Wednesday, March 22, 2017

415 Media Breaking: Eric Thomas Back to Work at KGO-TV

Image result for eric thomas kgo We're happy to report that KGO senior weekend anchor and reporter, Eric Thomas, is BACK at 900 Front. Healthy and happy too, at least for now.

Thomas has been away from the Circle7 news biz for almost a month --he took a medical leave --I had my own theory.

A source close to Thomas told me just now that the official reason was that Thomas has been battling blood pressure issues and the fluctuation wasn't good.

I'll bet that the high blood pressure issue was dictated by Thomas' battle with KGO's upper mgt desire he be more "social media active."

Image result for kgo-tv 7 imagesLike other stations these days, KGO has become ultra gung-ho on its web site promos; its Twitter and Facebook presence --to a point where that facet is more important than the worker themselves!

Oh dear lord.

In any event, we are happy that Eric Thomas is back in the saddle and working his gig for Channel 7. He'll be back anchoring on Saturday night.


  1. I'm glad his back, I don't follow news organizations on any social media platforms. These people BUG.

  2. Glad he's back. One of the few worth watching on any station. A real pro.

  3. Welcome back Eric! Good News amongst nothing but bad News is "goodder" News. Glad your ok. See you Saturday, don't be late.

  4. Glad to see Eric Thomas is still part of KGO 7.

    Speaking of promo, I am sick and tired watching KGO 7 promoting their morning news and anchors to the annoying point. LOL when one reporter tell viewers they wake up at 2AM showing how serious they take their jobs bringing news to viewers. Excuse me, but, aren't all morning reporters do and must wake up at 2ish in the morning to report the morning news. These two reporters should revise what they tell viewers the untruth. Common sense, I work at 4AM, I wake up at 2AM just to get to work like all other TV stations and its morning anchors.

    1. But Natasha has to read and stuff. She also has to let her inner beauty warm up before her presentation blooms at sunrise.
      I bet she has a little princess bed full of little stuffed critters.....

    2. 8:26...Another Natasha jealously card has just been played!

    3. In all fairness to them, they don't write their own commercials. Someone does "market research" (aka, looks at what the other channels are doing) and comes back with this crap.

  5. 853: bravo. So true. I guess it's to show these people are "special."