Tuesday, November 8, 2016


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  1. I'm a bit sensitive to this..but ABC,NBC,CBS have a ratio of 3 or 4 white people to one black. No Latino's..none. NO Asians. Not even the pretty Asian females married to white guys and who vote Republican because "I studied hard in school".
    Fox,all white. Like they would even bother to pretend to be equal opportunity? Sure.

    You know, you would think a Latino would come in handy on long walls and immigration political talk. You would think.

  2. Radio coverage?

    Not so much. KGO: John Rothman (good) Pat Thursten (not an unbiased commentator, not at all) very opinionated and dirty. Let's bring in Brian Copeland with his Trump bashing that's been going on for months and Chip Franklin with his fake liberal shtick and smart ass comments, Ronnnn with his many screw ups and confusion lately, and to finish, Chrissy from the Bearman show for all the giggle fest to fill the open air time.

    That's the show.

    I would still not listen. Uggh.

  3. WTF!!! Why are Chip and Nikki still on the John Rothmans show? Will someone toss the two fools so we can hear from John and Pat

  4. I had to change the radio station because Chip and Nikki made me jump out of my skin. Chip talks over everyone "hey, look at me. I know everything." And Nikki's stupid interjections just made her look like an idiot. It's bad enough when it is Chip's show. But let's leave the political commentary to John Rothmann.

    I thought I would hear mostly John Rothmann.

  5. *Thank* you for calling out Chip Franklin for the Election night coverage thing: I caught that and it was absolutely awful. I tuned out early, but as Trump's numbers started to eclipse Hilary's, Franklin called Rothmann's analysis "Wrong" ("No, you're Wrong.") multiple times on air, and literally interrupted John every time he started to speak. I have a feeling they don't like one another, maybe? It was utterly unlistenable, so I didn't, but I felt sorry for John, who otherwise would have been in his element.