Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A Cuckoo Threatens KGO-TV Staff; Cool Jersey Girl, Leigh Martinez, Impresses at KTVU; Alyana Gomez Too; Bay TV News Salaries Not So High These Days; Anna Chavez Update; Five Years Since Cumulus Killed KGO; KQED 'Forum' Host Michael Krasny Is Boring; Roqui Theus Is Gorgeous So She Stays On KPIX In Spite Of Screw-Ups; KNBR's Tolbert Hates John Lund; Tuesday 415 Media Minutiae

Image result for News Media in San Francisco QUITE A COMMOTION at 900 Front Monday Night; some jerk called the KGO-TV newsroom and threatened to do major harm to the staff --the cops investigated and deemed the lunatic not a real threat and moved forward. KGO did arrange extra security just in case the moron acted out his illusion.

Image result for leigh martinez instagram
Leigh Martinez
* COOL JERSY GIRL--Leigh Martinez at KTVU: network savvy and on the rise. Her reporting from the Alameda County Sheriff's office was spot on not to mention her breakdown (on-air) was riveting TV --it was a reporter showing real emotion and even though it may have been awkward, it was also very touching. Martinez lost her brother in Iraq and the weight of the Oakland fire tragedy brought back memories. Martinez hasn't been foxified yet at KTVU; let's hope we see

more of her reporting.

Image result for Alyana Gomez KTVU
Alyana Gomez
*Another too cool, sleek, and savvy reporter/anchor at 2: Alyana Gomez: at first glance a little cocky and uber-confidant. In reality, collected and thought-provoking. I know I'm being overly-kind but I like and respect real talent. Gomez seems to be the real deal. 

Image result for ross palombo
Ross Palombo
*On the other hand, I still don't get KTVU's fascination with the obnoxious and overbearing Ross Palombo. I could care less about his fashion tastes --the too-tight jacket and shirts. It's the arrogance and superficial act--Palombo's specialty. Why is this guy on virtually all of KTVU's lead-ins? Did he give the News Director tickets to Hamilton?

*Some of you were surprised about the relatively low salaries of some of KRON's anchors. Folks, the days of Dennis Richmond and Van Amburg money are over.

When KRON was still with NBC, Gary Radnich was making about north of a million bucks. His best friend was Amy McCombs, who happened to be the VP and GM. She just loved Raddy. Of course that was when KRON was legit before morphing into oblivion.

*I still get e-mails asking about the status of former KGO anchor, Anna Chavez, who disappeared from the scene suddenly and out of nowhere.

The public reason was that Chavez "retired."

Image result for anna chavez kgo
Anna Chavez

Here's an update.

*KGO: radio warehouse. It's been five years since the Cloud Company that knows how to destroy Bay Area legacy stations killed one of the most successful outlets in the nation. And then did it again.

Cumulus not only doesn't know how to run a radio station it doesn't even know how to run business, period.

Cumulus is the home of middle-aged white guys; programmers; managers; weak dicks that have about as much ingenuity and sincerity as a Suisun City 7-11.

*We're supposed to believe and have a membership in the amen corner of KQED tonsil, Michael Krasny.

Krasny is erudite and educated and interviews lots of authors and people that have really big names.

Michael Krasny
Michael Krasny

Only one thing: Krasny is boring. His interviews are the equivalent of watching paint dry. You won't read that in Ben Fong Torres column --Ben is working on his 12,000th Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame article.

You want the truth? I got you truth.

*Krasny used to make fun of Ronn Owens (before his health situation) lampooning Ronn's penchant for superficiality and banality --I bring this up because Krasny was recently a guest on Ronn's KGO show plugging his book.

Birds of a feather...

*Yeah, so, big deal-- KRON won a few ratings nights --the 49ers won a football game too --please...

Image result for Grant Lodes
Grant Lodes
Image result for Roqui Theus
Roqui Theus
*I used to really like Grant Lodes but the shtick with Raddy is as irritating as all get go. Grant, is that in the playbook or are you just improvising? I'd say can it because if you keep that up, you're headed to Dayton.

*Roqui Theus continues to nauseate the KPIX Morning Show--but still is beautiful and gorgeous enough to retain her traffic gig.

She still screws up street names and highways and doesn't have her ad-libbing down --much to the dismay of her co-workers --but hell, I love looking at her--who wouldn't?

Bottom line: as long as Ms. Theus looks great, she's a keeper.

*BREAKING NEWS: That 1-800 "Junk" ad on radio threatening Kars4Kids irritation meter. I'm glad they now play it only every two minutes.

