Sunday, December 11, 2016

A Message To The Readers

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Bay Area media is in a perilous state. What's going to happen next? More consolidation? Of course. The FCC is a rubber stamp for conglomerates.

To me, this is a mission. Who else is going to do this? Ben Fong-Torres? Don't make me laugh. He loves everyone and like my old friend Larry King, can't say a negative word (in public) about anyone.

I care about good radio and TV. I take no prisoners. Who else is going to do this? But I can't do this alone.

That's why I need you now.

Like you, I hate listening to the public media semi-annual pledge breaks. I hate it even more when I have to emulate their model and ask you for donations to keep 415 Media going.

I know I've come to you in the past saying things are urgent but this time, I'm running on fumes. I'm to the point where I have to decide whether to keep 415 Media alive or cease writing. It's a difficult decision. 

If you can find it in your heart, Paypal me a contribution. I know some of you have already donated, and I most appreciate it.  I understand if you think it's someone else's turn.
The decision is yours.

If you come here wanting and relying on 415 Media to be your watchdog; to offer unedited, unfiltered, and independent thinking not to mention scoops and inside information galore, then please contribute.

Just click on the Pay Pal icon located on the right; all contributions are completely confidential and you don't have to have a Pay Pal account to donate.

Thank you in advance.

Rich Lieberman
415 Media


  1. Count me in, Rich! It's that seamy underside of Bay Area media that needs your lazer-like focus. The truly evil won't last, once exposed through that network of your insiders, all driven to make a difference. Cockroaches hate the light. I'm with you to fight the good fight!

  2. I was in Atlanta for a client visit last week and have to say that market is just as homogenized at this one but without all the goofy stuff. That's culture. California is a blue state. Georgia is RED, even northern Georgia.

  3. Hi Rich,

    We're short on funds at the moment however when we get back on our feet we'll see what we can do. Hopefully some of your readers have a small business or work for a large company that can do some paid advertising on your blog. I hope you can stay with this blog for a long time too come.

  4. Bay Area radio has been in a sorry state since KFRC left the airwaves. CBS needs to get a clue and bring it back instead of listening to consultants who will tell you anything you want to hear for the right price.

  5. Rich, thank you for all that you do for us in regards to the Local Media. It gives us a chance to speak to the Media, because a lot of our Local Media "does" read your Blog, so thank you again!

    Btw, have you ever thought of maybe taking Rich Lieberman 415 to a Facebook Blog, it would be free at least! And you would not have to worry about Funding.

  6. I will probably send you $25.00 in the next few weeks (have to see what my paycheck looks like, working a lot of overtime for the Holidays) I do like your site and check it every day.
    However, do get a little annoyed when you don't post my comments, since I always try to be fair, am not rude, do not post nasty or mean spirited comments. Seem like my comments don't get posted whenever I try to be too nice to certain people Rich don't like, I don't think it is fair, and I don't see the reason for it.

  7. I've been visiting your site for years - it's a must-read for me and obviously many many others. Each time you've posted a pledge drive I cringe, not because it bothers me - far from it! I've given before and I'm going to give again in the next few days.

    I cringe rather as it's either a situation where:
    a. People like it, but, ah, no big deal, They'll just go to.. No wait, that can't be it. Because this it it! Where else are you going to get stories and photos of the broadcasters we grew up watching? Who else is going to keep Gary honest? Who else is going to keep the one form of media that can withstand the power/wealth/influence of the Silicon Valley machine we all live in and report out the news about the news! No one! The suits would rejoice, program directors would rejoice, and we'd be stuck with no one keeping this forum of local news somewhat honest.

    Shit, what do you ask people for? $15 bucks? $25 bucks? If you can afford your Internet bill, you can afford to help keep this site going.

    I imagine people will read this and wonder "who is this guy to come in here and tell us to give money!" Well, I'm probably a lot like you. I find this content amusing, important, and also one of community. I am by no means swimming in large sums of cash, but I don't think Rich is asking much.

    I'll put my money where my mouth is, what's Rich asking for - I just scrolled up and saw he didn't even ask for an amount anymore. Give ten bucks, I'll match everyone's ten bucks with ten of my own up to $100 bucks. I imagine a lot of people will look at this and say "$100, wow, big spender" and laugh. And you should laugh, because it's not that much. So give $10 bucks, I'll match it. I'll match it up to $150 bucks. Let's keep this site going.

    Ask yourselves this. Would you like to wake up one morning, see Rich, being a classy guy that he is, just have a note posted saying "I'm sorry, I can't afford to do this anymore. It was a good ride..." and shutter this site? Only to then turn it to 680 and undoubtably hear Good Ol'e Gar, blow his horn of victory, which you know he will do. He will try to be subtle, but we all know he will get on the air and say something like "hey, Lar, Lar. Look. I don't mean to interrupt you. I mean, we have to get to Kaep and his passing performance last week, fascinating stuff... (at which point he will be ensuring his sarcasm is noticed by a board operator) and then he will turn to "reflect Gary" and say something along the lines of "I just want to say something. It pays off to be nice. You know what I'm saying? I've been in this business a lot of years. And you know what? There are people who try to make a buck at someone else's expense. You know what I'm saying?" To which Larry will say "uh, no" but Gary will keep going and say "ah, forget it, just for your kids out there. Treat people with kindness, you'll do better. You'll be farther. You won't have your Internet Page come down." Yes, he'll call it and Internet page and move on.

    I do not want to hear that - Rich, let me know if all these readers who contribute to these comments and throw you ten bucks. I'm matching each one to $150. Here is to the holidays and Rich and the others who keep me entertained. Throw a few bucks over the fence and I'll match you. Happy Holidays all.

  8. Donated....I also read daily. Hope you are able to keep it going. Merry Christmas!