Friday, March 17, 2017

Eric Thomas Mystery at KGO Still a Mystery

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  STILL DON'T KNOW THE OFFICIAL explanation over Eric Thomas's MIA from the KGO 900 Front studios but based on what I hear, medical leave has a lot to do with the bosses (ND, Tracey Watkowski and GM, Bill Burton) and him clashing over his lack of social media activity.

Thomas has been away from KGO nearly a month.

Thomas is a two-decade veteran newsman at ABC7 and as indicated here, is well-liked and respected in the news department. His lengthy absence has a lot of people, close friends included, both stymied and worried at the same time.

We will update and get back if we know of any more developments. 


  1. There are plenty of doctors out there that would have no problem giving a diagnosis of PTSD based of race related and homophobic remarks being related to adverse Social media exposure.

    When are reporters going to wise up that it's a rigged game. Screw up on SM...get fired.

  2. 3:36...Time to educate the uneducated!

    PTSD...It is caused by exposure to a trauma which is beyond the realm of usual human experience. Often the traumatic situation is sudden, unexpected, and violent, with the threat of injury or death.

    People with this disorder become stressed easily when environmental conditions are reminiscent of the original trauma. At these times, the person may well be irritable, and have disturbed sleep. Other symptoms reported are, intense rage, poor concentration, and flashback images of the incident.

    People with PTSD are emotionally dead people, and don't really give a shit about anything! Like it or not emotions are the guiding light in your life. When your emotions are dead, you have no life!!

    I am a Vietnam Veteran with PTSD. I have lived a lifetime of's not easy!!

    I don't think Eric Thomas has PTSD.

  3. PTSD comes in many forms. It only has to be a traumatic instance according to DSM. The experience and circumstances are different in every case.

  4. Just hope he's okay and he returns to work. He's outstanding at what he does.

  5. I like Eric Thomas, and hope that he returns to the air soon.

    Beyond that, maybe, it's none of our business.

  6. Eric Thomas and Kristen Sze should stay, those two morning reporters who stole away their job should leave the newsroom and do outside reporting just to become a real adult reporter facing challenges and different stories each day. Connection do helps at times, but very bad way to treat veteran reporters with high quality experience.

  7. A fine guy. Sad that they're screwing him.

  8. I, too, hope he's OK & that he comes back soon -- he does a good job.

    And what about Chris Nguyen at KGO? Same vague "story" about his long absence? I miss him (with all due respect to Cornell Barnard, who's filling in well).

  9. The Saturday evening early newscast (just before the NBA game) had Katie Marzullo anchoring, and I didn't hear any mention of substituting for Eric Thomas. Don't think I heard it at the top, definitely no mention at the end.

  10. I was pleased to see Katie Marzullo as an anchor again. She is very talented and deserves a second chance if Eric Thomas leaves the station. Katie is superor to Matt Keller, Chris Nguyen, Kate Larse, or Katie Uthes.

    1. don't forget cornell barnard

  11. Eric Thomas is great. I do not watch KGO in the AM any more. Those two are just awful. No better than when they first got there. Matt Keller is great as an anchor. Get rid of Natasha and whatever his name is and put him in. Most definitely my choice :-)

  12. I agree with the commenter above about Chris Nguyen. We've been missing from ABC 7 Saturday morning since last fall. There's a post on his Instagram about being hit by a drunk driver while at work...but what's the story there!?

  13. just heard Matt Keller say on the Sun 11pm broadcast that he was "in for Eric Thomas" - 1st time I heard that since Eric's absence - looking forward to having him back in the weekend anchor chair. And so very sorry to hear that Dwight Clark has ALS - Mike Schuman's commentary was incredibly touching.