Thursday, July 29, 2010

Three underrated anchors; Shumann, Notarangelo and Wayne; more KGO silliness; Thursday dish

They get very little notice, which in part is a compliment because we take them for granted.

No, they aren't flashy nor do they pull any histrionics; they just simply deliver the news, (and sports) and are three capable anchors in the market that deserve to be noted. I'm quite sure there's a few more, but these guys, (and a lady) caught my eye...

Wayne is the weekend news anchor at the Fox affiliate and is steady, solid and maintains a remarkably no-nonsense delivery on a consistent basis, which is Channel 2's credo and a chief reason why they dominate Bay Area local TV news.

More impressive, Wayne does street reporting too like a lot of KTVU's anchors and is just as good a reporter as he is an anchor. With Wayne, it's "keep it straight and simple" and it works well.

It would be easy to point out that this 'PIX weekend news anchor is blond and beautiful--and she is, but better yet, Notarangelo reads the news with calm demeanor, is deft at delivering a serious tone when the situation merits, (many don't have a clue,) and is the best ad-libber in the market. Ok, go ahead and laugh, until you consider her counterparts.

Hard to believe that Shumann has been at KGO since 1993, and while he isn't the most spectacular sports anchor, his consistent, professional, uber-calm performance is a delight to watch.

It's easy to forget that Shumann was once a SF 49er receiver in the early 80's; sometimes, jock-turned-anchor portends trouble, but not the case with Shumann. He's knowledgeable, has a dry sense of humor, and is a pretty darn good writer too.

MEDIA NOTES: KGO Radio News in the morning gets by with Ed Baxter at the helm, but Thursday morning's charade is one of the reasons why the SF radio talkie is losing listeners.

For starters, Baxter and co-anchor, Jennifer Jones-Lee, spent a good three-four minutes muttering about "Jersey Shore." Not only was it banal and humorless, but again, just another disingenuous attempt to cater to the "young demo", (stick to your base, guys, and just give us the news. You want to humor us? How about some honest chit-chat about local stuff? You can be funny without resorting to the TMZ crap--that may work in LA, but not here...

**Speaking of KGO, news reporter/anchor Jeannie Lynch did the sports this morning and we'll, I'll just say, she made 'Kevin the Rat' sound like Don Klein.

**Again, to that sports guy on local radio, if you keep bashing the company, then the company has "options" to consider, and I'm told they're mulling.

**John Evans is superb at KCBS on the overnight.

**Ditto sports tonsil, Joe Salvatore.
**KQED-FM Radio is hiring a slew of reporters, editors, writers, etc. My question? Why then do we get the "we're poor" mantra from the public-radio/TV outlet here?
**Finally: Is there ever more of a non-story than the nauseating "A's 'new stadium' in San Jose? Please. When you have something concrete, (no pun) get back to us.


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  1. Spot on about Notarangelo; she is under-rated. I didn't know that Schumann was a former 49er, he doesn't come across as an ex-jock.

  2. Its a bit deja vu-ish Wayne would be on KTVU-the first thing you notice is he looks,sounds,and has the mannerisms of the 70's-80's popular KTVU anchor who we later learned battled alcoholism that ended his career. Nobody had a bad word to about him so that was a shame.
    Shuman? I dont know Rich. I heard via Radnich that Mike sort of lords over other sports anchors "I played the game" and smirks when they ask local coaches players questions he deems unworthy. Other than that he's a nice guy I guess.
    Ann?..well being told your beautiful everyday of your life has to be a confidence builder.I'm pretty sure that what she looks for is "somebody who loves to travel",that's the standard line of every good looking woman! Not a bad thing..but the required requests-lol.

  3. The former newscaster on ch2 I refered to? Just came to me. He was Suzanner Saunders Shaw first husband. To lose her and his career had to be devastating.I remember a few years ago they did a story on him locally about that time in his life. You would never recognize him now on looks.
    Congratulations to him on his recovery.