Monday, June 26, 2017

415 Media Case Study: KPIX Reporter/Anchor, Christin Ayers; Pay Her, Dano

Image result for christin ayers kpix  ANOTHER FUTURE PIX Goner?

The individual: Christin Ayers

Home: KPIX reporter/anchor

Salary: $150K

Notes and Comments: She's one of KPIX's most prized assets; a tough, street-savvy reporter with tenacity and grit; beauty and grace too.

Objective: she's very happy in her current position --loves the Bay Area and Oakland/Uptown especially, which she covers on the beat.

Extras: just recently got married.

Summation: Pay the lady, Pix! She makes your evening content watchable and she's an invaluable asset to the news operation, a stunning and beautiful local news figure.

Don't blow this one, Dano.


  1. McGruff the Crime Dog in Rohnert ParkJune 26, 2017 at 4:44 PM

    2 words: Sassy Ass!! Take a bite out of crime!! CHOMP!!

  2. I agree. Pay her. It would be a big loss for KPIX, and its viewers, if she leaves.

  3. From day 1, I've never been impressed by her unlike you, Rich. Wouldn't miss Christin if she leaves the area.

  4. Meh. I don't see anything special about her or her work.

  5. How about the best of two worlds - during a week when the CBS HQ crew from NY is in SF evaluating PIX, how Ayers her raise, and sending Rosenheim out the door? Fresh start, and no more ND stink.