Thursday, March 30, 2017

Breaking: 415 Media Exclusive: Cate Caugurian Leaving KPIX; Headed To Chicago; Staffers Pissed at Bastida and Cook Over 'Sophomoric Behavior'

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Cate Caugurian off to Chicago; leaving KPIX
   JUST AS I was beginning to really appreciate the work of passionate KPIX reporter/occasional anchor, Cate Caugurian....comes word to me, via a reliable CBS source near Battery gulch that Cuagurian is leaving PIX and is headed to Chicago to work at an undisclosed station.

Caugurian leaves at a time when there's quite a bit of upheaval at the station; Bruno Cohen, the GM announced his retirement earlier this week. Plus, Caugurian herself was a central figure in some recent, in-house jealousy rage.

Meanwhile, 415 Media has learned that a vast majority of the staff is "royally pissed" off at the sophomoric behavior of prominent on-air talent Ken Bastida and Elizabeth Cook.

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Ken Bastida and  Elizabeth Cook
"They giggle and chirp constantly; it's like 'high-school homeroom crap in the newsroom --they're laughing and giggling while everyone else is working, " said a well-placed source.


  1. Let Cook laugh all she wants. She's my favorite female anchor in the Bay Area.

  2. Stress release!!

  3. Good news, don't want to see her! If Maria Medina leaves another station, sniff.

  4. Rich, you don't like Hackney because he chews with his mouth closed and knows what skeuomorph means, but he's lightyears ahead of Ken Bastida, who has the IQ of a waffle iron. Never worked with Cook(ie), but she doesn't strike me as more than a pretty face; in another life she'd be the hostess at Bridges Restaurant in Danville.

  5. Those losers taking shots at Bastida...C'MON, man. Ken is a great guy who happens to have a good sense of humor and likes to joke around.

    I work here...and know who these people are. They have the personality and humor Rich likes to say...a Fremont 7-11/Denny's/KFC.

    1. Don't forget the classic flub line from Rich, "Like a Union City Arby's." There is no Arby's in Union City. Lol. What's next,"Like a Santa Clara Togo's without meat and bread."

  6. More than one viewer called the station because they saw Cate and a "camera man" getting it in on in a news truck. And that's not even the juicy part: that photog happened to be in a relationship with a KNTV reporter for years, but this thing between him and Cate was going on long before they broke up. Good riddance, girl! You give the rest of us a bad name.