Friday, March 9, 2012

San Jose's KLIV to become affiliate of new NBC Radio News April 1; Friday short

KLIV/1590 AM's News Director, George Sampson confirms the San Jose station will become an affiliate of NBC News Radio, (switching away from CNN Radio)

We're getting a Peacock! An exciting change is coming to KLIV. Beginning April 1st (no fooling!) KLIV will become an affiliate of NBC News. Our twice-hourly network newscasts will feature some of the best known reporters and news anchors in broadcasting, with the resources of America's #1 news team. KLIV will, of course, continue to be your source for Silicon Valley and San Jose News, weather and the best traffic reports in the Bay Area.

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  1. Why would anyone want NBC News as their news source?!?

    1. They have no choice. CNN Radio will not be distributed for US Radio after April 1st, with no chance of returning until sometime next year. CNN Radio was dropped with 17 people laid off or reassigned to TV duty.

      Dial-Global was the syndicator / ad sales representive until the plug was pulled. To fill the void, Dial-Global was instrumental in the "re-birth" of NBC News Radio. The network will be 24/7 with a 5-minute feed on the hour and its already established :90 second headline service on the half hour, with various features.

      Look for more CBS Radio affiliations and syndicated feeds from CBS Radio as well -- since CNN Radio was "non exclusive" in a market, meaning that two or more stations could subscribe in a given market, like AP Radio News. Look also for more AP Radio affiliates, as they are independently sold by local stations.

      Dial-Global, through it's Westwood One arm is the sales force behind NBC News Radio, CBS Radio (which owns a portion of Westwood One) much more -- including what's left of the old Mutual Broadcasting System (Jim Bohannon Show) and various sports enterprises including College Football, NFL Football and more.

  2. Rich, you should tune in KLIV in the late evenings sometime. They have a woman who is incredibly befuddled reading the news. It's embarrassing to listen to her mangle the copy. Repeatedly.

    It is particularly annoying to locals hearing her traffic reports. She put a street in Santa Clara into Burlingame this week. She put a street in south San Jose in Hollister a while back. She goofs up the names of streets frequently - too numerous to count. I wonder if she's broadcasting from a distant remote and has absolutely no idea about anything related to the San Jose area.

    If KLIV expects to have any credibility outside of the daytime news, they better stop having the off hours as OJT. This woman just doesn't have it, and they've given her months to get up to speed, unsuccessfully.

    Doesn't anybody in management there EVER listen to what they broadcast after office hours? Maybe somebody from NBC will have sense enough to actually listen to the product they're transmitting.

    And don't even get me started on the droning, vapid pap from that Carl Guardino guy at KLIV. Geez, do they feed him valium?

  3. How many of you all remember when KNBR and the old KYUU-FM were NBC affiliates? In fact, way back the 1940s & 1950s, even early 1960s, KNBR was once KNBC Radio in San Francisco before the KNBC call letters moved to LA for radio good, having already been permanent on TV in LA. Of course, today, we have the unusual but very strong oddity that KCBS-TV is in LA but KCBS Radio is in San Francisco. Views be damned, there are plenty of Brian Williams fans who would love to hear Mr. Nightly News on radio, especially when he talks about his other non-news passions - auto racing and music.

  4. If true to form, look for Brian Williams to anchor the 2 pm (Pacific) on the hour newscast on radio. It could be the only newscast he anchors on radio, but look for a daily feature from him, as well as business features, commentary, sports news and more from TV reporters and anchors from NBC, MSNBC & The Weather Channel from various NBC Universal news programming.

    Wonder what they'll use as a "new" radio theme this time around. They've had several over the years, including those used for the old News & Information Service (NIS) in the '70s that failed.

    I'd like to hear them bring back former Imus news reader, Charles McCord.