Monday, January 16, 2017

Scott McGrew is Good Business on NBC Bay Area

Image result for Scott Mcgrew NBC Bay Area Scott McGrew is good business on KNTV (NBC Bay Area); Because I always watch "Meet the Press" on Sunday, McGrew's local tech show follows at 9 AM and it's chock full of interesting guests and panelists from around the world.

And although I'm not a big business guy (duh!) --I don't always find shows on tech that exciting but McGrew's talk on all things Silicon Valley is watch-worthy not to mention his business reports; both on NBC and his radio takes on KNBR.

Hard to believe he's been at the reporter/anchor helm here for over fifteen years. Keep up the good work, Scotty.

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  1. I liked the way he and Kris Sanchez on KNTV did the noon news. Like two people who lived a little. They MIGHT have even sent each Christmas cards... in a rhetorical way,I say.
    Scott also had a very smooth way of deflecting Radnich who would try to get some dirt on Raj or Obama's administration.
    Although,I'm starting to like Scott Budman's ways of stopping Radnich in his tracks...

    1. Of course it comes back to Radnich. You're going to be a lonely man when Raddy retires.

  2. I hear his morning business reports on KNBR and occasionally catch his Sunday morning tech report - I agree he has interesting guests and asks good questions. One of the more underrated Bay Area news people. He has a very Tim Russert quality to him.

  3. Scott McGrew and Scott Budman had the coolest TV show called TechNow. Unfortunately, it left the air a few years ago. Gotta check out the new show.

  4. Scott McGrew and Kris Sanchez were a very good anchor team at 11:00 am weekdays.