Wednesday, May 9, 2012

3 Million Thanks to Bay Area Readers; Rich Lieberman 415 Media Gets More Than 3 Million Pageviews

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Pageviews all time history  ...*Unique Visitors: 2456 and on the rise.

*3,004,469 (since January, 2007)


*Source: Google Blogger (Verified)

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  1. Congratulations on a wonderful milestone. Bet the first million page views was pretty exciting. Now you have three million. Keep up the awesome work. Wish I was in the Bay Area more to keep up on the people you spotlight.

  2. Congrats Rich from a fan and daily visitor of a couple of years.

  3. Never have been big on gossip Rich, but your opinions generally coincide with mine and your investigative abilties in the industry you choose are exceptional. Your daily blog is one of the first stops I make each morning and I'm disappointed if there aren't any new updates. If you could charge a thin dime for each page view, you'd have made $300,000! I for one, would be glad to pay it. As a recent contributor, I say to others who are entertained as I am- come on - toss in a few bucks. To you, I say congratulations. Well deserved!

  4. Well, one good thing came out of the KGO December Massacre! I never heard of you before--but now I check your blog several times a week. Thanks for all you do--lotsa good stuff here.

  5. Congrats but you would have more if you started delivering on all, actually even just one or two, of your teases.

  6. Hi Rich...Now you have the views, do you have the bucks $$$ to go with this milestone? I think not. At least Owens has $$$$$ and titanium testosterone producers to go along with it. Tah Tah.

  7. You could really up your page views if you got Kristy Siefkin to pose naked for the site! Heck, I might even pay to see that!

  8. Hey rich don't be afraid to advertise