Friday, May 25, 2012

Uh, Tom Tolbert Morse Code Bullet Points

Kenneth, what is the frequency?

A. No more Ralph mentions.
B. Limit Vegas trips.
C. Steve Kerr is always a guest.
D-E. Maintain the bald doo because it makes me look cool.
F. Even though I knew Ralph was a goner months before, I still did the fake gasps. (Whoa Nellie!)

G. Thought Lieberman was dead three years ago...sorta like my career at ESPN.
H. "I phucking tweeted back Lieberman??!!
I. It could be worse: At least I'm not Byrnesie.
J. I have to work five days now.
K. Then again, my MMA fetish gets more play.
L. Another 5000 Arizona mentions.
M. Hey Alameda! I'm bigger than Ratto!
N. Sure, I can't interview worth a shit, but I do love my pop tarts!
O. If I got paid by the "Allright...comin' up" shit I say 63,000 times I could pay off the house.
P. I'm trying to be DeadSpin but all I really am is ESPN-lite.
Q. Hey Ralph, this gig is so much easier without you.
R. I don't do the horses but I pretend I do. (Call Sam Spear)
S. I sure as hell don't know a damn thing about hockey. (Go Sharks!) Wait, that was the other guy's line.
T. Lute is my God next to Kerr.
U. I'm a wacky ex-jock White boy--(prerequisite for KNBR hiring)
V. Yo, interns, roll call: write shit to Lieberman.
W. "I thought you died three years ago", but I still read you every day and tweeted.
X. Screw David Stern.
Y. Yeah, I stole money from the Warriors and all I ever got was a house in Alameda and Nellie phoners.
Z. White girls rule, dude!

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  1. ROLMAO. Funny post.

  2. KNBR interns will tell you that you forgot the letter D. I will tell them to go F themselves.

  3. Mr. T is about the only thing I make a point to listen to on radio - everybody else is whatever.

  4. He was frustrating yesterday interviewing guest's and he speaking twice as long as the guests. he is clearly the blowhole leader.

  5. No more Ralph mentions? Raddy hasn't broken his pimpin stride to mention Vern.

  6. So Coast to Coast is gone form KSFO? they're playing Red Eye Radio.

  7. Worst NBA hair. Ever.

    Showed up fat and outta shape to camp. Boooo.

    What's wrong with being White?

    While I do like that Raddy can tell it like it is "to the brotha's", his focus on trying to be kind of a mini White Chocolate is too much. Be yo-self, Gary.

    1. Thank you. My sentiments exactly.

  8. What happened, Coast to Coast AM is gone from KSFO after years on the air. This is an out rage to the listeners. What is the real story-Rich???

    1. On 91 am starting tonight the 30th! Thank goodness

  9. Tolbert is just a dumber version of "ADD" MonteMayer. FM sport radio barely rules. Bay Area radio is going through an interesting transition.

  10. Tobert and spicholi are brutal! Rod and Bob + 3 hours of hubris-tic arrogant crap. Oh, and they are not at all funny. Gary and Larry are fantastic. Larry knows his stuff and for the first time ever Gary admits it.