Saturday, December 17, 2016

Rank and File Furor at KQED

Image result for KQED Building San Francisco RANK and FILE FUROR at KQED

*As year ends (record revenue) more high and mid-level managers hired; many making over $200K a year!

*Meanwhile, layoffs loom in both radio and TV division --while the fat cats get fatter, the working stiffs in technical and back offices face cuts in pay and benefits.

*Marketing people fuming.

*Record pledges don't seem to help. Don't seem to ease slash patrol. As the rank calls them.

*Major disconnect between management and labor.

*Developing story...

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  1. KQED is TV for fatcats. Either you have regular TV and 5-54 age range and shows mostly for 20 somethings,OR you have KQED pandering to the well off and don't bother me crowd as I spend my extra money on trinkets or watch British shows that are in the Angela Lansbury 1987 Murder She wrote style. Only with a chipper accent. In 2016.
    PBS locally is a vast TV wasteland. You can quote me.

    1. KQED is for people with brains. If Stan can't tell the difference between Masterpiece Theater and Murder She Wrote, KQED is not for him.

    2. Brains! ha. Yeah the science programs are for 10year old's level.
      When was the last time PBS did a program on animals and listed all the animals by their Latin names? Never..they go by "Banana nose Monkey" or "Fat red Butt Monkey of Siam"
      Just pathetic that PBS thinks the genteel crowd are that shallow.

    3. > If Stan can't tell the difference between Masterpiece
      > Theater and Murder She Wrote

      Um, have *you* ever *watched* Masterpiece Theater? Doubt it, as you'd know it has for the last ten years or so been called "Masterpiece/Mystery." And it's not much different these days from "Murder She Wrote." It's trash, just trash with a posh accent.

    4. KQED is for people who are deluded into thinking they're so much smarter than everyone else.

  2. If we lessen our donations to KQED there would be fewer fat cats at the station. A list of salaried positions should be made public. We who donate should not pay for waste at the top.

    1. They deserve to make the same amount as the fat cat corporate robber barons. A sustainable wage of $200.000 is acceptable and a reasonable $15 per hour for those in the technical and cleaning departments.

      There a many of color or gender status that are willing to learn at the $15 an hour wage...these people will learn community fund raising also.

      KQED is diverse and fun for all. Pledge now for a nifty license plate frame for electric cars.

    2. TV for fatcats...brought to you by registered Democrats.

  3. KQED will be gone in 2017....They are the Prime Priced Target in the SF Bay Area for the TV Broadcast Spectrum Auction.
    Local Govt will make a FORTUNE by selling KQED's Spectrum Band to the Telecon's....Forget about KRON or KOFY...This is the Big Prize....They will shut off the lights!

  4. KQED.
    A business with the most enlightened management in America.
    Where minority production personnel are continually denied advancement opportunities.
    Hmmm.... all the hallmarks of a liberal Democrat.

  5. If you only knew who are connected to them and who quietly politically support the KQED board. ...

  6. Spoken like a liberal Democrat, my skin color is the reason I can't advance, not your work habits and reliability.

  7. I gave up on KQED when they took over San Jose's KTEH with promises to produce more local programming. We're still waiting.