thought...

*Karel is the greatest thing since sliced bread. How do I know? He told me.

*Michael Krasny on KQED: Too smart for radio.

*Tom Sinkovitz is not on local TV and if you ask me, that's pretty sad., (More on that in the future).

*Dear Damon Bruce: Like I said, you're good. You move the needle. But you'd be even better if you didn't tell everyone how good you are. Remember if your that good, then there's no need to remind people, they'll eventually get it and you'll look back and understand.

*Greg Papa: It's complicated.

*Ted Robinson: consistent.

*KQED's restaurant show: See Damon Bruce item.

*NBC Bay Area's "Investigative Team:" We see the lavish display, the elaborate commercials during the Olympics yet we still haven't seen any real meat. That's not a rip, just a fact. Uncover something with teeth and screw the relentless plugs, then we'll respond. And that's the only thing that counts.

*KTVU: Nobody seems to be complaining which is good news. And thanks for trusting me.

*On the other hand: hello, KRONvicts.

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  1. And after spending years exposing racist KNBR...THEGAME is now even whiter. How they manage that is confounding here in the liberal and mixing pot SF bay area. In a 60% people of color bay area,THEGAME is 100% people of no color.
    Its so white they have a host who calls himself "Whitey". Huh,Whitey white man. What next, his partners will be Honkyman and Crackerdude?

    1. Dan Honkyman and Mark Crackerdude,coming soon..

  2. Jibber jabber topics Rich. Your bits and bytes would be put to better use by calling out Ch5 for not making better use of Julie Watts.

  3. Concerning your comment about Karel (who I don't listen to): do you know what FIGJAM stands for?
    F#@k I'm Good. Just Ask Me!

  4. From Gaga V

    Rich, how could you not get along with Tolbert? If Tommy can sit there for four hours while Spicoli completely hijacks his show, spewing on and on and not realizing IT'S TOLBERT'S SHOW, FOR CHRISSAKES.... then Tolbert must be the most easy-going person alive. Or at least in sports radio.

    Today, Tom was able to at least say his name at 3:00, before Spicoli started whining that he (Spicoli) should be said 'hi' to before the audience ("Why don't you say 'hi' to the guy sitting to your right, before the audience?"). Tommy chided him that maybe Spicoli also wanted to have the top billing on the billboard (which begs the question: they're going to share a billboard?). Spicoli backed off a little, then made the outrageous claim that he was the Ed McMahon to Tolbert's Carson. One difference though: Ed McMahon laughed when Johnny signaled him to laugh; and more importantly, ED KNEW WHEN TO SHUT THE HELL UP. AND HE SAT QUIETLY FOR MOST OF THE SHOW.

    So literally three minutes into the show, I switched to FM. Flipped around the stations, caught a lot of the A's game, but I absolutely refused to go back to the BLEEDER, knowing the douchebaggery that was awaiting me there. If I hadn't been banned from the BLEEDER'S Facebook page, I'd have repeated my plea for Spicoli to have his kids sterilized. (And that would have been the nice part.) And if they banned me again for that, it would have been worth it.

    Lee Hammer, you are truly The Chimp.

  5. I almost took a shot at Karel but he is not worth the effort. On another note, I am dissappointed with you Rich. The Republican convention is on and you have not posted a single item about it even though you claim to be a political junky. I am getting a kick out of Piers Morgan and the CNN Grill. Everyone is drinking and discussing today's speeches. I am liking it. Btw, Savage was hilarious yesterday and today. Great work, I was laughing at the way he mocked the convention. I had forgotten about Mattress Man until you mentioned him today...

    1. junky? surely you jest? junkie..and if you are getting a kick out of Piers Morgan, you really are desperate. I'll admit I was amused when that enormous blowhard Chris Christie was defending his orgy of self-love at the podium, the delicate-nosed Piers was leaning away from the breathy exhalations of the humongous tub of goo..perhaps way too much garlic mixed with acid reflux of the highest order,odor.

    2. You say potato I say potatoe. I say junky you say junkie. Thank God I missed the interview you cited. Christie makes me ill just looking at him. I am no fan of Piers but I thought the CNN Grill concept was cute.

  6. "*Dear Damon Bruce: Like I said, you're good. You move the needle. But you'd be even better if you didn't tell everyone how good you are. Remember if your that good, then there's no need to remind people, they'll eventually get it and you'll look back and understand."

    So damn true! I rarely listen to him mainly because of his 'I'm the greatest sports talk radio personality in the history of mankind' attitude. He's decent at best. He's on 1050 for a reason.

    1. and he has been infected with the Ralph Barbieri virus - going on and on and on and on while asking a question. Filling in for Jim Rome yesterday he would do his usual job of asking a simple question, then answer it himself (with 3 or 4 possible scenarios) then ask the question again while telling his guest that they are short on time and he has 30 seconds to answer...

    2. It sounds like Bruce has Karelitis, ask a question he himself answers and then telling the guest to wait until after the break because he ran out of time. Wtf?!!??

    3. Bruce is on 1050 because the Giants have decreed that he cannot be on the BLEEDER. Bruce was murdering the Giants nightly on his 7 PM 680 show, back when the Giants sucked. Larry Baer couldn't tolerate Bruce's relentless post-game rants.

      -- Gaga V

  7. I refuse to listen to KNBR when Eric B. (red bull lungs) is on. He is boring and self seving and brings little to any show. Also....can't stand him on FOX or MLB networks. Why Lee Hammer thinks he is great is absolutely confusing to me....I don't get it.

  8. Damon is very creative, funny, quick, and covers all sports topics well. He knows how to use the medium of radio and is easily the best talk show guy on KNBR. But his constant bloviating and pumping himself up are getting insufferable. When he showed up in the bay area a few years back, he displayed this attitude in spades, and it really turned off a lot of his collegues in the media.

    I think if Damon ever wants to be truly successful in the radio business, he's going to have to stop pissing people off in the front office, and make a little bit more of an effort to be courteous and professional with many of the people he works with.

    He's also very lucky to have a job on KNBR, as he was fired from his morning job as a news announcer in Indianapolis before getting his current gig.

  9. And a shout out to Julie Watts on ch5. I've been meaning to include her here on top anchorwoman/reporters based on looks-lol. She has perfect legs,ample bosoms..and mature curves. He blondness though just screams high maintenance. She also has that hot for teacher look.
    Based on my primal feelings and urges, Julie is a million Watt jolt..wink,wink.

  10. It is adorable that you think we think you're "on our side."