Friday, February 3, 2017

Entercom -CBS Radio Transaction; KCBS Probably Cranky

I never thought KCBS would be a little cranky ...but I'm sure they are now.

Image result for CBS EntercomAll because of this.

They'll be no noticeable changes for awhile. This has been rumored for months, not so much the Entercom end but more, Les Moonves not thinking much of the radio division of CBS.

Rumors are already flying.

We'll talk more soon.


  1. The combined CBS-Entecom merger would leave them with 9 FM & 2 AM stations. 4 of these stations would have to be divested to satisfy DOJ.

    I suspect Live 105 to be divested & flipped to a foreign language format, KBLX to be divested and possibly flipped (competitor to KMEL??), 1550 AM (which is LMA now in an Indian language format), and perhaps KFOX in San Jose (to ???)

  2. This is it? One of the busiest news weekends so far this year? Please Rich, I'm watching so much news about what is all going on. Really want your "take" and insights. We all need you "in the game."

  3. The 4 stations Entercom will have to divest will all be FM's since the limit is 5. I would guess KRBQ, KBLX, KUFX and KITS. A new owner would come into the market.

    1. Well what a wonderful chance for all the BA advocacy, and other fringe groups to own some radio stations.

      Gather up your cans and bottles...

      "K-Queer...The New Q". GLBT radio

      "The Wall 105-FM" Immigration radio
      "The Buzz...Cannibas radio"

      KBUM-FM "Homeless and crack ROCK"(artist radio)

      No excuses now not to have minority ownership now that 4 stations may be up for sale..

  4. Why would KCBS be cranky? They'll be fine as they're the ratings winner of the cluster and a buyer is certainly better than an IPO spinoff for those with stocks. Plus they're enjoying a spike in listenership with the current news cycle. Dig deeper Rich.

    1. You're asking him to dig deeper? His shovel is a spork.

  5. @8:27 AM

    Yeah, KGO Radio 810 was at the top ratings too, now look at them...

  6. Possibly the FM stations with not just the lowest ratings but the weakest signal reach will be the ones to be sold off.

  7. Entercom-CBS radio merger, at least 7 conflict markets, where stations will have to be divested to third party companies to get regulatory appoval. 4 of those markets in California... San Diego, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and San Francisco.

    Entercom-CBS merger: 1 of 6 FMers in Los Angeles, 3 of 8 FMers in Sacramento, 1 of 6 FMers in San Diego, and 4 of 9 FMers in San Francisco will have to be divested, that I'm aware of.

    Cumulus owns: 1 FM & 1 AM in Los Angeles, 3 FMs in Stockton, 5 FMs & 1 AM in Modesto, 2 FMs & 4 AMs in San Francisco, and 1 FM in San Jose. No San Diego cluster.

    IHeartMedia (formerly Clear Channel Communications): 5 FMs & 3 AMs in Los Angeles, 4 FMs & 2 AMs in Stockton/Modesto, 5 FMS & 2 AMs in Sacramento, 5 FMs & 2 AMs in San Diego, 5 FMs & 2 AMs in San Francisco.

    Beasley Broadcast Group has no radio stations in California. E.W. Scripps Company, Cox Media Group, Hubbard Broadcasting, Sinclair Broadcast Group, and Radio One don't have any California radio stations either. Assuming Cumulus and iHeart are unable to acquire additional stations, I could see those outside groups in play.