Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Today on the Chip Franklin Show

Image result for Chip Franklin KGO Chip Franklin has quite a program ...he'll interview a man from Brisbane who thinks women love men who resemble Gumby!

Later in the hour, Chip talks live with Dr. Haggee Shlumfort --about the evils of banana and peanut butter puree.

After fifteen minutes, Chip will have --In Studio!!--Lassiter Brunswick --the first ever blind bowler who just scored his fifth 300 !!

Image result for GumbyChip rounds out the hour with a five-minute conversation with Brenda McTuchas--and sex therapist, Dr. Baldy McDickenstein --about the hazards of cutting cactus in the nude.

All on the Chip Franklin Show!


  1. What, no talk about boogers and snot rockets? Seems like two can't miss subjects for the Chipper.

  2. Quit giving Chip ideas for topics.

  3. He should license a company to place his face on a punching bag. I'd buy it. I bet many others would too.

  4. I do not know what is worse: Chip alone or Chip with his giggling, loud, obnoxious posse interrupting and talking over each other.
    Much worse than fingernails on a blackboard. I will never listen again.

  5. Cumulus' LA sister, KABC 790, is still running its Dr. Drew Pinsky midday show (live!) which doesn't seem so bad compared to this.