Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday News Headlines! 'Byrnesie tries to act Black'; Raddy/Krueger bond; Thursday shortie


"BYRNES TRIES TO ACT BLACK!" (Psst, but damn, he fails!)
*Eric Byrnes, trying desperately to act Black, infuses more rap music into commercial bumpers even though "Byrnesie" was born in Half Moon Bay and thinks 'Lil Wayne' is one of the Jonas Brothers.

Yo, Eric, you have about as much rhythm as Charlie Pride. (Memo Dept: Don't try to be something you're not, please).

Gary Radnich and his radio son, Larry Krueger, sensing true brown, toilet paper togetherness try 24-hour, on-air bonding. Krueger, perhaps knowing full well that airing his true conscious, might cost him the $$ it takes to feed his family, begins chanting, "For the 900th time, I..." (Wait, that's the other guys line, Mr Mail-it-in." Krueger begins his latest audition on the new Fox sitcom, "Father Knows Best." I hear it's a 20-1 shot you get the part, Krugs.

Karel, KGO's resident weekend town crier, goes positively berserk over the NBA lockout. "I can't pay my mortgage without seeing the Clippers--what am I going to do?! Uh, there's that alleged talk show you run on Sat. and Sunday night. Never thought I'd root for Joe the Plumber.

Oh, what the hell, why not!

It makes sense since the Ashter routinely changes the doo every ten days. And no teleprompters needed!


  1. Yo Rich... what is acting "black" ? I'm a sho nuff 30 somethin brotha from the 'Town and I damn sure don't listen to crap like Lil Wayne. I'll let you on little secret... Eric Byrnes is almost square in the middle of the demographic that buys the most rap

    BTW... Ain't nothing wrong with a little Charlie Pride in your life.

  2. That headline took time to sink in as sarcasm.

    And it is amazing how Krueger does that KNBR "I have kids to feed" pandering. Radnich does it,Fitz does it. They really will use anybody-their own kids even to ingratiate themselves. Real backbone fellas,real backbone..

  3. rich, thanks for setting us straight on what it is to "act black" and what white people from the burbs should do - real progressive thinking!

  4. Put THEGAME on a little late this morning. Apparently,some mean spirited joking between Whitey and Dibs, got to Dibs.Whitey even offered an on air apology. And Dibs was hot under the collar it sounded with Mark Kriedler later. Its not the first time,the duo of Gleason and Kreidler-long time buds,sort of got under Dibs skin. I think Dibs wants a younger sounding format,while a Kreidler is more Charlie Rose. Whitey Gleason tends to be a pot stirrer between the two..then sides with Mark. I can see why Dibs is upset at being set up. But,Kreldler does make sensical opinions..Its just two different versions of what a morning show should be like running at the same time.
    They better work something out. Its uncomfortable for listeners to hear REAL dislike between hosts.

  5. More like Byrnes desperate to act like a bad Jack Black. Like hearing five bad Fenway runs a week.

  6. Act black? I don't even understand what that music has a color now and you can't enjoy music unless you are a certain race? The bumper music he has played are very popular songs out right now, actually Alexandra Stan, Pitbull/Marc Anthony, Katy Perry, David Guetta (songs he has played the past couple nights) are all a form of pop/dance music...not even rap and none of those aritsts are black again not that it would matter.

  7. Listening to Hank Williams talk you hear a man who hates blacks,talk just like one. He could do a Vision commercial-CAN I GET A HOTDOG??!!

  8. I cringed: On Comcast Live..they were doing what was an adult discussion of why Al Davis passing wasn't on the cover of S.I.?..then Papa asked the guests-Tim Kawakami and Mark Purdy if they had some nice storys-remeberances of Al? Tim Kawakami began with the old "We had disagreements but respected,each other,blah,blah blah". Then he told this bizarre story: One day Al said to me "Do you know who the Inspector General of the United Nations is? You probably don't even know about your own culture" Kawakami then said the name of the Chinese I.G.,and told Al,I'm not Chinese,I'm Japanese"... wow,How touching to point out an old mans inadvertent racial stereotype of somebody who regularly ripped him.
    By then,Papa began to steam in his chair. Papa's got the death stare down pretty good. And,I can tell you Kawakami's body language had every bit of "Did I just tell that on TV?" written all over him-I think he began to sweat at the embarrassment.
    I hope Comcast doesn't ask Rich to tell a similar heart warming story of a certain KNBR old guy when he goes!

  9. I don't care what music Byrnes uses. He stinks regardless of the music. When he comes on, I switch the station, pronto. He's so bad, I even turn to listen to TheGame once in while, with Chris Townsend in Byrnes' same time slot. And, Townsend suxx...

  10. @3:42, see, it matters to Rich since he has walked the mean streets of Spanish Harlem, East Oakland and... oops, Montclair, so he knows "Black" when he hears it.

  11. That Joe Staly commercial will be updated with new script: Joe," Weeelll haylooow der Mr.Intelocketer Sur,I say,can ah have one of dem der Hot Dawgs?!" Wooooooo-hoooo!..."and were de white woman??" Turkey in the Straw plays in the back ground.
    Is that much different that what he does now?