Saturday, February 18, 2017

Saturday Combo: Bastida and Goodrich KPIX Winner Says 415 Media; My Two Cents

Image result for Ken Bastida Juliette Goodrich KPIX HERE'S A COMBO WORTH CONSIDERING; Ken Bastida and Juliette Goodrich. Concise. Stand-Out. Special. Worth promoting. Hey, KPIX, no charge for the advice, now listen up.

You have an identity issue. Too many out-of-place faces and voices. Anchor limbo.

You're not registering any mojo with viewers at 5, 6, and particularly 11 PM.

The February Sweeps are in the mix now and I've heard you're not faring very well and the end-of-month report isn't going to be rosy. Hell, KRON beats you many nights. That's not good on any front. You need a fresh duo.

Image result for my two centsDespite all his naysayers at the stations, I still think Ken Bastida is a decent newsreader --and I think pairing him with wasted-on-the-weekend, Juliette Goodrich, would be a ratings winner. How do I know? Because in an ebb-and-flow world Goodrich and Bastida have a lot of fluidity and work well together --she {Goodrich} really wants to stay in the barn even though you've mismanaged her. Here's a good offer for keeps and she'll probably stay because she likes the Bay Area and most people like her.

Bastida has longtime Bay Area roots and is a team player. For God's sake, give him a decent star to work with. This is not a putdown of Liz Cook, who I like, just more an endorsement for Goodrich who has presence and star power --she should be on at 6 and 11 with Ken. It's a pretty obvious choice. Moreover, it would resonate with viewers.

My two cents.


  1. Pair Ken Bastida, a respected and seasoned anchor with on-air gravitas with an attractive, young, up-and-comer, like KGO-TV 7's Natasha Zouves, and you have a winning combination that will take KPIX-5 to the top of the ratings.

  2. KPIX-TV 5

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    Notable current personalities

    Ken Bastida – anchor
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    Veronica De La Cruz – anchor
    Paul Deanno – meteorologist
    Don Ford – reporter
    Dennis O'Donnell – sports director
    Emily Turner – reporter
    Jackie Ward – reporter
    Julie Watts – consumer reporter

    Notable past on-air staff

    Jim Avila – weekend anchor/San Jose Bureau chief (1976–1980); now at ABC News
    Renel Brooks-Moon – entertainment reporter (2003–06)
    Christine Craft – anchor/reporter (1975–1977, now a radio host at KGO in San Francisco)
    Jami Floyd – legal analyst and reporter (1994–1997), now host of TED Talks in NYC [22]
    Bob Fouts – Sports anchor (1965–1968), 49er play-by-play (1962–1968)
    Dan Fouts – sports anchor (1994–1997, now at NFL Network)
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    Tracy Humphrey – morning and noon meteorologist (2007–2012) (now at WXIA-TV)
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    Michael Marsh – now anchor at WBRZ-TV in Baton Rouge)[23]
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    Lee Mendelson – producer; better known for work on Peanuts TV specials
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    Jan Yanehiro – Evening Magazine co-host (1976–1989)

  3. Team up PIX's good-looking versatile veterans. I like it!

  4. That seems like very good, well thought out advice. Inside Baseball, but about topics the general viewer can latch onto. You even considered Liz Cooks' ego in saying it's not a put down of her, but simply an acknowledgment of Goodrich's appeal and already strong public support. Somebody should be paying you a Consultation Fee in Bitcoin.

  5. Here's something to consider, watch another station. Forget KPIX and KRON

  6. Rich,

    I've got a crazy idea. Some how make a list of previous and current bay area newscasters and radio personalities and have your bloggers pick their dream team for each local station and see what happens. Just a thought for a stormy rainy day... Keep up the good work.

  7. I like Elizabeth cook. Dump the stupid nightbeat with hottie VDLC. Go back to straight anchoring with bastida and cook. Let Goodrich do the 6