Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ken Korach is Back Back Back; A's PBP Broadcaster Back in the Broadcast Booth

Ken Korach makes it a delight to listen to baseball on the radio. He's old-school, he's funny, he's intelligent and most importantly, if you have read my posts in the pass, he GIVES THE SCORE! Repeatedly. Thank God for that.

Anyway, Korach is the lead play-by-play broadcaster for the Oakland A's. He returned to the booth Tuesday night after being away since Opening Day. Korach had recent knee-replacement surgery. He's doing well.

And welcome back, Kenny.


  1. Three cheers to Ken Korach.
    Giving the score does matter. Unlike a certain other broadcaster who does not understand the meaning of keeping your fan informed.

  2. Very glad to have Mr.Korach back, the call for the walk off homer last night very enjoyable great job Ken. GO A's Roger Hanner Modesto,Ca.

  3. The only A's star Beane man hasn't traded or cut after three years....

  4. The famous baseball radio announcer, Red Barber, was noted for using an 3 minute egg time and when the sand/salt ran out he'd give the score... sometimes old school is good school..

  5. When will Korach replace Kuiper on the TV Side? Kuip is god awful to listen to.

    1. Ken Korach has done TV in the past but has made it very clear that he much prefers staying on the radio side.

  6. As good, if not better than, the Giants announcers that every one spews over.

  7. Ken loves radio and actually had an opportunity to do TV a few years back, but declined the A's offer. He's like Hank Greenwald and
    Bill King in that he loves radio more and realizes that it's the
    'true broadcaster's medium' where you can be conversational and use the imagination to paint word pictures. There are unfortunately not many left doing just that in sports broadcasting these days.

  8. I used to be on the air with Ken many years ago.He is a class act and a great broadcaster.

  9. The best Baseball play by play man in the Bay area! Also very good doing Basketball and Football, a all around talent!

  10. Ken is a classic 'old school' type of announcer, who respects the craft and loves the game. Ken has paid his dues too, and he has always maintained a sense of humility. When it came time for him to be prepared to become the A's lead announcer, he had a unique advantage: working alongside Bill King.

    Bill and Ken became good friends and from 1996 through 2005, the two worked very well together. Bill was one of the last vestiges
    (Steve V in the clubhouse, and a few scouts and front office folks) from the Haas family era (1981-1995) that was the most successful era (financially) for the Oakland club.

    The A's were very lucky to get Bill King for 25 years, and they've been just as fortunate to have had Ken Korach now for 17 seasons. Way go go Ken!