Monday, March 6, 2017

The Melanie Woodrow Conundrum at KGO-TV

Let us get this straight: I like Melanie Woodrow. A lot. I've seen her work and commended her aggressive, take-no-prisoner style. She's real good. But I don't work with her. And there's those at KGO-TV (ABC7) who tell me she's not so kosher.
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A KGO spy:

"It's not just that she's a pain in the ass.
She is unethical with sources. She tries to take over other reporters' stories and needlessly puts her crew in dangerous situations. Plus, she's extremely ruthless

I'd say in today's tough media environment you almost have to be ruthless, especially if you're a woman. Part of the game.

But I understand the negatives regarding Woodrow. She's tough, as she should be. But when the camera isn't on, she could lighten up.

Mel, laugh a little every now and then. Breathe too. You have the respect of your peers but there's more to life than all the business drudgery --sip a cold one and smoke a cigar every now and then.

Relax a little too.


  1. She has that deer in the headlights look and her exaggerated movements are very distracting.

    Why do field reporters (especially females) act like bobble head dolls when waiting to talk? Is that a "signal" that they are ready?

    1. It does look a little silly, but I think it IS a signal ... that they're getting audio.

    2. It means..
      "I'm real smart...and I'm paying attention."
      "I'm a bobble headed idiot....and I'm trying to pay attention."

  2. IF you don't have an instinct for the jugular, you are no journalist.

  3. Why do you have to be "ruthless"? They're not covering Vietnam or Iraq. It's car wrecks, protest marches, the opening of a new recreational pot center, a boy band concert at the Oakland Coliseum. She ain't Walter Cronkite.

    1. 6:44 You've not been paying attention..For example, the curious local politics and documents in the Mirkarimi matter, the Shrimp Boy trial and what implications that had re the California Senate, the Ghost Ship investigations..etc. etc. Did you think these were uncomplicated stories? You conflate instinct for the jugular(the truth) with ruthlessness. See the definition of "ruthless", in this situation it means persistence.

    2. @9:51, ruthless has nothing to do with persistence. It's defined as "having or showing no pity or compassion for others." Which would mean co-workers, in Rich's sense, I take it. I think what you're doing is called "false induction."

  4. That's not what journalism is about. TV maybe, but not journalism.

  5. For half a second, I almost felt bad for her when KTVU booted her from the investigative team.