Sunday, July 9, 2017

Was On Assignment --Back Monday

Image result for dianne carroll   I'LL BE BACK MONDAY...I WAS ON ASSIGNMENT ...vacationing with my good friend, Diahann Carrol.


  1. With your buddy kuip?

  2. She's 81, married 4 times, lots of hands have been on that.

  3. Speaking of the "on assignment crew", I tuned in to Matt Cain in on relief and they were basically doing a wiki version of his career, like they know he'll be moved during the All-Star break.

    Busted Posey taking the day off in front of a week long All-star break is a very weak, weak move.

    Justin Turner's an all-star and he had 2 home runs Sunday.

  4. The Giants played a night game on Saturday. Backup Nick Hundley homered. I don't see a problem giving Posey a day off.