Thursday, January 26, 2017

Juliette Goodrich is Sorta Being Pursued by New York TV Media; Sorta

Image result for Juliette Goodrich KPIX NY beckoning? Or is it merely word on the street? In any event, KPIX anchor, Juliette Goodrich is sort of being woo-woo-wooed by at least two New Yawk outlets, one network and possibly a cabler not named Fox News...

Of course this could all be posturing by people close to Goodrich because she's pretty entrenched in the Bay Area but never say never...

Memo to PIX: take care of her before she takes care of you, just a little advice.


  1. And good advice at that!

  2. always liked her style of delivering the news. Clearly her stock is high. go get em Goodrich !

  3. She has way too many ties here to move to NYC. Don't see it happening.

    1. How the hell do you know? Are you her personal assistant?

  4. Jools is the gem of KPIX. Take it from me -- I work there. We love her!

  5. Is she one who lives in 2mil Diablo house??

  6. 1:41
    I work here at 'PIX...and know her quite well. 6:13 is correct: She has too many family/personal ties to the Bay Area and would not move to NYC or leave the Bay Area.

    But I'm pretty sure she'd be open to working for any competitors--especially if it's for a higher-profile anchor gig.

    PS--10:39 nailed it: We all love her here!

  7. With KPIX management, she should find new paths at a new station, big city. I rather see her than Betty Yu, her replacement when she is off. Immediately turn to a different news station when Betty is on.

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  9. Betty Yu laughs like an idiot. Another humiliation for PIX.