Thursday, December 15, 2016

Just a Hundred of You

Image result for 25 dollar donation IF WE CAN GET just a hundred of you --out of the thousands that come here every day--to make a contribution --then we'll be able to make it through the month --it's the Holidays, I know, anyway, any contribution helps.

Especially 415 Media.

A number of you have already stepped up to the plate and contributed but not enough.

I need your help now.

HERE'S WHAT YOU DO: Make a donation by clicking on the Pay Pal Icon on the right. Your donation helps keep the Bay Area's only, #1-read, independent media blog afloat --All donations are 100% confidential and you do not have to have a Pay Pal account to contribute. Thanks in advance.


  1. Count me in, Rich! Only 99 to go!

  2. Done. 98 to go.