Wednesday, May 10, 2017

When The Jim Comey Shit Hit The Fan, KGO Radio Was Talking Nicki Minaj

Image result for james comey WHEN THE JIM COMEY STORY hit full cycle on Tuesday afternoon, the KGO host, {Brian Copeland} urged listeners to "hold on--we're trying to get an 'expert on the line; be patient; we're doing our best'" ...then proceeded to spend most of the 3 PM hour talking about a Penn State student who was a victim of fraternity hazing. Needless to say, KGO, as usual, sounded silly and out of touch, which is the norm for the AM Albatross on 810 AM.

Related imageOnly get this? Things got progressively worse as the Comey firing was the main news event on network, cable, and ALL LOCAL TV/Radio news domains. KCBS went front and center with an in-studio appearance by political reporter, Doug Sovern, providing analysis combined with interviews and reaction moderated by anchors Jeff Bell and Patty Reising. It was an exemplary "LIVE and LOCAL" event especially when the dial down the host was lecturing the listeners to "just wait for us, please, while we look for an 'expert." Eventually Copeland's producer found an "expert" --golly gee, what a bargain!

IT WOULD HAVE BEEN adequate if KGO {or whoever runs KGO, they have NO News Director} had picked up the phone and called in, oh, I don't know, John Rothmann and/or Pat Thurston) to at least provide a true expert; someone who, I'm sure, could have provided a safe, reliable, thorough analysis and summation of the BIG news event; that the president had fired the head of the FBI; that Mr. Trump was possibly facing a new constitutional crisis not seen since the days of the 'Saturday Night Massacre' which was a prelude to Nixon's eventual resignation over the Watergate burglary.

SPEAKING OF the Comey developments hit full stride and as the cable shows went all in, on KGO --host, Ethan Bearman, was broadcasting, (Tape Delayed, of course) an hour on pop culture doo-doo, I believe I was hearing silly little gossipy vignettes featuring TMZ-like celebrity mish-mash. I THOUGHT: Even by KGO standards THIS IS SO UNINTENTIONALLY FUNNY! WHO IS LISTENING TO THIS CRAP?!!

KGO has NO News people, no news director. God Forbid we have an earthquake on the weekend --don't go to KGO because you'll hear some woman talking about computers or a guy out of Fresno spouting vitamins or real estate --that's your "LIVE and LOCAL" 810 AM KGO.

News events? You have hosts like MYPillow Chip Franklin {who doesn't know anything about politics or Jim Comey) making a fool of himself but I hear that a BIG selling point for a PD that doesn't know how to run a radio station. Par for the course.

NOBODY, again, was minding the store at KGO because NOBODY cares about such things there, it's, like, uh, SORT of a JOKE. A MONUMENTAL JOKE.

Image result for Nicki MinajI hear Ronn Owens and other station staff are furious that Ethan Bearman has become KGO's face and ear...maybe it's not the BEAR-man Ronnn and company should be bitching about. Maybe they should throw a big rock on the doors of Lee Hammer and Mike Anthony.

Now that should be fun. NOBODY, again, was minding the store at KGO because NOBODY cares about such things there, it's, like, uh, SORT of a JOKE. A MONUMENTAL JOKE.

Unless you're NICKI MiNAJ, that 'NewsTalk 810 AM' favorite ...right, mister BEAR man?


  1. Niki Minaj; Charo's bell-bottomed, nasally voiced, proudly slutty rapper-granddaughter.*
    **Charo is a a Spanish Flamenco guitarist, famous in the 60's as the Original Hoochie-Coochie Girl. A frequent guest on the Johnny Carson Tonight Show.

    1. Why knock on nicki minaj for being a topic, she was not responsible for kgo last i heard

  2. You would need an expert on presidential politics and someone who has actually read the Constitution. The only one on KGO who could do that is John Rothmann. KQED had the best coverage, with a live special report from DC. If you want substance, that's where you go.

  3. Pat Thurston a true expert ? On what?? Rothman would have been better then good as he almost always is. I dont go to whats left of kgo for news or anything else for that matter its just white noise.....oops does that mean I'm a racist now??

  4. Seems like Copeland goes out of his way to avoid topical events in the news for more than 15 minutes (with 12 minutes of commercials crammed in) but has on a continual parade of his show biz buddies and way too many segments on real estate or the local housing market. Very boring show from a news junky's point of view.

  5. KGO is like Sears, nobody goes there anymore.

  6. It's so disgusting. Lately I have been turning off the radio a little before 5 and watching tv, or having it on in the background . I can't stay and watch tv at that hour, so really miss having intelligent radio on. That means there is no way I can listen to Chip, and his harem, with their drinking games and call in games and all around idiocy. I knew that Pat and John had been cut, but forgot about it. I waited until 7:05 and turned on the radio knowing that Pat would have John with her and they would be discussing the firing. First there were about 15 minutes of commercials, being treated by non stop shilling by Chip and Ethan (lots of products that I will NEVER BUY because of them). The commercials ended and instead of Pat or John it was Ethan!!!! Not even live...but a replay of body building or some inane subject with his sidekick , Crissy, with the voice and delivery that was only made for print....for that matter, so does Ethan... Gene Burns and Pete Wilson must be spinning in their graves. The only thing missing from KGO yesterday was the egotistical Chef, busy name dropping...has taken so many clues from his mentor ...the mattress man.

  7. Rich, I called into Bearman's Program the other day...
    Asking, Why they weren't talking Current Events?
    "Well, said the Producer, many people don't want to discuss Current Events"

    And who is Bearman's Side-Kick? She's very Radio-Unprofessional!! With that Constant Giggling...Just like a little silly Kindergarten Girl!

    KGO Values Bearman so much they are Replaying His Programs? Crazy?
    Is Beraman's Dad paying KGO to Promote him? That Must Be the case!

    Did you catch Pat Thurston last Saturday Night? Wow, she was Fantastic!
    Is there a way to read the Number's Listening to a specific program?
    Because that Pat Thurston Program was Absolutely Brilliant!

    I keep wondering:
    Why is there NO LIBERAL TALK RADIO? Similar to RightWing Radio?
    Obviously, Liberals don't have the Big BUCKS Wealthy Citizen United Promoting such a project. The RightWing Only Promotes Conservative Views.

    Thank you Rich...Love Your Blog!

  8. How does a Ratings System Register Listener Disinterest in a Radio Program? I remember hearing something about:
    When a Listener tunes in and hangs up within a time-period (5-minutes) it's registered. Anyone know the listener system measurement?
    We should show that response to the Very, Very Boring Bearman Program!
    Perhaps KGO will get the Message!

  9. Copeland is out of league talking about Comey. He is no Rothmann or Gene Burns. He will get around to it once he finds the "blame whitey" spin.

    Check out his FB post about ObamaCare repeal.

    Wonder how the Copie apologists will defend this idiotic race-baiting post?

    It has generally been my experience that whenever I see a bunch of white men smiling and slapping each other on the back in Washington, it means something REALLY bad has been done to most of America." -- Brian Copeland Facebook May 5 at 12:24pm ·

  10. Ronnnnn got on the air and did not address the biggest story of the year, the Comey firing???

    Are you fucking kidding me? WTF?? Glad I do not listen to that wimp.

  11. So Copeland the intellectual heavyweight comes on and discusses fraternity hazing instead of the Comey story. LMAO.

    Who says Copeland is not funny?

  12. It's a disgrace, KGO, Anthony, "Bare"man, the whole line up, a total blight. Is there ANYONE out there in the real world who likes, tunes in to, or is a fan of BAREman of Los Angeles???