Thursday, June 8, 2017

While The Apocalypse Occurs KGO Radio Hosts Talk About Other Things For The Listeners

Related image   I'VE OBTAINED a SECRET EDICT of the topics covered by various KGO Radio hosts while the Apocalypse occurs...

*Chip Franklin: Chip has a quick, five-minute phoner with Dr. Annabelle Assher who says men can actually menstruate and she'll prove it; next: Chipster talks about how guys can turn lesbians they love into heterosexuals an instant! Meanwhile, people around the globe are leaving; locusts are looping; the stock market has tanked below 10K; oh, wait, Chip's giving away a pair of tickets to KGO listeners for a Ted Nugent concert.

*Brian Copeland: A major terrorist incident has hit the Bay Area... no time for grief ..."Copie" reads from page 9 of the Chronicle about a woman who left her husband because he "constantly made love to a futon inside their house." She got revenge by cutting off his penis and throwing it into Lake Merritt...Lake Merritt...Copie asks listeners : "was this the right thing to do?" For good measure, the Copie gives away 2 tickets to his one-nighter: "Not a Genuine Black Man."

*Ronnnnnnnn Owens: A major 8.7 earthquake has struck the SF Bay Area; complete bedlam. Mayhem galore. Humanity on notice. Pain abounds as epic quake shakes the entire region...meanwhile, Ronnnnn, opens his show to "lighten it up---'its a Friday!--I know there's been a quake, but let's try to remain positive and calm'". For the next 20 minutes Ronn talks about the latest gadgets with Tech Editor, Myloh Muffington, of "The Gadget Report."

*Ethan BEAR-man! The king of mass media is befuddled by all the fuss over a routine 10-alarm fire inside the Transamerica Pyramid: "Seriously, is this really a big deal?" BEAR-man! then wants listeners to chime in with their favorite breakfast cereal! "I love oats and bran," extols Bear-MAN!, but I know a lot of you are stuck on frosted flakes." Ethan's sidekick, "Bratty Betty BaQueen" goes semi-nutty and proceeds to simultaneously bitch-slap Bear-MAN! and giggle for a good 64 seconds breaking the Guinness Book of World Records.


  1. What will Pat Thurston be talking about, Rich?

  2. Rich doesn't pick on Pat and John. He's afraid of them legal types.

  3. Rich

    Is the girl in the photo your daughter? If so, can I go out with her?

  4. Are you talking about today's shows. Ronn was out yesterday and suppose to be out today, because of a bad cough, however he did do his show, but with John Rothmann, the spend the whole show talking about Comey's testimony. Brian had both Jim Hammer and John Burris on the first hour and talked about the testimony. I didn't listen to Ethan, since at that hour I have a choice between Michael Medved and Tom Sullivan, both have shows that are more interesting and intelligent than Ethan's. I didn't hear much of Brian's second hours as I was in and out of my car, he did take some calls on the subject. I heard Chip's introduction, and he did talk about Comey and had Will Durst on, who I think is funny. The only good think about Ethan's show is when he has David Lazarus on, who use to do a week end show and fill in's on KGO.

    1. Man, yer a real glutton for punishment.

    2. Could you be more specific? I listen to talk radio to get informed and entertained. I spend a lot of time in my car, or at home doing housework etc. Talk radio helps keeping me entertained. I don't have to agree with a host to enjoy his program, thus I listen to both right, left and those in the middle. I don't care for host that are predictable in their views or over the top to the left or right, such as Sean Hannity or Rush. Of the hosts I mentioned in my 5:26 blog some are liberal Rothmann and Brian, some in the middle Ronn, and 2 are conservatives such as Tom Sullivan and Michael Medved. As for Chip and Ethan I think I might listen to them for a total of 30 to 45 minutes in a weeks time, that is how much they are able to hold my attention. Which ones did you have in mind that makes me a glutton for punishment?

    3. Everyone, but mostly Ethan and Chip. What I really meant was that KGO seems like they've gone out of their way to put irritating and unlikable people on the air, from the hosts on down (you too Middleton, go away). Even if they were good, they'd still be nails on a chalkboard by virtue of their awful personalities.

  5. The girl in pink at the bottom, wowzas.

  6. 8.7 quake and Ronnn is selling a mattress...

  7. If there was ever someone as mis-named as Bear-man...he's more like Fluff-man; or Feather-man; or Flyweight-man.

  8. Meanwhile in other news, there's a meteor heading to the Sillycon valley and lodges itself into Apple's campus 2 centre, causing the whole thing to implode. Meanwhile on KGO Ronn is interviewing the head person from White Castle wondering when one will open in the Bay Area.

  9. "giggle for a good 64 seconds"
    Birdbrain phone operators at KGO, who can't keep a straight face and carry on a serious conversation.
    They are a compliment to the clown host, known as Ethan Bearman.

  10. I'm sure you had fun writing this blog entry but actual events don't agree with your hypothetical episodes.

  11. Dear KGO RADIO, I am so disappointed!
    After missing the entire James Comey Interview Live on Thursday. I thought for sure KGO would have Pat Thurston or John Rothman as a follow-up to the Comey Full Day Interview with Clips/Comment of the day's Action for those of us who missed it live during the working day.

    TOTALLY BORING Radio at 12 Noon and than to Repeat the SAME TOTALLY BORING Radio Program at 7pm is Adding Insult to Injury!

    Please, KGO...During this TRUMP IMPEACHMENT...
    We would be thrilled to Tune into KGO and be able to hear a REPEAT of it in the Evening. This Impeachment will be going on for Months and Months!

    You, KGO are missing a great opportunity to give your listening audience the chance to hear at least a Repeat of the Impeachment Daily Action at the end of the day!
    KGO, Please Rethink this BORING BEARMAN REPLAY!
    (At least during this Historic Impeachment Trial)
    Thank you for your consideration, KGO. Put Bearman on KSFO.