Tuesday, June 20, 2017

It's Hotter Than Hell: Time for Walnut Creek Fountain Live Shot with Melanie and Fifi

Image result for Walnut Creek water fountain  IT'S HOT OUT...you know that.

But really, honest-to-goodness HOT, a genuine heat wave that has made the Bay Area and Southwest a sweltering wasteland.

Image result for Young white millennial eating ice creamLittle news elsewhere ...which means the heatwave here probably is the open on local newscasts ...

A PERFECT TIME for LIVE REPORTS from the WALNUT CREEK FOUNTAIN--the "it" locale for demo-friendly, white-yuppie, millennial orgasmic heaven.

Reporter to "Melanie and Fifi from Lafayette, shopping at Nordstrom" --"how's the heat?" Uh, never mind.

Back to the desk.

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