Friday, December 16, 2011

Gene Burns headed back on the SF radio airwaves; starting KKSF-AM gig January 3

I'm back from an all-dayer  in Sacramento.

The big news: Gene Burns is headed back to the SF airwaves--on the new
"Hot- Talk"-- AM, (KKSF-AM) beginning Jan. 3 in an afternoon slot.

Another ex-KGO biggie is also on the radar---keep it here for the latest details.


  1. Glad to hear! He'll be a great part of the new lineup at KKSF 910. Armstrong & Getty and Gene Burns. Solid!



  3. This is truly great news! And, Armstrong & Getty I am going to find something to buy from you!

    Just fantastic news.......and to Gene Burns I am SO-O happy just for us listeners but for you. You so did not deserve what happened.

  4. I'll be listening! Great news!!

  5. Way cool! Good for Gene and for Joel Riddell in bringing along "Dining Around w/Gene Burns" on Saturdays as well!

  6. To play with Cumulus' head ... I'd move the KKGN calls to 910 as well.

    910 K-KGN. What comes after "N" ... Wow! There's the "new" KGO!

    Good move for going to 910 instead of 960 Clear Channel!

  7. interesting turn of events

    question...why is a corporate entity, whose pattern has been to remove local broadcasting in favor of syndicated crap, and who just signed a non aggression pact with cumulus, choose to reverse course by not only not going wingnut...but returning to local fare

    possibly to try to silence the masses?

    the terminated hosts are all very talented...we knew they would get back on the airwaves

    the problem is still out there

    there is still a lack of competition

    the 96 telecommunications act must be repealed

  8. 910 AM covers roughly 1/4 of
    the 9 counties making up
    the Bay Area.
    No signal=no coverage

  9. Best news I have heard in over 2 weeks!! I have been listening to 910 since the KGO debacle, and now I'll get to hear my favorite Gene. Thank you, Rich, for breaking this terrific news! Merry Christmas, indeed.

  10. Excellent! I've never tuned in to 910, but I will now. I hope I find other good things there besides Gene, but he would be enough to get me to tune in, definitely.

    Help fill the gaping hole left in my life the day KGO was murdered.

    I went from listening to KGO about 6 hours a day to about 10 minutes a day now.

    Hard to find anything to listen to on radio now. NPR about an hour a day, and KSFO about 30 minutes at night for the fun sci-fi supernatural show for a few laughs, and a little bit of Alice for music.

  11. Nice!!

    Thanks, Santa, for delivering early!

  12. New 910? I listen to Armstrong and Getty each morning on that station. Is it switching over?

    Thank the good lord Gene will be back. Out of the bunch, I missed him the most. I kept thinking of him in the hospital out of it giving radio shows to the nurses. That man needs an outlet and no one knows the English language better.

    Thanks for doing such an awesome job on this, Rich.

  13. Hooray!

    Several times, over the last two weeks, I've started to tune in to Gil Gross in the afternoon. Old habits ....

    Now, I'll have somewhere to go.

  14. Yippeeee!!!!!! I have never met Gene Burns but I've missed him so much over the past few weeks. I'm going to count this news as one of my Christmas presents. Thank you, Rich.

  15. Fantastic news! I am so happy for Gene and thrilled that his absence from the radio waves was minimal. I can't wait to hear him again.

  16. Yippee! Gene will be back! I understand Luckoff is working on something. Can you imagine our regulars plus new voices at a new station? It will finally put KGO out of its misery. Why is Gene still advertising on KGO? Tacky and shows this was an ill-begotten plan. I hope this massacre goes down as the worst radio move ever.

  17. FABULOUS news!!!!!
    Hooray for Gene; he did NOT deserve the treatment he got. (Plus, I was REALLY looking forward to the Christmas cookie contest, as I do every year; so sad that got dumped, and in the manner it was done.)
    Hope other hosts make it out "alive". I'll be listening to 910.
    And, THANKS, RICH, for this fabulous community "water cooler" - we all obviously need a place to vent and exchange ideas (hello, Cumulus....)

  18. OK, I'm a bit confused now... I have some questions I hope you can help me with.

    1) Will we have three talk stations... KGO, 560AM, and 910 AM?

    2) Does this mean that the talk of Mickey Luckoff buying / running a station has vanished or dropped considerably? (If Dr. Bill is on the national TRN and KSCO, and Burns is on 910 AM, that is half of the talented hosts booked.)

    Seems like the talented KGO hosts will scatter, if my take is correct. Could Dr. Bill follow Gene to 910 AM?

  19. bacci40...

    The US Government, which is essentially owned by the corporations (Corporatism / Fascism) have had their scopes set to limit the public forums for which the public can express and share ideas.

    Remember public access? That forum has been phased out over the past 15 years by the big cable and satellite companies. A friend of mine has a public access show in Tucson Arizona...once he was on the air every week for an hour. Now his show is only on once every three weeks and only 25 minutes long.

    They (government and their corporate puppet masters) don't want the people to be able to spread ideas and opinions in open forums. This is why you see the government trying dearly to obtain internet kill switches and regulation over content "they" don't approve of or can't control.

    Whatever the case may be, it's great to hear Burns will be on the air at a new home soon!

  20. YES! Loving 910 more and more. Currently listen to Armstrong & Getty and many times I like to hear Dave Ramsey's solid financial advice. And now my favorite Gene. The light is finally getting a bit brighter!

  21. One still hears Gene, Len, Gil on KGO do due personal services clauses for endorsements, which they get (or got) paid for. It's a very common practice. Rather than dump the schedule of ads, it's often cheaper to let the campaign run out, rather than having to go back and get money for endorsements back. So, with a new station coming up ... that advertiser might just want to join it and retain the personal services of the endorser.

    I do hope Len Tillem makes the move to 910 as well.

    There are more stations doing talk than KGO (part time), KSFO and 910. 960 is one and look around ... there are a few others most not near the signal strength of KGO ... including 910.

    The idea of Mickey Luckoff being involve in some plan could still very well be on the table, but it must be in a smart way. Would Mickey go to work with Clear Channel? I would think he'd need or want some equity position. Plus, as popular as those who have left KGO are, including Jack Swanson ... that's not an inexpensive group of people. Even buying a station, like KTRB 860 comes with a high price (in bankruptcy) and the daytime signal is good at 50,000 watts, but the night is pretty bad, even at the same power -- 4 tower directional.

    Who knows? And it's AM ... a radio band that has seen better days (ask KGO). Clear Channel would have to blow up one of it's Bay Area FM's to put talk on both AM and FM. The liklihood of that is probably slim. With AM, you have a decidedly older audience as the younger "sales demographic" doesn't like or listen to AM radio. Many have never heard of it and were born in an FM world.

    Dr. Bill is now gone from KSCO. He was filling in. He does, however, have a one hour show on Talk Radio Network (TRN) from noon to one on Saturdays. As for his going to 910? It depends ... on Clear Channel, if Mickey Luckoff is involved, or the design of the format over there. Anyone's guess at this point. Again, it's about results. 910 at night has a weaker signal of 5000 watts, barely getting to San Jose clearly, depending on conditions. It could work, if 910 wants a Republican viewpoint and an older male voice.

    Gil Gross will probably go back to ABC Radio News or to another network news position somewhere, but there's no telling. Stranger things have happened. Rothman? Good potential to go to 910, but will Clear Channel want to pick up the check? Same for Ray. Expensive.

    We'll know shortly.

  22. What a blowhard know-it-all.