Thursday, June 28, 2012

KTVU Traffic People are on Edge; Bay Broadcasters calling Olympics Events

Foul mood in Jack London Square.

The poor employees in the traffic department at KTVU ( already preparing FCC logs for Channel2, KICU, KAME, KRXIi, and LATV), have had two more stations added to their load...and upper management issues an edict that no vacations are permissible for the rest of the year. Way to fire up the morale.

Needless to say that has been met with considerable grumbling with the rank and file. They're tired, yes, and damn cranky. Complicating matters, the traffic people have no union. Bottom line: Pissed-off itus permeates the building.

**Bay Area broadcasters calling Olympics events:

Ted Robinson - tennis and diving

Jim Kozimor - shooting, badminton

Bob Fitzgerald - men's and women's basketball, (start the commotion, Rudy haters)

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  1. All caucasian,All Republican. Lets hear it again? the liberal bay area media?..where?
    I get the feeling a liberal could never survive in bay area sports casting..too much shilling,too much pride to grovel. Too honest.

    1. What a ridiculous complaint!

      Robinson deserves it because he's a great professional. How in the world would you know Jim Kozimor's political views and do you think that will influence his badminton reporting?

      Aside from just complaining because of some enormous chip on your shoulder, how about naming a couple of non-white Democrats you prefer to do badminton and diving Olympic coverage?

    2. 235- Sure its ridiculous to you. You think Caucasians should have EVERY good job!
      How about naming a few people of color to do badminton and diving you ask? Isn't THAT racist? cant be possible for an Indian to describe badminton or an Asian to talk diving? seems that impossible to you?
      Yes I do know Korzimor is a Republican..he get's on air is just one piece of evidence..that he's one of THEM.
      Chip on my shoulder? mean uppity agitator?..yes you do.

    3. Uppity agitator ? more like a senseless troll.

      You're complaining that only caucasian Republicans were selected so then when I asked to broadcasters you'd prefer who aren't caucasian Republicans you claim racism.

      Time to stop blaming others for your sensory delusions.

    4. Get over it Stan. Do you need a hug??

    5. You idiots..the fact that I said there is a block of broadcasting that is 100% Caucasian is lost on you. How can I name people of color that are being locked out?. Republicans, biggest trolls there are.
      Just so stupid..

    6. Now play nice everyone, or I am turning this car right around!

    7. Stan, Where have you been?

  2. Koz did a decent, if not superlative job last Olympics with the badminton gig.

  3. One of the reasons virtually everyone in this country is 'on edge' and stressed out is that they're freaking out about losing their jobs.

    Most Americans, unless they are teachers, (who's hearts are in the right places, but they also usually take a minimum of 6 weeks vacation a year...that should be normal!) or are independently wealthy, work ridiculous hours in jobs they really don't like.

    As you get older, you realize that life is short, and if you have to spend the majority of your day, commuting and then sitting in a hermetically sealed environment, frying your eyeballs out by staring into a computer screen, your life is not going to be very fulfilling.

    Most of us take jobs that we feel 'we have to take,' so that we can pay the bills and support our families. But everyone has a choice. Do what everyone else is doing and be miserable and stressed and on edge, or break away from the crowd and try to do so something on your own. Sure there are risks and much sacrifice, but in the end it'll be worth giving yourself the chance.

    As someone once said (I think it was one of the 'Jets' in the great musical 'West Side Story'). "In America, anything is possible!"

  4. I think you might want to clarify what traffic people do in broadcasting - and it isn't reporting on the slow and go on 880 approaching the McArthur Maze.

    1. Traffic people produce a daily log which lists in exact detail and order what commercials and shows are to be telecast for that day. The timing is down to the second. It is essentially putting together a puzzle for each broadcast day. The signed log (by the on-air operator) becomes an official record which is preserved as proof of performance.

    2. Thanks 5:16--I too thought this was about people who report on the traffic!

      You learn something new every day.

  5. Interesting... I didn't know that.

  6. You have to do a Mark Jackson post Rich. Radnich was in righteous indignation that ANYBODY (me) would call for Jackson to be fired.
    Let's see,..he obviously lied when he interviewed for the job when asked if his past had any questionable behavior. People are fired because they lied about having a degree in anthropology,let alone strippers. And Jackson's best friend? I see Jackson bringing him to the hiring podium as a way to legitimatize that crooks drug dealing. Mark Jackson thought his BEST friends "high life" was bought with his church deacon salaries?..that's very suspicious.
    If the Warriors and Bob Meyers have so little backbone,why would anybody even support a team like that? "We lie and accept liars-bring the kids!"

    Meyers and KNBR have a lot of Joe Paterno in them...

    1. Oh, so you were the idiot who called Radnich about this today!

      This is an incredibly stupid post. You're indignant that Mark Jackson apparently had an extramarital affair?

      I suggest you stop going to Warrior games and seek psychiatric help.

    2. No,no I didn't call Radman. Uh,yeah,I guess I am that a man who says he is a preacher was involved with a stripper..after also being involved with his best friend who is a dope dealer..and then claimed ignorance over cutting Jeremy Lin. Mark Jackson isn't a standup guy is he?

      326? I hope your being sarcastic..either way,your a weird dude.

