Friday, July 7, 2017

Four Play

Image result for Cheryl Hurd NBC Bay Area  I REALLY LOVE Cheryl Hurd: professional, unstoppable, rigorous and won't take no for an answer. 

Image result for christin ayers kpix  

Maybe it's time KNTV (NBC Bay Area) signed her up full time and paid her.

Do. Not. Mess. With. This. Sistah!

I REALLY LOVE Christin Ayers: a take-no-BS worker who isn't afraid to ask a really tough question and get to the bottom of things.

She's also a sistah that takes no shit. Deal with it too and hey PIX, you better sign her up and you know why.

Carolyn Tyler is the hardest-working woman in the Bay Area.

Anchor/reporter/elegante Ms. Tyler is back from some health issues and ready to go to work at KGO (ABC7) good for her and great for us too.

Image result for Carolyn Tyler  Hey Alecia Reed from KRON? Keep at it and don't stop believing --you are destined for LA or Boston, I'll bet you a martini.

Image result for Alesha KRON


  1. Rich

    Can we call you Hesh, from the Sopranos?

    Bonus Points for someone who gets what I am saying.

    1. Joe, I don't get it.

      Rich I do get it: lovin' you some brown sugar.

    2. OJ Simpson in NevadaJuly 9, 2017 at 9:53 AM

      Joe, you owe me $50. Your check bounced again. I'll collect in about 25 years.

  2. The sistas... I ain't mad atcha. :)

  3. "Brown Sugar, how come you taste so good"....mick jagger/keith richards
    But on TV news, I like vanilla ice cream.