Tuesday, August 14, 2012

KGO, KSFO, and KNBR: The Old Days

Doesn't seem too long ago when these call letters
 were some of the most prestigious in the country? They represented ingenuity, unique radio, quality product and distinct content.

Mostly they were home to some of the most talented professionals in the broadcasting world. And they never had to rely on gimmicks nor any false pretenses. They had a stable of performers that were clever, original, funny when they had to be; sincere, solemn and compassionate when that was merited.

Their talent never dumbed down to the audience. They were genuine. They talked to you--not at you, gimmick free.

Those were the days my friend, I thought they'd never end.

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  1. But Rich, none of those hosts ever walked the red carpet! Lol

  2. I haven't listened to KSFO since it was "In San Fran-sis-coooo"..the jingle. And I remember that ad.
    KNBR? when the on air people there are gone? They will never be missed. Who's going to reminisce about Pauly?

  3. Listen to when it was via


  4. Good to hear you get off those rants sometimes Rich and salute the past. Radio's fascinating history, especially locally, is well worth celebrating. Those who have come along and inherited these riches have not only squandered them but prostituted them as well. Shame on companies that 'dumb down' and cheapen one of America's greatest assets!

  5. Ah yes, those good old days!

    Since every generation seems to have it's good old days, doesn't that mean we are living in tomorrow's good old days?

    How come they don't feel as great as future sentimentalists will remember them?

  6. It is to bad KNBR 680 has resorted to sound drops.
    I never thought the teenage crowd would take over that radio station.
    Overly produced programing. Treating it's audience like children.
    What? We need to be motivated to laugh at KNBR's humor.

  7. Wasnt that KSFO ad in Life? Or just a full page local paper? I swear I remember it..for some reason.

  8. Ok,for awhile now,I've been wondering about what ever happened to Steve Davis?..he was at ch7 forever. And nothing ever came up with casual googling. And ch.7 Wiki page of former anchors never mentioned him. I even thought I had his name wrong..maybe Davies?..so today I look again and found out what happened. He was let go in 1989 at ch7 and in 1992 WON a age discrimination lawsuit. So,I was wrong somebody did beat the media corporatons. Steve passed away from cancer in 2005.
    That guy stood out because when he was first put on air..he was so jittery and nervous voiced..and sweaty!..but ch7 kept him and of course that all went away as he anchored the news for 20 years.
    And to this day KGO forgets that and carries a grudge on Wiki.

  9. Same can be sad for KYA, KFRC, KSOL, KDIA, KIOI etc. Things change.

  10. Whatever happened to Dave Glass? And what's Hank Greenwald up to these days??

  11. Don't forget KBLX and KSJO.

    "The quiet storm K. . .B. . .:L. . .X"

    Mandatory Metallica on Monday nights on KSJO was appointment radio for years. KSJO was the only station that would play the more obscure stuff and not the trendy songs.

  12. One of the best guys in radio I ever met was Bill Agee a KKHI when he used to come up to the Opera House for the occasional transcribed broadcast. Mikes hung from the rafter right above the shell. We used to sit and bullshit about backstage during pieces. Can't tell you how refreshing it was to be able to hang out with a normal person on Concert nights. Bill was a great guy and I learned alot from him. He was kind and nice without being subservient.

  13. 2:52 PM - David Glass is now the Mayor of Petaluma and has had a career in the financial sector.

  14. Hank Greenwald is enjoying retirement and is living with his wife Carla in San Francisco during the summer, then the two of them go to Jupiter, Florida and live there for the winter.
    Hank's daughter lives in Marin, and Hank's son, Doug, does the Fresno Grizzlies on the radio.
    Hank is doing very well and enjoying retirement. He said his only regret was that he came back for a couple of seasons to do the A's on TV which is didn't enjoy at all.