Saturday, March 11, 2017

Saturday My Two Cents; The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth


*I said Jon Miller was overrated. In the PC Bay Area that's tantamount to committing treason.

Miller is good at the basics but now thinks he's the star of the show and has been telling boring stories for years now.

And his "Adios Pelota" call after an Hispanic ballplayer hits a home run has become tiresome and insulting.

I'm not saying it to cause a stir --I'm saying it because I'm right.

*It's not just that Ben Fong Torres writes press releases these days, it's that he writes them continually --God forbid Ben write anything investigating the travesty of the Cumulus mob --no way, sir.

*Of course the Chronicle is in the pocket of just about everything and everyone --ever seen anything even remotely controversial about, say, Larry Baer?

*Better yet, Larry Baer and Jack Davis the political consultant. You want to know how the Giants got their ballpark approved? And how the Warriors managed to get their arena done with the Giants going along? Uh, you just got a major nugget and you won't see it in the Chronicle.

*Ken Korach is the best PBP man in the Bay Area, one of the best in the majors. Jon Miller would tell you that.

*Ted Robinson and Greg Papa are a 1 and 1A in terms of football pbp performance.

*By the way, Papa has been dealing with a family issue hence his absence on CSNBA Warriors' coverage.

*Another Larry Baer intern: Lee Hammer.

*Remember, Michael Savage was ultra critical of Donald Trump just after the election --and Trump and his people knew it--if you schmuckos who rip me for my pro-Savage pieces only knew so. By the way, I didn't vote for Trump either and it bothers me too that Savage is a Trump advocate but he isn't a kiss ass like some others in the media...and that yutz on the KSFO Morning Show.

*Dear Ethan Bearman: Nothing personal but boy oh boy...

*KGO Radio: The home of radio hosts who talk about where you lost your virginity while the country went to hell.

*KSFO: the morning co-hostess didn't know who Congressman John Lewis was.."woooow."

*If only the Chronicle would chronicle the relationship of Willie Brown, Dianne Feinstein, Dick Blum (Feinstein's hubby) and the Central Subway construction ...But Audrey Cooper is too busy studying Hunter Pence's on-base percentage.

*Cooper would have most likely told Herb Caen to write something more "snappy" for the millennial crowd and Caen most likely would have thrown his "vitamin v" at her in response.

*By the way, these new Chronicle columnists are about as interesting as a smelly armpit.

*If only KCSM had the deep pockets of boring KQED.

*Michael Krasny's "Forum": the audio equivalent of watching paint dry.

*Dear Stan the commenter: you're once again approaching probation territory.

*The "KNBR Morning Show" fans: people who watch "Wheel of Fortune" instead of "Jeopardy."

*Michael Finney: Second highest-paid on-air talent at KGO (ABC7) --Slightly north of $400K a year.

*Larry Beil: check the ego time.

*Ama Daetz: The next contract: oh shit!

*Aaron Pero: Herb Dudnick would have kicked your ass.

*Dan Rosenheim: Wayne Walker would have kicked your ass.

*Tracey Watkowski-Silva: And Marcia Brandwynne would have kicked your ass too. (With Terrilyn Joe participating)


  1. Speaking of Korach...

    Ken really displayed his chops during the recent CSNBA SportsTalk Live tribute to Bill King. He, host Mindi Bach, and Andy Dolich all did a beautiful job on that program.

  2. John Lewis is a hypocrite and no, millions of people don't know who he is.

    1. Yes, people should know who he is, at least someone who is in the news business and has been for years. John Lewis made a few missteps recently, like not attending Trump's inauguration and saying it was the first time, when he did not attend when Bush became president. However, it is hardly a capital crime, and he was a hero during the early civil rights battle, for that he should be remembered.

  3. "If only the Chronicle would chronicle the relationship of Willie Brown, Dianne Feinstein, Dick Blum (Feinstein's hubby) and the Central Subway construction"

    Ahh our trustworthy Democrat leaders. Keep voting them into complete power, dumbasses.

  4. I can't stand Michael Finney and his whiney voice. Not so bad on TV but horrible on the radio.Definitely overpaid at $400k. I'm sure his staff does all the work on 7 On Your Side and gets paid squat for it while he gets all the credit and money.

    1. Having worked for him, that would be correct. Plus they have a whole room of phone volunteers--mostly seniors--who of course get paid nothing.

    2. Finney is paid @ 399K too much. He did his usual crappy job at the St. Patrick's Day parade yesterday.
      He introduced the Grand Marshal, Diarmuid Philpott,
      as Phil Dermott. Do your homework!!!

