Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Damon Bruce at his Best

I'm hot and cold with Damon Bruce.

Today, I'm hot.

He's funny and good and all that; pretty foreign territory at Knibber, but he had me rolling on Wednesday.

A classic, and I do mean, classic bit: Bruce has been giving updates on the Tour de France, complete with what sounds like a French version of the Beach Boys. It's a sound drop that actually IS funny and perfect. And oh yes, it's hysterical too, (yo, Paulie Mac, psst, take a cue).

Bruce, (noon- 3 PM 1050 AM), also had me on the lmfao-mode on Tuesday's show. The topic was sad and serious, as DB correctly noted, but Bruce's take was downright genius. He was talking about the recent story of crooks ripping off bleachers out at a Hunter's Point youth baseball field.

"You know, you gotta be a real low life to be stealing bleachers from kids---'I mean, seriously, you are lower than low ---this is a sign, pal, that you are at 'rock bottom---hey, Murray, get me a screw-driver, I need to get one more piece of alloy."

Classic.  Funny. A real gem. And infinitely original. Are you listening, Rudy and the angry man?

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  1. He wanted the Giants to spend $150 MILLION to sign Manny Ramirez!!! Bwwaaaaa

  2. I have been doing 1050 lately at 12-3. Greg Papa must be rolling in doe..he's not doing Comcast much,or 95.7,and I cant take the dullness of 95.7 without him. Something about Lund and Urban remind me of the old 90's SNL characters who hung out at disco's and bobbed their heads in time.

  3. Fatty Fitzgerald aka Rudy , giggles and certified ass kissing a hole with his Patna Shaft Brooks shoul listen to d Bruce to find out what a good show sounds like. How this two stooges are still on the air is unknown to me. Everyone I I know can't stand these 2 clowns. Makes me wOnder if they have pictures of the dick brothers teaming on hammer.

  4. It cant be good for Bruce that only three reply's (now four) to a topic solely about him. Bruce used to be able to move that needle. I would guess 95.7 tried to poach him,and Bruce wanted too much. Because Damon must hate that the management gave the morning Sesame Street gang six years,and of course pays more to Damon's old pal Gary (girly man, as Bruce calls him)Radnich.
    After all these years..he's farther from a hit KNBR show then when he started.

  5. Damon despises KNBR management and with good reason. They banished him to the gulag of KNBR 1050, and left the mid day show to the playpen pals, Fat Fitzie and Rod 'I'm so smart' Brooks.
    He'll never get a gig back on KNBR as long as Hammer is running the show over there.