Friday, April 14, 2017

If Gary Radnich Blocked You on Twitter This Is What You're Missing

Image result for gary radnich twitter  RADNICH getting flu shot. Very deep.


  1. Ezra Radnich in OaklandApril 14, 2017 at 1:27 PM

    He blocked me because I told him to get his fat ass a job about 30 years ago.

    1. Twitter was around, thirty years ago??????

  2. Those dark glasses are waaaay too big for his face.
    Strike one.
    Strike two. He insulted the nurse on his way out the clinic.

  3. I said he liked to pick on woman last April in a tweet. He blocked me. Then in May,he did the Kathy Heenan thing thus proving my point.
    Hey,if he thinks paying a load of money for Ray Bans covers up he's almost 70 with a big gap in his teeth,then his ego is beyond reach.
    Who gets a flu shot in mid April? Cant he do anything normal?

  4. He's getting a tattoo! Oh wait... nevermind. *Sarcasm*

  5. Dark shades inside a clinic? I guess we aren't allowed to see his eyes get saucer big at the approach of a needle.

  6. He keeps trying to block me also...
    We have ways of going around those little road blocks he throws up.

  7. I don't ever remember hearing anyone that likes Fatnich, I could not stand him when he took over for Nettles in the 80's.