Monday, November 7, 2016

Who's Hot (Intellectually) And Otherwise; Who's Not; Bay Area's Women TV News Anchors; 415 Media Rates The Professionals

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Ama Daetz
  KGO-TV's Ama Daetz is getting more polished every day. I always thought Ama was getting by more for her exotic looks but I now must say she's become far more newsier and astute and I salute her--HOT!

*Then there's KTVU's Heather Holmes: aloof and goof personified; asleep at the wheel; flubs her lines daily and is a visual Hungarian goulash --NOT!

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Heather Holmes

*Cheryl Hurd: a beautiful, stately, healthy female anchor/reporter of style and substance. NBC Bay Area's visual extraordinaire ...HOT

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Cheryl Hurd
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Gasia Mikaelian
*Gasia Mikaelian: Hairspray in the headlights on KTVU. Loud, obnoxious, inappropriate and an attitude run amok. Comes across as a bullhorn buffoon --NOT!

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Veronica De La Cruz
*Veronica De La Cruz: Anybody that doesn't take this high-flying, struttin', creamy, news machine can't be serious. I've mellowed a bit and now find VDLC a credible source of inspiration and KPIX's starry news professional. A good and capable diva! ...HOT!

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Amy G
*Amy G: a goofy, ridiculous, pathetic, unjournalistic, sports TV prima donna --unfit for service and proof positive that Larry Baer's ego trumps common sense. Comcast coo-coo puffs...  NOT!

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Christin Ayers
*Christin Ayers: this luscious, hot, smart-as-a-whip PIX anchor/reporter defines cool, calm, and collective. She can walk the walk and talk the talk too. With Ayers on board, Channel 5 is taken seriously...HOT!

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Darya Folsom
*Darya Folsom: Is there anybody left in this city that finds this ridiculous KRON woman attractive? I'm sorry, but her whole act has become tiresome and pathetic, like the person who opens up for a Springsteen concert. Darya, the gushing, the mugging, the breathless histrionics --seriously, you'd be laughed off in Lodi. And I repeat: the doughnuts are crumbling! ...NOT!

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Janelle Wang
*Janelle Wang: OK, I've finally figured you out. Like a fine wine, you age gracefully. Maybe the Aguirre effect. Keep maintaining flexibility and you're destined for NY. Maybe a fourth-hour Today Show contestant --you certainly have an ally in Kevin Keeshan. In the meantime, keep doing your thing and pretty soon you'll knock Raj to the sidelines...HOT!

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Peggy Bunker
*Peggy Bunker: Pegster, you're going down faster than a Bill Simmons HBO cable show. Just what the hell happened? Quit being someone you aren't and become the woman you used to be. And change the wardrobe immediately, there's only one Deborah Norville...NOT!

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Carolyn Tyler
*Carolyn Tyler: A circle7 underrated performer. Veteran KGO-TV newswoman of mass matron proportions. She's classy, sexy; a mature sistah with lots of elegance and straight-forward chatter. I'd have dinner with her in a SF second. ..HOT!

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Kristen Sze
*Kristen Sze: I've never got the allure this woman alleged feeds out. Never. Maybe it's an acquired taste. ...NOT!


  1. Pretty sad that this bunch of NuzFrau's is all ya got to work with. Even the bimbos are frumped-up to where I wouldn't even share a fapachino with one of them.

    That traffic chick from Sacto may be a player....

    1. I prefer the traffic chick from Seattle (KGO)...

  2. Gasia looks and acts like she has been huffing the hairspray.

  3. Yeah, I've grown to appreciate VDLC. Aside from her hair and arm fondling, and occasional silly outbursts, her anchoring/reporting is competent and professional enough. There is some personality to go along with those looks, too. Seems remarkable in regard to a willingness to engage with viewers and the general public, in the context of a survey, story and/or social media entries.

  4. Unfortunately, the Amy G problem has become chronic. It's awful, but it ain't going away.

  5. Will somebody please teach Ms Theus how to speak and pace? She's killing me in the morning.

  6. Mindy Bach is the anti-Amy G

  7. I remember when Wang and Sze were co-anchors on KGO in the morning. There was a clear reason even then that Wang went on to greater things and Sze's career remained static.

  8. In a couple of months, you'll be adding KTVU's newest weekend anchor Alyana Gomez . . . she's hawt!

  9. Very impressed with Rich's change of heart toward VDLC! Guess VDLC has gained some maturity.
    I agree with the disdain for Bill "Mr. Run Magic Off of ESPN" Simmons. Fingers on too many pies, and no unbiased credibility whatsoever.
    PIX has made it clear that Ayers will be a big part of Election Night. That will help VDLC et al.
    Now after the Cubs broke their Billy Goat Curse, will Giants fans be willing to deluge Lockstep Larry and say there's an Amy G Curse? At least those that aren't in Lockstep.

  10. VDLC was totally hot at the beginning, but she has aged really quickly in just the short time she has been at KPIX. I pretty much think that Maria Medina is totally hot! That girl does a good job reporting, but who cares! She is totally bangin'! Also at KPIX, there is Betty Yu, who is rarely mentioned, if ever. Again, totally hot with "da' best lips in da' bidness"! Totally kissable! And I am sorry Rich, but I could listen to Natasha Zouves at KGO all night. Great voice!

    1. I have to admit, VDLC has become a solid anchor. I know Maria Medina, and she is hot - even hotter in a bikini and she's a nice person. But, she has a ways to go before becoming a credible news anchor.

      Carolyn Tyler has always been an unsung anchor. I am glad to see Cheryl Hurd still doing quality work.

      I've never been a fan of either Wang or Sze. I am amazed Sze has lasted what almost 20 years in this market?

  11. Springsteen does not have opening acts.

  12. Rich, you left out Roberta, enough said. Amy G., She simply doesn't have the television presents like some of these women you have positively commented on. Darya, another one who I don't understand. Way to silly and goofy to be doing the news, even if it is KRON. And finally, Kristen Sze, ask Eric Thomas to comment about her off the record. Enough said.

  13. Heather Holmes has what no other female anchor in the Bay Area has.... sexiness! She works best with Ken Wayne. Peggy Bunker is actually prettier, but....I think HH does sexy a little better! They both have fantastic figures though.

  14. The misogyny in this blog is strong!

    1. Then you agree its a godsend that KGO and KNTV have glass desks now? Hemlines!..Legs!..thighs,growwwwwl(Oh,Pretty Woman.)

  15. The Harvard men soccer team was suspended for rating women like you did here

  16. I would give big points to Alicia Reid at KRON for taking the view she's a professional and maybe a journalist. Unlike so many at KRON who put out they work there as a hobby.
    Kris Sanchez as rock steady at KNTV. Well adjusted.

    There are just too many woman to list as good looking in the local media. Really..tall, short,etc. Its the intangibles I guess that puts one far ahead of the rest. Maybe KTVU will wake up and make Rosemary Orozco an anchor.

  17. No mention of Jessica Aguirre, other than in reference to another host?

  18. Recently moved from the Bay Area to Las Vegas and would give anything to have Veronica De La Cruz!! The Bay Area does not know how good they have it.

  19. Rich, thanks for keeping the original post funny, yet classy. The rest of these anonymous pigs ruined a good article.

  20. Janelle W is not much of a journalist. More like a pop culture type. What's great is her nice smiles, but as far as being a reporter that is not her shtick. Vicky Nguyen is a better reporter than Wang, but why does Nguyen look angry all the time now? Maybe because Raj beat her to the anchor's desk.

  21. Alyana Gomez: Strange flat, almost smug, affect most of the time, ? doesn't care, ?insecure?. smiles few and far between