*KNBR sports host, Tom Tolbert (Tolbert and Lund) won't admit it because he has to pay the bills but I know for sure he can't stand el schmucko, John Lund.

Lund was hired because he has a specialty talking about his Johnson and being really, really, uh, witty--he's young and white too, BINGO!, Cumulus hire.

*Human bullhorn: KGO's insufferable, Chip Franklin. Chip invented oatmeal radio and will sell anything --today alone, Chipster's selling pillows, mattresses, corn removers, women's and men's toe fungus lotion, cornbread, and ear wax pills.


Image result for Tom Tolbert John Lund KNBR
Tom Tolbert and John Lund


  1. I was listening to part of the show last week. Once again,I was sure Lund had the day off. Its near like that everyday. Tom says almost nothing directly to the guy.
    Lund is like a lotto winter. Win,get a job with Tom and $250,000 a year free. He adds nothing.
    Meanwhile,over at 95.7 A new guy- they never say his name! is co hosting with Papa. The guy already has sized up Papa "As a jerk and degenerate". I tell you it was semi serious...
    One last. The new guy? Has pipes. It sounds like his microphone is on loud..and Papa sounds like he's at the far end of the table.
    Why no sound people at the Game haven't corrected that is beyond my comprehension. And I'm a good comprehender.

    1. Yo Stan, where were you last night?

    2. All I said was "I want to give Dan a new hairdo and dye his hair blond".
      KGO takes Dan's hair very,very,serious...

    3. I'm 12:56... LOL good comeback!

  2. All Bay Area media has become superficial. Competency is a bonus, not a requirement.

  3. Amen on Martinez! I almost felt guilty thinking about how pretty she is during her Ghost Ship reporting.

  4. It's odd how many Portland castoffs find their way to the Bay Area. It's weird. Oregon gets the tech people, the Bay gets our second-tier sports talk hosts.

  5. Rich - Lund has a competent speaking voice and sports knowledge base. He is better on KNBR than he was on 95.7 The Game IMO.

    1. I liked Lund a lot with Papa when they weren't doing the horny teenager routine. When they kept that out, their show was quite entertaining and information, and the two had a certain chemistry. Lund and Tolbert have NONE. Tolbert was MUCH better with Ratto. I think Lund moving hurt both The Game and KNBR.

    2. Agree with @11:34. I don't know if I trust a guy his age who colors his hair that way, especially since he's on the radio. About a month ago, I heard it was Eric Byrnes who brought the two together and Tolbert pretty much confirmed it. i don't like Byrnes on the radio, but Tolbert seems to like him. Byrnes said he just thought it would be good to have two guys he liked on the same show.

    3. The only thing worse than Byrnes is Ratto.

      Tom's problem is he doesn't like to be told what to do, which is understandable because he spent so long not having to actually do a show. Instead he just said whatever he wanted while Ratto would say "pedantic" a few times.

      Lund is probably no happier having to work with a guy who can't hit the ball off the tee.

      The station is terrible. Lee Hammer does literally nothing. Walk into his office and you will find him doing nothing on his computer and not listening to the show. He'll send you an email about some stupid nonsense that doesnt' even matter whatsoever to anyone except some corporate buyer whose ass Lee kisser.

      The whole building is a crap show but it's fun that we at KNBR pay all of their bills.

  6. actually Leigh's brother wasn't killed in Iraq - he committed suicide after a long battle with PTSD.

    1. Thanks Angie, I screwed up. Corrected now.

    2. Sad anyway you look at it.

  7. One of the worst flaws you can have as a "DJ" is to take on your partners inflections, style etc. Lund now sounds like a Tolbert clone. His wisecracks and radio mannerisms are completely Tolbert. This is worse than Joe Angel sounding like a poor man's Jon Miller.


    1. I have also noticed that over the last few weeks. Pretty weak, his 'mirroring' is a submissive sign.

  8. Speaking of crappy commercials, I can't believe you haven't yet commented about the one with the lady talking about her number 2 and whether it's a number 3. Bitch, I don't want to hear about your shit on the radio.

    And KOIT now doing 24/78 Christmas music. Two observations:
    1) Please stop playing Beatles Christmas music so often. I love the Beatles, but their Christmas songs suck.
    2) Someone ought to track the suicide rates after The Christmas Shoes song is played. Most. Depressing. Song. Ever.

    1. What the HELL is a #3?

    2. Don't forget about Squatty Potty. What is this trend & why is it happening?

    3. #3? AKA a 'trump'.

