Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Petty KNBR To Talk Hosts: 'Don't Mention Roye'; 'The Game'/Warriors' PBP Broadcaster Snubbed; Knibber Milks Dubs' NBA Finals Without Rights Status; Tolbert Misses Warriors Action; Might Maneuver Change

Image result for Warriors play by play man Tim Roye PETTY KNBR

KNBR has made it a point to tell its various on-air boobs to refrain FROM mentioning Warriors' PBP radio broadcaster, Tim Roye. The Finals are now over and therefore KNBR cannot further embarrass itself and intensify its glaring omission.

Roye broadcasts for the Warriors and is a paid Dubs employee whose games are on 95.7 FM "The Game" --which of course this year broadcast the Warriors ...KNBR management had THE GALL to make sure Roye was NEVER mentioned nor even referred to on its radio platforms.

Because KNBR (owned by Cumulus) seems hell bent on snubbing an all-star radio PBP announcer using the "we don't have the rights" logic to justify its pettiness.

TRUTH BE TOLD, KNBR wants it both ways. They acted as if they were mainstay/Warriors media partners even though that was the furthest from the truth. They even pubbed loud pre and post "Warriors drive home" --a logistical maneuver that could end up having "The Games" owner (Entercom) asking lawyers if KNBR broached its (The Game) rights status.  We'll know soon enough.

Image result for KGO-TV Warriors Game After*Speaking of Embarrassing ...KGO-TV's garish morning incompetent ass, Reggie Aqui --trying to act like a Warriors' fan all along was made to look all the more foolish when dumb dumb couldn't even pronounce Steph Curry's name (he referred to "Steve" Curry) ...what a complete MORON!

*The complete opposite: Mike Shumann's interviews with Warriors players and coaches were spot-on and intelligent ...here's a 415 Media salute to the "The Shu" for being focused and mindful for his duties. Good job for an elite sports TV broadcaster.

Image result for tom tolbert wife*KNBR PM host Tom Tolbert definitely missed his Warriors PBP duties with Roye; just how much?

Enough to possibly look at how he could become a Warriors/Game affiliate announcer. Tolbert just recently signed an extension at KNBR but might have the leverage to work a deal --stay tuned.

*For the next few days --leading up to the parade and post-mortem ..expect a TON of Warriors' bandwagon puppeteers acting as news professionals --the idiots have already exposed their blatant rah-rah ness ...all in the form of "let's hear it for the home team, Go Dubs!"

Oh just shut up.

*Hey, can you just not wait for GIANTS' REPLAY?


  1. how stupid! everyone knows it's not "STEVE CURRY"---it's

    you idiot!

    1. Nike didn't know his name.

      Now he wears UnderArmour

    2. Mitch at Whole Foods in NapaJune 13, 2017 at 5:44 PM

      Reggie came into my grocery store with that embarrassing horseshit on, singing "Viva Las Vegas" and screaming about how he likes corn flakes. I said to him "Sir, you get the hell out of here!!".

    3. Reggie Aqui sounds like a first class clown.
      With that ill fitting hat and holding those flags, this tells us he is prime-time bandwagoner.

  2. He's in good company. That buffoon Mayor Ed Lee called him Steven Curry


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    1. And doesn't John Burris make enough money to afford a realistic hair hat? Apparently not

  4. Thought Shumann's post game interview with Durant's mom was great stuff. Not a big NBA fan but the media frontrunners who could not name 5 Warriors are making fools of themselves. Chris Cohan to to too!

  5. The only Warriors negative would be the Durant mom. Enjoy the moment, but don't butt in to the interview on national television telling the poor guy to look at you, leaving the interviewer standing there like a doe-doe bird holding a mic.

  6. KNBR is the spoiled child. They may have the ball but The Game has the floor and the nets. Go play in another sandbox. But they have the Giants. Let's go listen to three hours of blown opportunities, piss poor pitching and Jon Miller's pomposity (can you say, "Pelota"?).

    Reggie Boy gets up before the donuts are made to get the news out. Can't blame him for having a brain fart. He's actually too busy following the goaltender the Sharks signed. You know, the guy he went ga-ga over last year.

    You have choices, people. You don't have to listen to the dribble on KNBR, nor do you have to watch Reggie Front Runner.

  7. I know one thing for sure. Tim Roye is a great announcer and genuine, talented broadcaster.. This is not new news.

  8. What Use Are Sports - Overpaid JerksJune 14, 2017 at 7:05 PM

    Who cares? I don't!