    3. Do they get any coffee or pastry for their time there?

    4. Agree with 9:04 am.
      Michael Finney is not listenable on the radio. Period.
      That man's voice just grates on you.
      Michael Finney, the bay area consumer reporter.
      Consumer reporter? Yeah right, where only small, pushover, businesses are worried.
      If you are a tech company, forget it. Nothing to fear.

  5. Vitriolic RL is the best RL.

  6. Jon Miller is a pompous ass. Period. He's not that good. He's all about himself.

    Ken Korach is as good as it gets in the Bay Area. He's about the team. Nice to listen to.

    Benny Fong is a shrill. Anyone with an ounce of brains can figure that out. The Chronicle is throwing away money on that pile of manure.

    Speaking of manure, those "columnists" from the Chronicle are a joke. If they want to know what good looks like, read some of Herb Caen's memorable columns. Millennials can actually learn something here if they spent a few minutes reading his stuff. The world doesn't totally revolve around Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Shocking, isn't it?

    And finally, Jon Miller would tell you that Ken Korach is good. But only after bending your ear for 20 minutes about why he's the bomb. Adios Pelota! Thanks Gordo. Go have a burrito with extra cheese and sour cream.

  7. Rich.
    I like the work that you do but I think that you should either clarify or retract your comment about the relationship between Willie Brown, Dianne Feinstein, Dick Blum and the Central Subway. Are you implying that they did something illegal or unethical? If they did and you have some evidence you should make it public and refer it to the appropriate local or federal authorities. If they don't respond turn it over to the ABC 7 ITeam, NBC 11 We investigate, LA Times or some other journalist that you respect and see if they can look at what you have and report it.
    You should not smear their reputations by implying that they have some kind of improper relationship with the Central Subway Project
    You should also provide something more specific about Larry Baer and the "nugget" you refer to. Are you accusing him of doing something illegal or improper?
    Do you think Aubrey Cooper is refusing to publish something that her reporters have dug up.
    I think you would criticize other news outlets if they made accusations that they couldn't back up. I think you should hold yourself to the same high standards you set for the rest of the media.

    1. Willie Brown "unethical", ha-ha, anyone who has lived in the Bay Area for any length of time knows that Willie is likely a crook. Aside from the Central Subway, let's look into Willie's relationship with Lennar Urban, former Concord Mayor Tim Grayson, and the Concord Naval Weapons Station project. You know, the project that caused Concord City Attorney Mark Coon to jump off a parking garage in downtown Walnut Creek and commit suicide. But nothing to see there I'm sure, right??

    2. The lecture at 1:46pm, came directly from Audrey Cooper.
      After she put down her Giants program and those donuts.

    3. If Willie was the mayor when the 49ers were deciding between San Francisco and Santa Clara, the 49ers would be in the City proper, today. Thanks, Gavin, for dropping the ball.

  8. You're the one you made that inference--I merely threw out an item. And you're free to make your own judgment like others...maybe the so-called "legitimate" media can investigate --I hope so.

    I'm not the NY Times or SF Chronicle; this is a blog. I'll let others do the heavy lifting, for now at least.

  9. I have never understood why you let Stan pollute your blog with his insane rantings. When you banned him before he bad mouthed you almost daily.

  10. 2:19 PM I agree with your statement. Stan's presence is like having a Pet Rat boxed in a too small cage, with the cage sitting on the side edge of the receptionists desk. What happens when the box falls and the Rat gets loose?

    1. Pet rats write more clearly and have better punctuation.

  11. Last week in the Chronicle, they devoted probably 10 inches to how the SF School district and their summer camps didn't sync up schedules so there is a week between camp and school starting and parents will have to find some other sort of supervision for kids during that week. As a reader, I was flabbergasted they'd devote this much time to such a minor topic, and as a parent living in Fremont, there's always been a gap after school ends and before it starts in the Fall. A better story, in my opinion, is finding out why summer camps stop at age 13 just at the age where kids are able to get into more serious mischief. They're too young to get a summer job, if those even exist anymore, and get so bored they can get very creative with finding ways to get into trouble. Cheap stuff for occupying high school age students' time would've been a much better story.

  12. Regarding John Miller's

    And his "Adios Pelota" call after an Hispanic ballplayer hits a home run has become tiresome and insulting.

    Besides being insulting, it is down right patronizing.
    But who's surprised?
    Larry Baer gets away with this BS all the time.
    Just listen the Giants radio commercials. (you know the one with the Latin mother speaking in Spanish)
    And the reaction from the Hispanic community is silence.

  13. I like Jon Miller, but his daughter's tweets and, mostly, retweets about politics are really annoying.