Friday, June 23, 2017

Jumpin' At The Woodside on Friday Night; 415 Media Video Finale

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{Oscar Peterson and Count Basie}


  1. Thank you Rich, one of my favorite pieces of jazz, and Oscar Peterson is also one of my favorites. I grew up in Denmark in and was a teen ager in the mid sixties, my friends and I would take the train to Copenhagen (about 30 miles) to go to a very popular jazz club Montmatre. Copenhagen at that time was the Jazz Center of Europe, Dexter Gordon lived there for years. The base player in Jumping at the Woodside, is Niels Henning Orsted Pedersen, who was a fellow Dane (sadly he passed away in 2005 only 58 years old). I knew him a little bit as I had gone to boarding school where has dad was the headmaster. In 2004 Oscar Peterson and Niels Henning played at Yoshi's in Oakland, and I went to see them with a friend. Anyway these little music pieces is much appreciated, and this one is outstanding.

    Hanne (Hanna) in Concord

  2. To round out the Oscar Peterson Trio,in addition to NHOP is the drummer Martin Drew.

    1. Martin Drew I believe is the son of Kenny Drew another Montmatre stable along with NHOP and Dexter Gordon.

      Hanna in Concord

  3. P.S. to comments above, NHOP played at Montmatre New Years Eve 1961 when he was 15. He was offered a spot in Count Basie's band before he turned 17, but was too young to get permission to come to the US and work in a band, and I do believe his parents vetoed the idea, they were very down to earth people, although high achievers.