Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Should KCBS Have Covered Carrie Fisher Death after CBS Radio Top?

Image result for carrie fisher As big as news of the death of Carrie Fisher is--and it is...is it worthy of the lead story on local KCBS this Tuesday at the top of the 2: 03 PM PT news hour?

Reporter Jeffrey Schaub went out full MOS interview and asked Bay Area people for their reaction to Fisher's death.

Mind you, this after the CBS Radio News opener that reported the Fisher news as it should have.

I'm not necessarily saying KCBS should not have covered the story but I question it at the top of its own domain?

Seems unworthy.


  1. The people who decide the news cycle are 20-somethings who live off social media. Either that or the news editors are like everyone else and make their news decisions based on what they see in the Twitter, Instagram and Facebook feeds. Pretty sad state of affairs if you ask me.

  2. No, its not worth being a lead story for any more additional days.
    Most of us already figured out that Carrie was done for when the report said she had not been breathing for at least 10 minutes. Almost no one ever recovers from that length of time w/o sufficient oxygen. If she had lived, it would only be by machines, or a permanent coma-like state, such as that -poor girl Jahi McMath. We have seen enough about Ms Fisher. She was an actress who's biggest hit was from 40 years ago. She not a deity. Not even a Demi-goddess.

    I'm more interested in what kind of Christmas the Derick Ion Alemana Family had, where are they staying, who's paying for it.
    What does he do all day, other than consume 'medically necessary' Mary Jane? Will he be 'Ghost' writing a book, perhaps?

  3. KCBS has been promoting "fluff" news for over a year now so I'm not surprised at all they'd have their lead story by Carrie Fisher's passing.

  4. Of course it's the lead for a few hours. George Micheal was the lead over the weekend on CBS national radio (Real News)....so why not Fisher?

    Was our beloved media too busy cutting cost or trying to already impeach our future leader???

    Fisher was the lead...no brainer in the Star Track world.

  5. Agreed, though in this day and age such stories are the most popular and most compelling to the most people, everybody can sympathize, and "share their thoughts and memories" even if it is about someone who never knew they existed. No doubt the Los Angeles television stations are sending reporters to Hollywood's Walk of Fame prompting visitors to offer their emotional responses.

  6. Can't figure out how this is a problem or what KCBS should have reported instead at 2:03.

  7. The line between pop culture and serious business long ago disappeared in this daffy country. Millions upon millions of idiots think the death of Fisher is of staggering importance because she portrayed a fictional character in an amazingly overrated movie. And, of course, the pathetic media follows suit.

    By the way, I noted with some disbelief that Catherine Heenan and Gary Radnich are co-hosting KRON's New Year's Eve coverage this year. What do you make of this given their recent history?

  8. I've now moved over to the "Why is this top news days later?" crowd. Look,she got jobs as part of Hollywoods usual insider nepotism. She's like Jamie Lee Curtis..where's the looks and talent? Nothing special.

    I have to wonder the REAL reason George Luca choose Fisher when Hollywood was and is filled with truly beautiful young woman who can also act. There's something not said here..

  9. Locally,I would compare it to when Tony Gwynn died. I still to this day don't get why that went on and on and even the Giants did endless memorials days at ATT and via Baers connections at Comcast sports.
    Gwynn was born,raised and played in soucal his whole life.
    Sure,a a nodding. Sure. a quick moment of silence...but Baer ordered this national mourning in the bay area. Overblown happens when big people like you. Not what you know ..but who you know right to the grave.

  10. While I have a great deal of respect for Jack Swanson, with whom I worked at KGO, I did shudder when I first heard him invoke - and embrace the concept of - "Infotainment."

    However, he recognized it as the news wave of the future, and he was proven right.

    I still shudder. But, it's a ratings game, and he knows how to give the listeners what they want.

    Too bad that he wasn't able to communicate that to Cumulus.

  11. Absolutely 100% yes

  12. KPIX did a breathless report from the Yoda fountain in SF saying that people had been arriving all day to play their last respects. they then zoomed in on two bunches of flowers, a sympathy card signed by 4 people and two teenage boy onlookers who breathlessly tried to string 10 words into a sentence.

    I bet Carrie Fisher would have enjoyed the irony of the attempt at a 'local angle' of her death because it was pretty funny.

  13. If not this, then what would've been the lead?
    It's been pretty dead local news-wise this past week.
    Ya gotta lead with something that'll make people stay. I'm curious what readers/posters would've led with (again, keeping in mind that it's gotta be something that won't make people switch channels.)

    I couldn't think of anything worthy local story...

  14. It's a slow news week - unless there is something else more compelling to report, all of the media outlets need to fill their time.

  15. Yes 5:52 AM. I've been wondering the same thing about the KRON New Year's Eve show. Why is Rich missing this "major" breaking news story. So much has been written about the Radnich/Heenan debacle I thought for sure it would warrant a mention here. As awkward as that live show is, I imagine it could be a little more interesting this time (and uh...awkward). I really didn't think it was going to happen this year. I imagine it'll be the last.

  16. Well Perhaps Carrie made news HERE in the Bay Area because, : She is Eddie Fishers Daughter...He lived in the East Bay, Berkley I think. Star Wars Bay area reference to Lucas Films. She opened her One Woman Show, I think called "Wishful Drinking" in Berkley.
    She was here a lot. Before her Dad passed. Just saying.

  17. Just saw where TMZ reported Debbie Reynolds taken to a hospital in LA for a possible heart attack. Is she "unsinkable.?" Would be sad indeed.

  18. Demos and social media metrics. What news people don't quite grasp is that most "trending" algos are predicated on spikes in interest, not necessarily volume of interest. You have someone who hasn't been in the news for a while, something bad happens to cause a spike, and boom. A tsunami of news as more stories are written, more news is spread, more interest...