Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wang and Kessler at NBC Bay Area; Morning Glory? (It Wouldn't Hurt) Tuesday Pulse

Janelle Wang has an idea of the bigger picture. She wants to be noticed, have you seen her website?

She's also got a suitor too, at NBC Bay Area, but she's not speaking publicly just yet.

Although Wang won't address it, and goodness knows, no one at NBC will probably say anything, I'm thinking, are we about to see a John Kessler--, (who just landed a gig in the same building) Wang duo morning show?

Kessler's bread-and-butter is the AM and Wang, while short on "newsy" bio is long on the eyes.

Like viewer eyes? I'm just sayin'.

Goodness knows, it wouldn't hurt.

Say this for NBC BA: two splashy hires like this gets a lot of notice. We anticipate the market reaction.

And we also take potential credit for the evolution of Kessler-Wang in the morning if that's the eventual plan.

If not, we're still interested.

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  1. Rich
    Kessler-Wang will win.. This coming from a viewer that NEVER watches NBC SF!


  2. I'd like to see Susan Blake co-anchor with John at NBC...sounds like almost bringing back the good old days at Channel 4.....

  3. COuld be the case, since I've not seen Brent Cannon on ait for the last 7 weeks or so. Or is he off sick or ?????

  4. Susan Blake ..I was a HUGE supporter back in the 90's..she was perfect face,body,personality on bay TV. She filled in last year for a few days on a local channel. I hardly recognized her. She looked to have aged fast-like somebody leading a fast life. Not the 30 something beauty she was. It might have been ch11,They seem to appreciate helping out old local talent.
    Janelle is a beauty,personality...what more do you want? She'e the anti Terilyn Jo of niceness.
    Hmmm,I think Terilyn is doing some jumping around from one business to another using her beauty as always to make a buck. And why she acts like she does.

  5. Wang and Kessler WILL NOT gain ratings. Wang did not do it with Spencer Christian and the ABC show, Kessler did not do it at PIX...that is why he was let go. Again, my prediction. Look at NBC's morning ratings now, they hover just below at 1 HH. 6 months after this duo shows up on NBC 11, the numbers will not change or dramatically jump. Mr. Media, you are assumption this will cause bay area viewers to jump over is baseless. Content is king. These two faces have been tried and they have failed. Unless NBC 11 not only changes faces but changes the content nothing will happen. I doubt they have the guts to revamp and demonlish what they and all other stations do in the morning. All the newscasts look the same. Until that changes the numbers will continue to fall.

  6. OT,But you gotta do a what ever happened to D.BRUCE post? Ask him why he now loves Bochy,F&B...or why do YOU think (money) he did his 180?

  7. HMmm Wang and Kessler at NBC11? That MIGHT get me to watch. I live in the Concord area now if NBC11 can only get a live truck and reporter out here in timely manner when something breaks then they might have a chance. Does NBC11 have anyone living here in central CoCo county that has a live news truck to take home like 7 and 5 do? I don't think so.


  8. 11:52 did you not get the gig? Are you a major stock holder? Shut the hell up! Let the viewers decide. Yeah yeah they already have once before, save it..

  9. I looked at Janelles web page-some hot poses..but just in jeans.
    Last year,she was talking about wedding plans..this year,no ring and no mention in her bio of being married. Some fool lost Janelle? He should have gave her whatever she wanted. I would!..eh,if I could.

  10. Why does NBC Bay Area seem to always pick up discarded SF TV Reporters, and Anchors in the hopes that they might up their viewership...

    When in reality NBC Bay Area would do better going towards unknown TV personalities, to build their veiwership up from the ground up. the problem as I see it is that NBC BA is a TV News Outlet that is geared strictly towards the South Bay. Therefore people that live in the greater Bay Area....SF, Oakland, and Marin really have No interest in what goes on in San Jose. (At least I don't)

    NBC Bay Area should go with what they are, the News Source for the South Bay, and get their OWN IDENTITY, and stop looking towards SF for their TV Personalites.

  11. Credit to YOU if they co-anchor the morning show? Yeah, like the News Director and GM didn't think of that BEFORE they hired these two, visible and talented journos, who excelled at ANCHORING THE MORNING NEWS.

    The balls on you...

  12. 11:52 you are one bitter loser. Very jealous, now the guessing game is who you are?

  13. Am I the only one who thinks the name of KNTV's morning show is idiotic? "Today IN the Bay." They are not in the bay..they are in "the bay area" or "around" the bay.

    Although, after watching.. I think "in the bay" is where that show belongs.. hopefully near the bottom.