Monday, March 27, 2017

Raiders/Vegas Deal Isn't 'Done' Yet; Folsom/Raddy Orgy Excess Dreck; Unease at NBC Bay Area; Monday Muse

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Image result for Raiders Las VegasThe big hubbub on Bay Area news platforms today will be the likely positive NFL vote allowing the Raiders to move to Vegas. It will be highlighted by the obligatory live shots from Eastbay bars where teary-eyed (probably) fans will lament the "loss of 'our Raiders." Not so fast.

Too bad the majority of reports here (and likewise, Vegas) will not do the heavy lifting --that is, lengthy fact-finding and real reporting --which will show that all the NFL/Raiders hullabaloo over "Las Vegas Raiders" will be just that: lots of fluff. The story is far from over. There's tons of open-ended questions. The Raiders don't even have a firm stadium site. There's some financing issues too. With a project this size (billions) there's a lot of plugs to fill; construction; labor costs; monies allotted; oh, and this: with about 1.9 Billion dollars of financing to consider, it's inevitable Mark Davis (managing partner/owner) will be on the hook for massive debt to pay off--enough debt to possibly derail Davis and the franchise.

Image result for Darya Folsom Gary Radnich KRONBelieve me, with a project this size and enormous entities the "done deal" is done when they break ground.

*That gushy back and forth this morning with Countess Darya Folsom and bloated Gary Radnich was about as terrible -good as they come. The segment has always been a farce; a guy laying in bed on his cell phone schmoozing with the double doughnuts woman, is about as compelling as an Emeryville 7-11; she gushed and shrilled extra mojo Monday and he sounded about as interested as a happy hour crowd at a Salt Lake City Marriott.

Image result for NBC Bay Area San Jose*I don't know how you feel but if you care the newsroom in San Jose at NBC Bay Area is littered with a lot of "major discontent" --from an ear that usually gets it right. Furthermore, according to the fly on the wall: "A lot of people hope there's no buyer's remorse after they hired Stephanie Adrouny as the ND"

Adrouny is well-liked and respected. She was a major force at KGO where her work and commitment earned her a lot of props. Nevertheless she mainly got the SJ gig because of her friendship with ex-KGO ND, Kevin Keeshan. Nothing bad about that but it's an issue now and will hover over her if the troops are pissed off and it seems they are for a variety of reasons which we will point out sometime soon.

*That commercial orgy on radio with the schmuck asking you to "flip your house" is evil. Torture. I have something I'd like to flip to that asshole.

Image result for carnac the magnificent*Carnac invades 415 Media: "I give you the answers: Vicki Liviakis, a broken water pipe, and Ozzie Osbourne... 'Name a Greek, a leak, and a freak!'"

Image result for ama daetz hotLots of noise.

Carnac: "May a KRON intern invade your grandfather's catheter."

Image result for christiane amanpour*Yeah, I know...Ama Daetz isn't Christianne Amanpour. Which is my point.

*And Ama isn't Christianne --which is my point, sorta.


  1. The Raiders moving is all the Democrats fault. Own this, Democrats.

    1. Why not go all the way and blame the Raider's move on Barack Obama. God knows that he's been blamed for EVERYTHING ELSE in the past eight years. LOL

  2. Interesting how a photo of Darya is directly across from the words "enormous entities"...

    1. I was thinking the other day. I remember 5 or so years ago when it was must see to see how hot Darya looked or was dressed that day. To each their own, I know. Lately when I turn is on, nothing turns my head when it comes to her in regards to outfit. What has changed? Is it because she's older now? Is she less attractive? Can't figure it out quite yet.

  3. > Adrouny is well-liked and respected.

    Not by me. She did her KGO job mostly by yelling and trying to "act like a man." She was in way over her head and her age and she hid it by acting like a brass-balled bitch. Was glad when she left.

  4. Don't forget for a minute Sheldon Adelson, will blow up the deal. He set up and negotiated the $750,000,000 from the State Of Nevada. Mark Davis quickly tried to cut him out of the deal.

  5. I'm one of the seventeen Bay Area people who doesn't give a care what that team does. I'm more concerned that "The Rent Is Too Damn High!!"

  6. As a former comedy writer, who once interviewed for a job on the old Tonight Show With Johnny Carson, back in the Eighties, I wanted to say that I think your Carnac comments in today's blog are spot-on, Rich! Well done!