Saturday, February 2, 2019

Saturday Brunch; The State of 415 Media; Tooting my Horn Because if I Didn't, Who Would? Reality Time

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I always try to be honest and edgy, not to be shock for shock's sake. If I'm guilty of anything it's that I'm not honest enough. And if that means losing a friend, then so be it. I don't have any real friends anyways because friendship is such an overrated deal. Friends are those that take the initiative and act, not react.

True friends do extraordinary things and favors and are not expecting anything back. They just do it. It's not something spelled out. I don't want nor seek friends in writing this blog. Its main intent, and by extension, my intent is to provide an entertaining read and be as honest and blunt as possible.

Because this business involves massive egos and untold inner circle material, sure there's a few people that are off limits but they are in the minority. In fact, one who I counted as a "friend" turned on me and it was totally out of the blue. It's a good thing the individual really doesn't matter --by the way, no guesses, I'm not in the mood.

*Saturday morning. Coffee is strong and black. The rain has subsided which I knew would happen when the weather folks said we'd have a massive storm and wind galore. If they got paid on the basis of accuracy, they'd go bankrupt.

Back to this blog. I'm kvetching today which is nothing unusual because I kvetch for a living (another story one day soon) ; there's very little money in the checking account and once again I have to figure it out if this project is all worth it. I've thought about pitching advertising because my numbers are there and I'm the only guy in town that does this but that requires time and money and I have little. So I hope upon hope that those of you that come here regularly and even those of you that are new, would make a donation and/or subscribe so I can buy coffee and eat out every now and then. It's a great feeling to be able to eat.

*My blog, 415 Media, was intended to be a fast, breezy read based on the media/TV/Radio/Print biz coming and goings. But that's really in the background now because in the Internet age nobody really gives a shit about most media minutiae. That's why most of it is in the trades which is mostly read only by those in the biz. You can't pay for coffee and toilet paper if you stay squarely on biz items.

You need to have an edge. You need to be creative. I'm all for pissing off the people (mostly anonymous) cretins who regularly lecture me that I've committed major sins for my constant skewing and venom directed at the various worker bees, anchors, news guys, sports guys, weather people, writers, etc. I try not mince words and I have a hard time, sometimes, being tame. Some of you people call it insulting and disgusting, I call it my vision and you don't have to agree nor like it or me for that matter because, as I said, I'm not looking for friends. Frankly, friendship is overrated. It is one of the core reasons why our world is so fucked up now. With friends like we have now, who needs enemies. Friendship got us Trump. How's that been working out?

So belittle me, insult me, call me a Jew bastard, lecture my audacity to request donations to keep this blog afloat because I know I'm striking a nerve when I'm inundated with such muck. In fact, it makes me want to muck more and by god, do I have a knack for mucking. Fine, it beats reading press release Benny Fong Torres.

Oh my God, I wrote that some anchor is getting a divorce! How cruel. How thoughtless. How arrogant. Sue me. Good luck on getting a dime too. Public people are public. They knew the deal going in. It's part of having everyone in the living room being a part of your life. That's why you get pretty good money to read the teleprompter. It could be worse. You could be a roofer in Livermore during the summer. It sure beats working for a living. And you don't have to lift.

Once I had a well-known anchor in this area complain to me that "I didn't make your worst list, etc." He wasn't kidding. He gets it. I laughed at his proclamation but I understand. People read me and I'm proud of that and I'm also happy that there's a great amount of people that love and look forward to my read because it makes them giggle every now and then and so, giggle away.

I never said I was perfect and always maintained this is a blog and not the NY Times. Most of you get it, some, well, you can't please 'em all. If KQED can have over a hundred pledge breaks a month (maybe more) then I'm allowed to ask for money too. Unlike KQED, which is worth north of $500 million bucks, I've got limited funds but better material. KQED has cheap coffee mugs and a fake restaurant show. Local programming? Gimme a break. KQED has more slush funds then the Trump administration.

This is my life now. I dedicate a lot of time and effort to make this site worth reading. Yes, every now and then, I phone it in but that's rare. I need items just like Caen used to say and he had over seven assistants. So if you know something or someone getting busy, send me a tip ( And another thing: PLEASE, if you have the means to make a donation, or subscribe, and you like coming here or even if you don't, if you help me, you'll get the best blog possible (scroll down the right side to you see the "pay pal" "donate" icon and follow directions, it's quick and easy.

LET ME REPEAT: I DO NOT APOLOGIZE FOR ASKING FOR DONATIONS. So go ahead and send in your insults and berate me (which makes me laugh since the biggest complainers are the ones who visit this blog every day) Imagine that!

In the meantime, have a great day. Enjoy February. Enjoy the rain. And thanks for reading 415 Media where pissing off the masses rules the day, friendship or not.


  1. As a roofer in Livermore (not), I get ya Rich!

  2. Old Juan in DelanoFebruary 2, 2019 at 1:49 PM

    Senor Lieberman, somos amigos.

  3. I don't get who or why anyone would complain about you asking for donations. Talk about assholes. Clueless shits, and dumb. Hopefully, that profile fits just a small percentage of your readers!

    1. I agree. This is Rich's blog and asking for donations or subscriptions is nothing to those people you see in front of a store asking for something to cure something. Doesn't help that online advertising has fallen flat.

      In other news --- live at the fountain in Walnut Creek...

  4. lol, the goyim have no idea what "Kvetching is"

    1. 9:06 PM....I'm a Roman Catholic from Detroit, and I know what 'Kvetching' is from the way it's used. Not hard. There were several Jewish and Polish businesses in Detroit back in the 1970's. I recall a Bagel place on Seven Mile Road, where I had my first Poppy Seed Bagel and later a Hamantaschen topped with cherries.
      ....Oh Rich, to answer one of your questions;
      I am THRILLED ABOUT TRUMP. He's a little slow with the wall, but I like that he's going to be pulling us out of Syria and Afghanistan after 18 GD Years!! Hoo-Ray....MAGA!!!

  5. OMG, tonight Elizabeth Cook is wearing a "Puffy Shirt" on KPIX. How Seinfeld can you be.