    3. Not too mention your idol Radnich,demeans president Obama-who has saved this country,its auto industry,and caught terrorist from Bin Laden- Khadafi...and the one who beheaded Jewish writers..while praising..Jackson? You figure that one.
      Could it be that secret other life?...

    4. 3:26, 5:34, 6:30 - Those voices in your head are making you spew nonsense.

      If you're unhappy with Mark Jackson for all the reasons you've imagined, perhaps you should contact the Warriors front office. I'm sure they'll be more than happy to hear from you.

      With regard to your other psychotic thoughts, seek psychiatric help.

    5. I've met some weirdo arguments..but you take the cake RichB. Why would anybody care about the preacher coach and strippers?..and drug dealers? extorton? you its more important to stick to won loss record? I don't have to "contact" the Warriors..its no secret you nut.
      Shrink help? must be very familiar with it. Very.

  7. The traffic reporter issue is the worst disrespect I've seen in years, and I've read a lot of doozies in this region!

    Always cool to have Robinson cover an Olympics, and Best Wishes to Kozimor!

    But Fitz? Was there no other NBA voice - TV or Radio - that was allowed to work for NBC at the Olympics? Comcast and the Peacock should both be ashamed of themselves. Bay Fans have made it clear over and over to Comcast that Fitz is not welcomed as the Warriors' voice! Please don't tell me a usually-respected business like Comcast is acting like sCumulus as far as Rudy goes!

  8. With respect to Fitz doing Olympic bball, I'm not a fan either but one thing to remember is that this isn't a particularly prestigious assignment.

    The way it was handled last Olympics - and there's no reason to doubt it will be this same this time around - is that the announcer is essentially an anonymous voice, he is never shown on camera and you hardly know who he is. He's essentially a faceless voice who describes the game. I suppose Fitz can do that OK even if he's an annoying twit.

  9. Again...what's all the fuss ovedr Fitz. I think he's capable, professional, and is fair to the listeners. He's smart, funny, and knows basketball. Sounds to me like a lot of jeolous losers out there who just don't like a guy who has made it in the profession.

  10. As far as the poster who suggested Rich should do a column about Marc Jackson's indiscretions with the stripper and the subsequent blackmailing, my reaction is why?

    if you read the Chronicle on Friday, you got the full story in the sports page. It's embarassing enough to read and I think that Jackson is working things out with his family and trying to move on.

    We all have our skeletons in the closet, and I always find it peculiar how so many Americans (maybe because there are so many dysfunctional people among us) love to revel in the sleaze and innuendo.

    What's really sad is that this kind of crap is no longer the domain of the tabloid 'rags,' but is now popular fare on the internet, in the few newspapers that are still being read, the radio talk shows, and of course on the TV tabloid shows.

    It's one thing to unearth the activities that are happening in the business of broadcasting, but it's taking it to a whole new sleazy level when we expose and discuss the rumors, second hand info, and personal and private indiscretions of sports celebrities.

    Again...who cares? Who among you reading this post hasn't gone on line to some porn site, hung out at a 'tiddy bar,' or perhaps even slept with a prostitute?

    The hypocrisy among people who love to indulge in this kind of crap amazes me. Unfortunately, the media has gotten very sleazy, especially in the last 15 years.

    That said, I thought the Chronicle covered the story very well without resorting to sensationalism. But we don't need to read any small minded posters sharing their juvenile observations about this kind of treacle.

    1. Sure we think the Chron speaks for everybody? That yellow rag doesn't speak a word for me. Your a Joe Paterno kind of guy aren't you?..hide it all,because Mark will never do that again.
      Don't compare Playboy reading with what Jackson did..if you cannot see the difference-that's your problem.
      Why do bloggers need to speak out...because like with Monta and his sexual harassment of a woman that Lacob would later fire..Joe Lacob had chosen money over people. Unless Lacob is a total idiot..he now knows Mark Jackson lied to him about many things to get the job.
      When you fuck up this often in less then one year on the job..its got to tell you..he might even do worse.

  11. Speaking of the "other" traffic reporters, Rich, are you going to write about KGO's new in house traffic service? It starts on Monday. Goodbye aircraft and super commuters circling the Bay. Longtime airborne reporter Michaelynn Myers has lost her job along with others. You may want to look into it.

  12. No surprise there. Cumulus is staying 'cheap' because they don't care about quality.

    This is a stretch, but it kind of reminds of the Russians during WWII. When the Soviet army went into battle, they sometimes had soldiers right behind the guys in the front, and these soldiers in the rear were were unarmed.

    The idea was that as soon as the soldiers in the front lines were cut down by the enemy bullets, the guys in the back would pick up the guns dropped by the soldiers struck down in the front.
    This saved the army money, because at the time they didn't have enough to manufacture more bullets and guns.

    Cumulus is simply saving money, but also expecting KGO to compete with KCBS in their traffic reporting, even though they don't enough equipment or 'people-power' (like Michaelynn)
    anymore. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but then Cumulus isn't in this game for the long run.

    I expect they'll get out of the broadcast industry within a decade. By that time however, they'll have decimated most of their 'properties,' and then try to sell them for a profit.

    This is what America has become. And people wonder why we have 'lost our greatness.'

  13. Wonder how Stan Burford feels about this? It's gotta be disheartening.