  9. One of the main reasons Chavez left TV was because she was being pursued by stalkers – several, in fact, including one individual who was considered “very dangerous” according to sources who worked with Chavez. The stalking episode lasted several months and years, according to the sources who spoke on condition of anonymity…

    "One victim told me, “It’s well known in the [TV news] industry that many women and some men have had very scary stalkers.” The source said it’s not uncommon for police to become involved, including providing private protection by off-duty officers"

    Radnich seems to have one that frequents this website...

    1. Overall Chavez seems to be doing okay, although her husband passed away 3 or 4 years ago.

      In my limited interactions with her, she's been a very nice person.

  10. You don't get Ross Palombo's popularity? I think it's because he appeals to San Francisco's much coveted 18th and Castro crowd.

    1. Viewers love this guy. Just check out his FB page.

  11. roqui is really Raquel, so we change name of san Francisco to ,''San Raquel''.

    1. Right now Dr. Don Rose is spinning in his grave so fast he's become a power source...

  12. KCBS's Jeffrey Shaub "The city has plans for a new stadium for the Oakland Reindeers"... then he caught himself,"Uh,I mean Oakland Raiders"..

    He's got the spirit!

  13. Kars 4 Kids was made fun of on Family Guy last Sunday

  14. Radnich just threatened you Rich with "The company lawyer is going to send him a letter we are now monitoring his blog"
    He denied his salary will be cut,or any other posts about him you've made. No need to list.
    He said "If he was wrong some of the time (you) okay,but he's wrong over and over with lies".
    He did say,in 2 years he will try to hang it up.
    That he makes much more then the 200grand you said he makes now. I find that hard to believe even my self.
    He also said that he and Steve are best pals. Yet,5 minutes before that he said his Christmas card list had Larry and Pam. Then,he stopped. So much for Britt,Steve and Grant. Or Darya and GM man.
    Its so funny..of all the things you've said about Radnich..it was when you wrote that he doesn't make as much as he wants all to think, that got under his skin!
    Yep,the company lawyer is listening.
    He even said they have a list of bloggers...hmmm.
    I think too? Trump fever got him. The big bad company is now going to trump freedom of expression.
    KNBR ,Cumulus and KRON- what is my middle finger now expressing?

  15. Interesting tidbit= Radnich said that his EX WIFE reads R.L. 415.
    She was worried the tap was going to be turned off..

    man,Ex wives are like dependent children...

  16. Tolbert has to be annoyed that the brilliant one, Lee Hammer, matched him up with John Lund. Lund has worked with some very good hosts; Greg Papa at 'the Game' and now Tolbert at KNBR. Unfortunately, both of those guys would be better off working alone. Lund adds NOTHING, ZERO…ZILCH…but as you said, childish, hyena-like laughs and juvenile chatter. I love it when he's co-hosting the Niners' post game shows on KNBR after games, because Larry Krueger dominates that show and doesn't give Lund much of a chance to say anything, (not that he would say anything worth listening to anyway!)

  17. Had a Philosophy class with Anna Chavez at San Jose State. Never interacted with anyone and after class would run out the door to an awaiting car, quite the ice princess!

    1. Actually I had read online someplace she was working with underprivileged kids in some kind of social work.

  18. Was not aware of stalking issue. Maybe why she ran out of class! She was very bright in class.

  19. Roqui is not that much of a looker. For Traffic, Alexis on ABC7 and Robin on KRON4 are way way way better to look at and listen to.

  20. Palombo's always spoken in a voice too excited for the importance of his subject and too loud for the nearness of the microphone. He'd make a cup of coffee nervous.

  21. Lund is just another out of town radio hired hand. No local ties. Nothing of interest or intelligence to add relating to the local teams because he has no connection to the area, its fans, no allegiances either, he's certainly not a fan himself. He comes off like an alien just dropped here from another planet. His juvenile cackles are an embarrassment. There's no there there in his personality.
    At least Byrnes was a local guy who had passion for our local teams and passion about life, it was infectious. And he was humorous, had solid opinions, could laugh at himself, and brought a good mix of experience relating to being an ex player and a fan. Yes his voice could over modulate but that would have improved in time.
    Wish Byrnes was still around.
    The Game can have Lund back.

  22. Steve Aveson was fawning over Radnich,praising his very existence and how he "deserves to do his sportscast the way he wants".
    Steve figured out that at KRON,better to join them ,then to fight them. But,he's getting into ass kissing territory. Embarrassing.