Friday, December 23, 2016

Happy Holidays to All from 415 Media

*Thanks to all of you that have supported this site through your kind words and donations. Happy Holidays.


  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to Rich for the greatest info each day.

  2. Thanks for everything you do big fella! Merry Christmas and Happy New Years Rich!!

  3. One of my favorite Christmas songs, by one of my favorite singers. Have any of you, or do you remember a movie from 1964 called "The Victors"? It starred George Peppard and George Hamilton, Eli Wallach, Melina Mercuri. There is a scene where an American deserter is to be shot, (by the way it is set in WWII in Europe) and above mentioned actors, except for Melin are American soldiers in Europe. As the song plays the movie shows the soldier being transported in trucks, they look hopeful, it is Christmas time, I believe. However, when they get to their destination their sergent Eli Wallach, informs them they have been chosen by the luck of the draw to watch a deserter shot (Private Slovik). It is a very powerful scene and I cannot listen to this song without thinking of it. For awhile the scene was available on U Tube, then it was not, but I think it is again, at least it was last week. Just go to U Tube and type in "The Victors and Have yourself a merry little Christmas, and it should come up.